Laying linoleum with his own hands - preparation, instructions for installation and trimming

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19 April 2016

floor of linoleum, of course, very practical.He looks, of course, is easier than laminate fashionable now, but it does not get wet and is not afraid of scratches.And it costs a lot less expensive than laminate, and put it simply on their own, without attracting wage workers.It will save money in your wallet, allowing them to spend on something more necessary and useful.Then you can read as laying linoleum is made with their own hands, and that it needs to prepare.The main thing with this - cut out the material so that it matches the configuration of the room.

Laying linoleum with his hands - the instruction on installation


  1. First prepare the base
  2. Stored tools and finished material for laying
  3. lay linoleum correctly
  4. When laying linoleum applied mastic orAdhesive
  5. Video: Master Class laying linoleum
  6. Additional materials on the linoleum

First prepare the base

To linoleum not frayed quickly, it must lie on a flat plane.Even small bu

mps or pits can make the floor unsightly.In addition, flexible linoleum is in these places, or stretch or sag, wearing quickly, which is not very good.

Before you lay linoleum, it is necessary to carefully remove all the baseboards - it should go to the linoleum up against the walls.Sometimes plinth are still quite fit the form, and it is possible to be put back.In this case, removing them, we must take care not to damage it.To avoid confusion, where it joins the bar every baseboards, removing, should be numbered.At the bottom of the walls we put the same number - such a simple way will save a lot of time.

1. first look at how to lay linoleum on the wooden surface.This could be, for example, lost their form dropped out parketinami parquet or colored flooring boards that have become wavy over time.Basically there are two types of these wooden bases under the linoleum.They are, alas, can not boast of smoothness, so laying linoleum on them requires a mandatory base alignment.There are several options:

  • Wooden floors can be treated with a plane or a machine for grinding.All cracks and irregularities obscure filler and then sanded.
  • On the top floor you can lay a new cover, it can be a plate fiberboard, chipboard or plywood at all.
  • parquet slats that are missing can be restored, and then ottsiklevat parquet.
  • perfectly smooth surface can be achieved by using the technology of self-leveling floor.It uses a special structure, called leveling.

2. The base of concrete also requires alignment.The methods used with others.

  • Ground cover plywood deck (can also be used for this purpose, chipboard or hardboard).
  • used concrete screed, which has self-leveling properties.

3. If the linoleum will be laid where there was a carpet, it is necessary not only to remove the coating, but also good to clean the base of lint and dirt.The places where the floor is not very smooth, it is necessary to process a special solution, until you reach the correct result.

4. tile ceramic before laying linoleum, on the contrary, should not be removed.But if a few tiles had time to fall, they should be glued in place.Thereafter, the mixture is poured to a surface alignment which has good adherent properties.

5. linoleum is quite possible to put on a similar old.However, only provided that it has no holes and cracks, and if it is not too thick.The main thing - well, degrease all the old linoleum, glue and then dry completely.If you see that old paint is very old, it is better to remove, and then line the bottom.

Remember the main thing: whatever the base, be it wood, concrete, flooring or tile, you need to dry it well before you cover it with a piece of linoleum.After all, through the sealed material is not able to evaporate the moisture.And so nedosushennoe base being wet for a long time, it can become moldy or covered with fungus.

And another thing: do not neglect thorough cleaning of the base before the plank floor.Even tiny pebbles, grit or other debris may accelerate the wear coating.Especially if these places are constantly people walking.The same applies to small hollows and protrusions on the surface of the base - try not to leave them.

Stored tools and finished material for laying

best to lay linoleum at a temperature from plus 15 to plus 25 degrees.After the cold of an elastic material that turns into a fragile and easily damaged.Therefore, in the winter cold roll of linoleum not deploy immediately, but let it soak at room temperature for 12 hours, no less.But before you lay this floor covering, roll it on the floor again and leave it alone for a while.Now it is necessary to avoid waviness.While

rolled out a roll of linoleum lies on the floor and aligned, it is time to prepare the necessary tools.We list what we need.

  • boot knife, well-sharpened or any other knife with a short blade;
  • simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • roulette;
  • line of great length, which can be replaced by a flat rack or building level.

lay linoleum correctly

The rooms area of ​​25 square meters of linoleum spreads without glue.Naturally, this is only allowed if the pieces of material not greater than two.This will be enough to fix the flooring skirting.And in those places where the joint will, it will be necessary to use a double sided tape.

Step 1. So we see that expanded the roll of linoleum plenty of rest in bed, and there are no waves it is not visible.Puts sheet linoleum is almost right next to one of the walls - the gap between them should be from 3 to 5 millimeters.As for the other three walls of the room, then put the linoleum so that he came to them a little overlap.If the room is uneven distance between the walls, the overlap should be done on every wall.

Sent out a roll of linoleum
linoleum sent out with the necessary overlap on the wall.

Step 2. Now let's talk about how to lay linoleum in a room with a large area where there will be several joints between the sheets.First you need to be nice and neat fit these joints, and only then put the pieces of linoleum on the perimeter (again with some overlap).

