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09 April 2016

White kitchen interior for many years has been and still remains the most popular option.I will always remember their first home, as when we moved into it, the kitchen was a chaotic jumble of brown and beige shades.Dinette with dark wood, which we brought with us, simply lost there.The room is not large exterior windows sometimes reminded us of a dense forest, no lighting was not able to improve our perception of the interior.After one day we decided to take a radical step and paint most of the white space, the kitchen is really opened in a new light.She began to look more spacious, more hospitable.For us it was a pleasant surprise awareness of how much a simple change of color are able to transform our relationship to space.

White kitchen interior - ideas kitchen interior

All dishes are presented to some extent focused on white palette.Regardless of whether the white mixed with similar tones or used in conjunction with contrasting elements, these dishes are bright, spacious, open,

without central white theme would not be able to achieve.We hope that you will enjoy looking through this collection, and feel the inspiration, as well as us!

Spacious white kitchen in a mustard-colored walls
Spacious country-style kitchen with white cupboards on the background of mustard yellow walls.(This picture is on the English site is located in front of the text, immediately after the title).

This white kitchen with natural wood table, two islands - one with dark gray marble countertops and built-in sink, the other for receiving food - with a raised countertop dark wood (Source: Zillow DigsTM).

This gorgeous white kitchen perfectly contrasts with the flooring of dark hardwood.Harmonious looks are combined with leather bench L-shaped island table surrounding the dining area.

This cozy kitchen white tile quality furniture contrasted with rich brown color, which is decorated apron and the floor.Smoked glass cabinet doors adds texture.

Exquisite white cabinets and countertops in this kitchen contrasts with the dark hardwood floors and island of the same shade table (Source: Zillow DigsTM).

ultra-modern white gloss kitchen interior.Against the background of beige floor and a dining table with natural wood table white island becomes Incredible.

cozy, but somewhat elongated kitchen, where white and brown pattern on the floor is located between rows of white cabinets with brown tops.

elegantly decorated with delicate white kitchen with wooden furniture, patterned tiles apron and coffered ceiling, towering over the big island table with marble top (Source: Zillow DigsTM).

This cuisine is truly a wild mixture of colors and textures: the black island table, contrasting with the white cabinets placed around, mosaic tile apron, which is used for all sorts of shades of brown and golden sand marble countertops.

This cozy kitchen shiny white furniture look great on the background of wood flooring in dark colors.

whole kitchen - the contrast of dark brown and white tones.Natural wood and brown tile apron coexist with white kitchen furniture and light beige marble counter tops.

massive dark wood table with white marble top is dominant in this kitchen, replete with white cupboards, brushed aluminum household appliances and natural wood floor covering (Source: Zillow DigsTM).

design of this ultra-modern kitchen is built on the contrast: on the floor of natural wood adjacent to the white marble, white tables covered with black glossy tabletops, against white walls and ceiling a striking three black chandelier in the shape of olives.

Sunlight penetrates this spacious kitchen through windows on all sides, just pours white tables and covering their black countertops.

Light worktop made of natural wood is a reflection of the same hue of flooring in this kitchen, where the white color of the furniture is punctuated by brushed aluminum appliances.

In the light of the set of built-in miniature downlights white furniture blends with colored tiles aprons and blue-gray tops.

Wooden flooring and warm colors and focuses on the island's eyes massive table with marble top only underline white kitchen cabinets and tile patterned apron.

White cabinets, marble countertops and tiled under a brick apron make this kitchen a single, integrated space.White diluted contrasting elements - black leather chairs and matching table island.

This is a view into the kitchen, which you have already seen a little earlier under a different angle.In the foreground is a large island covered with marble table with bar stools and ultra-modern aluminum lamps.

high "cathedral" ceiling and red arch dividing defined style of this large kitchen, underlined filigree parts cabinets, tile apron to the right of the dining area and the dominance of the white room.

White color in the interior of this kitchen is the perfect backdrop for bright strokes created are here in abundance of plants and fruits.Do not get lost here and interesting design finds - mounted sconces on the walls of cabinets and unique ceiling lights in the form of caps (Source: Zillow DigsTM).

main "hostess" at this luxury kitchen with a marble floor and a raised ceiling is, of course, refined white furniture with overlaid gilded elements.

marble island table with built-in sink, placed under a massive chandelier enough, and hidden lights tops the working area make this kitchen a comfortable, cozy, and unlike any other.

color highlights add this white kitchen liveliness: purple countertops, floor tiles and floral mural on the kitchen apron integrate space into a unified whole.

White cabinets in this kitchen shaded beige marble floor and dark blue marble countertops, and an apron.

This ultra-modern kitchen, white furniture curved shapes and white stained wood floor very organic look at the background of large slanted glass panels that are part of a sloped roof (Source: Zillow DigsTM).

Kitchen "bathed" in warm beige tones, contrasting dilute inclusions - glossy black tops and brushed aluminum appliances.

This kitchen is full of a variety of textures: parquet of high quality wood, marble countertops, tables covering white and patterned tile apron.

bright bluish-green paint on the walls and floor of hardwood adds a splash of color that white kitchen.

furniture, walls and ceiling of the kitchen seem to be just on the background of snow-white floor made of natural wood and dark countertop island on one of the tables (Source: Zillow DigsTM).

In this kitchen the white marble used for the manufacture of countertops and a large apron, contrasts with the flooring of natural wood dark shades (Source: Zillow DigsTM).

On this sun-drenched white kitchen cabinets and flooring light wood surrounded by a large dark green island table with beige marble top.

dominant in the space of the kitchen island table with filigree legs on the background of the wooden floor seems bright white spot.Gray marble countertops and beige tile apron add a variety of interior (Source: Zillow DigsTM).

The interior of this white classic cuisine with a carpet decorated with geometric patterns on the floor of a dark wood with light green marble counter tops and built-in wine rack features easy retro shade that white cabinets with carved doors only increase.

White cabinets with built in black appliances, geometric pattern of brown and white tiles on the floor and all-black dining table surrounded by white and beige striped chairs make this kitchen space is very cozy.

Here we see another excellent example of the use of bold, saturated colors that are diluted with white, not allowing it to become overwhelming.Wooden floors and dark shades of green marble top and apron make the overall picture complete.

This open-plan kitchen of natural wood color, light beige and white colors mixed, creating a picture that resembles a patchwork quilt.The color scheme of the whole space a little reflection is repeated in patterned tile apron.

matte white cabinets paired with white glossy as "bricks" apron combined into one space of the kitchen with her brown marble counter tops, wood coatings of dark shades and are located around the island dining table chairs, cherry wood.

uniqueness of this white kitchen attached to a table in the center of sky-blue color with marble countertops and a built-in wine rack (Source: Zillow DigsTM).

Contrast kitchen with bright white furniture and apron, with beige marble counter tops and flooring, dark wood.

Another example of the use of contrast in the interior of the kitchen: white island table is adjacent to the dining table of dark wood, white kitchen set - with a classical massive wardrobe from the same dark wood color contrasting white walls and the ceiling is the floor of a dark wood.

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