How to choose a staple gun without making a single mistake

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09 April 2016

When you need to quickly seal the stack of paper, we used to do this is familiar to every stationery stapler.And with construction and repair work it is convenient to use more powerful brother - Construction staplers, otherwise, Thacker.He and carpet to the floor quickly attach and wiring will greatly facilitate and furniture will win.Each of these works has its own specificity, requiring the use of a particular type of instrument.Next, we'll show you how to choose the staple gun, the most suitable for specific tasks.

How to choose a staple gun, depending on the work performed


  1. The convenient staple gun and what is the principle of its work
  2. Determine the type stapler
  3. What a staple gun to choose depending on the type of tasks
  4. More aboutimpact force
  5. few important details
  6. Video: How to choose a stapler

The staple gun is useful and what is the principle of its work

main staple item for construction work - the mechanism of impact type.It was he who takes the entire lo

ad, and for this it has a tightly coiled spring (flat spring or twisted).If a mechanical stapler, the cock the spring mechanism is necessary to strengthen their own muscles.The electric models that work for you, makes the engine, and in the air - a somewhat different design (analyze it later, in a separate paragraph).

Thacker To bring in "combat readiness" cocking lever or move the special on a long position.This action allows the firing pin to escape, and then pull the bracket out of the pack and score it in the right place.When staples run out, they need to recharge, a charge in a specialty store on the same principle as that of the common office stapler.But model building tackers are more diverse than their clerical family.In particular, there are those where the brackets not only score, but also bent due to the presence of the response - "anvil."

Device staple gun
staple gun mechanical device type.

Largely due to this design and unique concept staple gun has become widely used.It is time to highlight the positive qualities Thacker for construction works:

  • If without Thacker, the old working with a hammer, it will take time to work a few times more.
  • Due device staple gun at work one hand free.It is very convenient - for example, working at height, and standing on a ladder, you can stick to it.
  • Strongly press on Thacker is no need.Standing on the same ladder, you better keep your balance than when using simple hand tools.
  • Even laboring a few hours, you are not very tired, connecting parts and materials - after minimal physical effort needed.
  • Even if nailed detail springs, the stapler, as opposed to a hammer, easy to cope with it.
  • in awkward places where barely crawls hand, it is possible to work Thacker.
  • precise and clear transfer blow saves the surface from damage.For example, it is very important when working with glass.The tool does not vibrate, so any scratches or cleavage appears.
  • Since consumable items can be quite diverse (staples, nails, screws) and the enhanced functionality of the stapler.The advantage is the fact that corrosion does not take these consumables.
  • Since moving parts in the device quite a bit, and then the break is nothing special.Therefore Thacker is long, and work with them as service is very simple.
  • All items with sharp edges securely hidden under the body, so do not cut yourself and your fingers are not otobesh.And even electric staplers and fuses provided.

Determine the type stapler

There are three main types of these instruments:

  • Stapler mechanical;
  • electric stapler;
  • pneumatic stapler.

Mechanical Tackers - inexpensive classics

Perhaps it is this type of Thacker more liked handyman.There are only three parts: the lever, the spring and the housing in which they are enclosed.Clutching his muscles force the lever we spring charging mechanism.Then, cracking, this spring scores staples or nails.

Looking for a similar tool, choose a model with a collapsible body, held together by screws, not rivets.So you can, if necessary, clean the stapler or eliminate minor problems.See and casing material - it should be strong enough.If it is made of steel is good, it can still be an additional coating (nickel, chrome, powder coating).Even better, when the housing is made of light alloy modern.

Now a few words should be said about the impact mechanism.If it works for ordinary helical spring (also called torsion), the force will have to make more, so will return and rather big.But in the more expensive professional tools manufacturers put a plate (spring) spring.Since it is easier to work, and the impact is not felt almost.

output of mechanical models can do the following: these cheap staples that everyone can afford, well suited for small amounts of homework.But professionals (Upholsters, for example) it is better to buy a different type of device.For quick mechanical Thacker will not work, but the hand is pretty tired from the long-term effort.So professionals wondering how to choose furniture stapler, you have to look in the direction of the electrical or pneumatic devices.

The mechanical stapler

Stapler electric type - fast, safe but expensive

Such models have a significant advantage - to work with them very easily.Smooth press of the button activates the hammer mechanism and no muscular force is applied do not need to.Perhaps even a child or frail woman can easily cope with such a device, even if it has more power.And it will go much faster than using a mechanical tool.And the materials will be able to punch harder, and connect them more reliably and firmly than in the previous case.

Only one thing - from the electric network models present the power cord, which is sometimes restricts the use of the stapler.For example, the heater is placed on the roof, and the length of the wires is not enough.

Network Stapler

However, out of this situation there is a way - a tool that runs on batteries.But it will make a weighty Thacker, and hands while working with him will be tired.By the way, any electric model (such as battery and network) heavy mechanical analogue.