When this floor has a pattern or ornament, there is a need for an additional operation - the combination of this figure.Firstly, try to combine the pattern at the joints between the sheets in the middle of the room.And if in the next room, this pattern is repeated, it is necessary and in the doorway to maximize matching ornament.To do this, move the single sheet of linoleum relative to the other as long as we get the desired result.

Step 3. Next a few words about the pattern.Often it mimics flooring or tile, and consists of straight lines.To the floor look nice, keep in mind that these lines do not have to cross the wall of the room at an angle.If they are parallel to the walls of the room, the picture is really pleasing to the eye.Try to achieve this, slightly turning sheets of linoleum, either clockwise or counterclockwise thereof.

Step 4. Fit linoleum to different niches and ledges.Usually in almost every room of the panes and the space in the hallway near the entrance door there is a niche.And before you start trimming the material necessary to accurately measure the depth of the recess to make an appropriate overlap.

example of the corridor:

to start is with the overlap Torons front door, the size of the overlap should correspond to the depth of the niche.Just wrap and measure and add the necessary piece of linoleum, and then cut with one and the second side of the slope.Unfortunately, I do not have photos of themselves overlap, one object where I served laying linoleum in the hallway.But there is a picture in which I had just that clipped the required size of a niche.I hope you understand what I mean.Similarly, the trimming is done for a niche under the window.First and foremost, always begin layout and trim with these sites.

Laying linoleum in the hallway
marking and cutting of the original linoleum.

example of the kitchen:

second example, a kitchen in which there is a projection.To accurately measure off the linoleum in such a situation you need to put it to the ledge and tuck.After that change the depth and projection distance necessary to defer on the linoleum.Then perform trimming.

Laying linoleum in the kitchen
marking linoleum under the lip.

Step 5. Next we have to Cutting the rest of the material in a circle.Before trimming a sheet of linoleum Bend along the wall, so he came closer to the wall.Armed with a knife, gently on the line, rail or even just cut through the wall material.Trim the wall recommend especially if linoleum laid in the Soviet-built apartments.There's a part of the curve of the wall.The main thing - do not overdo it and do not cut too much!It is best to do this several times slowly than once abundant.

Trimming linoleum
Trimming linoleum on the wall.

Step 6. well connected to the seam between the two pieces of linoleum, use double-sided tape.This can be done along one of the pieces otchertit line.Then, exactly in the middle of this line paste adhesive tape.After that, remove the protective paper from the adhesive tape and glue, first one and then another sheet.

Step 7. can now put in place the old skirting boards or linoleum to mount novye.List perfectly pressed against them, and it should not be glued.Of course, if you are planning to permanently move heavy furniture around the room, perhaps, is to use glue.Although these can not withstand loads and well-sized floor.

In some sources you can find the opinion that should lay linoleum without skirting a long time, a month or even more.In fact, modern PVC linoleum does not shrink, so laid linoleum and baseboards can be installed on the same day.

When laying linoleum applied sealant or glue

in various non-residential areas, better linoleum still sticking.Moreover, even if space is very small.But in the apartments and homes of bonding flooring only require a room with an area of ​​over 25 square meters.Here again it is necessary to clean the base very well.

Before starting to apply the adhesive sheet of linoleum rolled into a movie, but not completely, and about the middle of the room.This is done with one and the other side.

mastics and adhesives for materials such as linoleum, are available in a large selection in the construction market.Try to pick them correctly.For example, if you chose this floor with warmed through, then buy the appropriate adhesive mass: for a material having a fuzzy basis.On the package glue usually specify how it should be applied layer.At the same time it's best to do it with a notched trowel, the teeth of which is higher, the greater the adhesive layer is required.Glue is applied to the base in the direction from the center to the walls.

Adhesive application
Apply the adhesive with a spatula for bonding linoleum.

Then slowly begin to roll out our video.Once unrolled necessary to make the entire length of rolling sheets thus necessary to move from the center to the walls of the room.With these actions all excess air is squeezed between the base and the floor covering and adhesive weight is evenly distributed.

Unrolling linoleum roller
Unrolling and pasting of linoleum.

When two or more sheets of linoleum welding method is used, which can be both cold and hot.Which one to choose in this case, define parameters such as the complexity of the interface and the type of linoleum.Consider these two methods in detail.

Welding hot type - a more reliable and stable connection.It is advisable to apply where the floor means more load.For it needed a torch for welding, compressor and rods of various profiles, which are melted burner and fill the joints.Welding pieces of linoleum can be a day after his bed.

Welding cold type requires no special equipment, perfect for everyday needs.It requires only glue.If linoleum bed only that, it takes a liquid adhesive type A. For repairing flooring, lain for a long time, apply adhesive type C, which has a thick consistency.Since there can be a big gap between sheets of linoleum (a few millimeters), the liquid adhesive will not do.

Video: Master Class laying linoleum

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