Recent trends in the use of Scandinavian style in the interior

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09 April 2016

Residents of cold Scandinavia is not peculiar to the desire for luxury.When constructing their houses, they prefer warm and comfortable interior.Recently, the Scandinavian style is gaining popularity.However, nothing surprising.Due to its simplicity and naturalness it emits unusual ease and, therefore, has a right to her.When planning to make repairs in the apartment, be sure to pay attention to this understated style.Perhaps reading this article until the end, you, too, like Scandinavia, feel her identity and want to surround yourself with many years of her beauty.

Scandinavian style interior and its application


  1. Colors Scandinavian style
  2. materials used in the creation of Scandinavian style
  3. Furniture
  4. Decoration of windows in a Scandinavian style
  5. floors and walls
  6. Decor and Accessories
  7. Accents used in Scandinavian style
  8. Lighting

Colors Scandinavian style

The interior is decorated in Scandinavian style, is dominated by calm pastel colors: beige, lig

ht gray, light blue, light green.But a dominant position, without a doubt, belong to white.However, that is not your home like a castle of the Snow Queen, is to add bright color accents, allowing liven up the atmosphere.Perfectly suited for this purpose blue, red and green colors.

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materials used in the creation of Scandinavian style

main requirement for premises used for decoration materials - their naturalness.That is the natural natural materials can bring comfort to your home.Wood, metal, stone, glass, cotton, linen, wool, leather, ceramics ... Any of these materials can be safely used in Scandinavian interior.

Materials used in the Scandinavian style


Scandinavian furniture is different practicality and functionality.Nothing more, the maximum free space.As a rule, for the manufacture of furniture used a light wood (birch, beech, spruce or pine sometimes).Used for upholstery leather, suede, linen or cotton.


mebel1m mebel2m

Decoration of windows in a Scandinavian style

apartments are decorated in Scandinavian style, full of light.Thus it is better to natural light was so window openings should be sufficiently large.You guessed it, the window frames are usually made of wood.Light curtains of cotton or linen should not prevent the penetration of sunlight into the room.


okna1m okna2m

floors and walls

distinctive feature Scandinavian-style interior walls are.They are covered perfectly white or beige stucco, light gray or light blue paint.Alternatively, you can decorate them with wood paneling - it will make the room more comfortable and cozy.Perfectly suited for the floor or laminate flooring: wood floors, bright colors are very common in Scandinavian interiors.Fluffy carpet or regular flap track certainly liven up the atmosphere and make it more cozy and homely.The bathroom will look good white or pale blue tiles.


pol2m pol3m

decor and accessories

number of elements in the Scandinavian interior decor kept to a minimum, but they are all quite bright, expressive and at the same time simple.Do not forget about the originality and naturalness.For example, glass vases beautifully refract and reflect the sun's rays.Yes, but it is too ordinary.And what if one of them put dried flowers / twigs or fill it with fresh wood chips?Very useful are the mirror, because they fill the room has plenty of sunlight and visually enlarge the space.Textiles, candles, porcelain, metal decorative objects - all this will be a great decoration of your home.Harmoniously fit into the interior of the thin mat with a floral or striped pattern and fleecy shaggy carpets.

Scandinavians are not indifferent to the marine theme.To emphasize the tradition of the northern peoples, you can hang in the room, paintings of ships and the inhabitants of the deep sea.A characteristic feature of the Scandinavian interiors is placing pictures on the walls, especially the family.Wicker baskets and fresh flowers also bring an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.


dekor2m dekor1m

Accents used in Scandinavian style

If the interior has been made only in white or pastel colors, it would look a little dull and featureless, faceless and dull.The highlight of the Scandinavian style is the use of bright color accents.It can be eye-catching vivid pictures, lampshades, pillows, carpets ... but whatever.The main thing is not to overdo it!Your goal - to revive the interior a few interesting details.Use blue, green, pink or red colors more bold.

akcentu-m akcentu1-m


One of the problems residents of the north - the lack of sunlight, especially in winter.Therefore, in the homes of the Scandinavians you will find many different styles of lamps, shapes and sizes - chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, candles.In this case, there is no limit: the more, the better.Do not be afraid to experiment!

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Scandinavian style in the interior will satisfy anyone.The rich tradition of Scandinavian design is a very interesting solution to the problem of interior decoration, and so today he is at the peak of fashion.It is ideally suited to all who appreciate the warmth and comfort of home furnishing, who want to update the look of your home, but afraid of something radically changed.If you want to live in a bright, spacious, "breathing" room, in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, make your choice in favor of the Scandinavian style.And you certainly will be satisfied.

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