Cordless Stapler

But the biggest drawback of electric staplers at - it is their high price.Therefore, if the device you will need only from time to time, think about whether to spend so much money on it.For every year that a stick, it will fit and a cheap mechanical model.And vice versa - if wielding this tool, you earn, then definitely get accustomed to devices equipped with an electric motor.

Stapler on pneumatics - more for stationary use

works similar tool to force air under pressure.It performs its task it just like lightning: time - and staples, even the longest, has firmly blocked.But it weighs less than an electrical analog.It would seem - what more could you want.However, there is a catch: have with a stapler and a compressor has to buy, heavy and dimensional.And the extra money will have to pay for it, and transfer it hard enough.So it is better to buy the option for permanent work.

Choice staple gun of this type is justified in terms of production.For example, a furniture factory, where the workers are equipped with permanent seats, no compressor nor the Tackers carry anywhere is not necessary.All operations are carried out in the same place, and pneumatic allows you to do everything quickly, and staples hammered hard.

Pneumatic stapler

What a staple gun to choose depending on the type of tasks

Stapler classic

Great for home repair.He has a mechanical hammer mechanism, triggered by pressing the lever.Long working with him difficult - hand gets tired.Fasteners - nails or staples flat type.

Classic Stapler

Stapler cable

need to be mounted on walls, furniture or baseboards electrical wires with a diameter of 4.5 to 7.5 millimeters.Voltage is allowed no more than 50 volts.While installing communications equipment and paving of local area networks, usually used in such a device.

Stapler for securing network cables

Staple hammer

Otherwise, stapler hammer is useful where the first place is the speed of work.For example, when the roofing is placed on the roof or insulated subfloor.There staples hammered at each stroke of the hammer punched material.Their consolidation is due to inertia.However, at such precision Thacker much lower than that of the previous two types.But for insulation or roofing is not so important, but speed - an important factor.

Staple hammer

Stapler packaging

need to work with corrugated cardboard box.Staples fasten cardboard more reliable than tape, perfectly serving his replacement.This tool comes in two types: mechanical or pneumatic.

Stapler packaging

Stapler window

Does not work with the usual staples, and pins with metal.These are thin nails, the length of which depends on the type Thacker.For example, a mechanical device can score the pin is no longer than 1.5 centimeters, electric - up to 2.5 centimeters, air - up to 5 centimeters.

Stapler staples corner

This stapler has the shape of the letter «V», is used when you need to hold together the two parts at a certain angle.For example, it may be a frame for a photo or a baguette for a picture.

Read more about the power stroke

Often it is the defining characteristic of this when you need to determine what the best staple gun.Generally speaking, it is the small force of impact from mechanical models, followed by the electrical and the most powerful - those who work on the pneumatics.However, in addition, in each category are devices which operate more or less efficiently.We will try to solve this.

easiest way to calculate the force of impact on the greatest length of the bracket, which can clog the stapler.Typically, this feature is specified in its data sheet.They write, for example, as the length of the bracket 4 to 14 millimeters.We should be interested in the maximum value - that it determines the impact force Thacker.Suppose that we are in front of the two models in which the length of the first bracket ranges from 4 to 10 millimeters, and at the second - from 4 to 14 millimeters.Of course, better to take a second model.

It should be noted that the maximum length of the bracket is highly dependent on the material.For example, the soft pine wood staples length of 14 millimeters includes just perfect, without any effort.But with oak or particle boards have to tinker - well here, if possible at a depth of 12 millimeters score bracket.So it should be remembered that an increase in hardness of the material force of the impact is somewhat weaker, and the depth of plugging consumables - less.

If you are not very experienced in such work, and get a stapler for occasional home use, feel free to take a model able to score bracket length - 12 mm or slightly more.You will be enough.

few important details

# 1. choosing the instrument, look, whether he is safe.Famous brands keep their brand and always carefully think through this issue.The main protective function - it can not be started on idle.This means that the tool will produce staples only when he leaned against the piece.But in the air can not fly fasteners.You never know - the hand tremble, or a joke someone thinks of, pointing at his partner included Thacker.So before you buy, check whether there is such protection.

There are also other plan protection built into the device.For example, if the bracket is not completely clogged, the tool may be turned off automatically.

# 2. Comfortable and pleasant trifle - a viewing window.Incidentally, such a "trick" there's even many a cheap Chinese Thacker.Looking at him, you can immediately see whether there is enough supply of staples we have.Although without window, you can feel that the stapler works like something is wrong, when staples run out.

Viewing window

# 3. Comfortable handle - is also quite important nuance.By the way, brand models are as comfortable handles - they are even just hold it in your hand nicely.And work the stapler - a real pleasure.Another very practical when the impact force can be adjusted.In principle, such an opportunity come with many models, even the mechanical unpretentious.

Handle the Stapler

Video: How to choose a stapler

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