Leveling the floor under the laminate, depending on the base and the nature of the irregularities

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18 April 2016

floors of modern materials look nice, they are easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.But when they should be done laying the ground rules.And the most important of them - the alignment of the bases, which simply has to be strong and reliable.Take, for example, a laminated cover - everyone wants to align under a laminate floor quickly and cheaply.

immediately warned that it is very cheap will not work - the materials necessary for such work, not have low prices.But speed and excellent quality are guaranteed alignment.Paul Laminate get the glory.Naturally, provided that the base meets the necessary requirements.

Leveling the floor under the laminate, depending on the base


  1. on any surface can be laid laminate - the requirements of the base from the laminate
  2. The base concrete: how to align
  3. What are some ways you can align the floor of wood

on any surface can be laid laminate - the requirements of the base from the laminate

basis under the laminate coating should not have large irregularities.Allowed height difference of not more than 2.5 millimeters per meter (linear) base.To check this, take a rail length of two meters, the level or the rights and produce measured in different directions.If the result obtained is less than 1.5 mm, it is possible to manage the substrate - it is perfectly smooth out the existing error.

If the base all the time has a large bulge and depression, then it must be aligned very carefully.Otherwise, very soon in the joints between the laminated boards appear cracks and distortions.This happens because when walking on uneven floor will not withstand load lock type connection.After all, in places the surface depressions would be particularly vulnerable because a laminated coating will be void.Bad and hills - a sufficiently large load, they can push the laminate layer, or locks again diverge.

The base concrete: how to align

If we have before us an ordinary rough concrete floor, the ideal surface to put it mildly, is not expected.It's usually wrong side of smooth concrete slabs apartments below the ceiling.But the reverse side of any beauty, shine or smoothness are not obliged to.Well, look at how our foundation is uneven, and in accordance with this we choose the method of its correction.To do this, we list below all the ways of concrete floor leveling, which are most suitable for today.

Grinding - simply and cheaply be

If only a slight leveling of the surface, it makes sense to polish it.You can do it yourself, hire a grinding machine, but you can entrust this matter repairmen.If the room is small (for example, children or office) and the work to be quite a bit, the floor well grind with sandpaper - it will smooth out minor irregularities.This is the most simple and economical way, but it is suitable only for the more or less smooth floor.

Self-leveling - quickly and efficiently

If the base has bumps and hollows, swings at a height of up to 5 millimeters, the grinding is not enough.In this case, you can apply the technology of the inlet floor.In this manner, the alignment of the floor with their hands under the laminate is done quickly, and the result is impressive.Therefore, even the rather high price of necessary materials is not critical.To comprehensible procedure, consider in detail all the stages of work.

Step 1. The first thing, of course, it is necessary to remove the space.The floor must be clean, without any trace of dust and debris - in other necessary adhesion fail.

Step 2. Now how much more bumps and cracks zamazhem adhesive for tiles - it is suitable for this purpose the best.However, if that is not at hand, it is possible to manage and diluted cement.

Sealing cracks
cracks in old concrete base can be repaired in any suitable, inexpensive sealant.

Step 3. further processed surface of primer deep penetration - this will further strengthen the foundation.

Step 4. Dilute the mixture self-leveling according to instructions.It is usually printed on the package.In this first in a container, pour the water (about two thirds), then gradually add the powdered contents of the package.For mixing the solution we use a special mixer, designed for construction work.Lumps of dry mixture slowly begin to "melt", and the solution in the end, change its color.This means that its production has come to the stage of completion.

Step 5. As for proportions, the need to define them empirically.By the way, it depends on how thick or thin layer to level we want to fill.The mixture with a density of fifteen percent cream is suitable for a thin layer of leveling - the ideal smoothness in this case, however.However, under the laminate base it is quite suitable, so do not complicate anything - you can make a mixture of similar consistency.

A mixture
Mixing and preparation of the mixture.

Step 6. Now carefully pour the prepared solution of the base.If the floor has a point located above the others, we begin with it - so it will go faster.

Pour mixture

And to help spread the solution over the floor with good speed, help him with a spatula.Then take a studded roll of plastic and roll it over the poured mix, contributing to its alignment and squeezing out from under it got there the air.And the floor will be more smooth, and small holes of air bubbles on the surface will remain.

Leveling mixture
distribution of the mixture by means of the needle roller.

Step 7. be patient and wait until the mixture is well grab.You should not have to go through a day at the base - to strengthen it should take a few days.

Video: Aligning the floor under the parquet

Cement screed - a tradition

If the base surface is quite problematic, then align the floor under the laminate helps the good old screed of sand and cement.You can use a ready-made dry mix or cook it yourself.In the latter case sand take three times longer than the cement, and preparing a solution.Water should be just enough to keep the mass of the consistency was like a fat sour cream.

Step 1. With the construction level (laser or water) vymeryat necessary markup, according to which we put labels on the walls.

Step 2. then on the floor to install special Lighthouse slats.Note that in this case the floor should not be wet or dirty.

Step 3. between racks put a solution, leveling it using a special rail or rule (rule called a special tool for leveling mixture).

Screed on the layout
exemplary embodiment of the screed on the layout.

Step 4. when held for 2 hours, you need to wipe the cement mixture using poluterok wood.But after 24 hours, and you can pull out the guide rail.At the same time remaining after they have to cover up the hole with the same cement mortar, well-smoothed surface in these places.

Mashing Ties
Wipe the surface of the screed.

Remember that this screed dries before full hardening for a long time - about a month.More precisely, 28 days - that is how much time will have 2 times a day moisten the base to protect it from drafts, and the probability of cover film.But the cost is very cheap alignment - cement and sand have low prices.

Keep in mind that for laying laminate indicators such as the percentage of moisture content in sand and cement screeds must be no greater than 5. Before the flooring substrate on concrete base necessarily loschitsya PVC film for better sealing.

Video: How to make a screed

What are some ways you can align the floor of wood

Use plywood or chipboard

Very often remove the old wooden floor - a thankless and time consuming, absolutely not justified.So why not just put the top floor of an old tree a few sheets of plywood or particle board?

Step 1. aligns the wooden floor under the laminate in this manner, you should not rush.Otherwise, you may later regret what he had done to find cracks or crevices in a new floor.Therefore, you must first check whether there is enough strong planks that make up the old floor.Who knows - maybe they already quite rotten or badly shaken and sag.All troubled board should be replaced.

Step 2. Now you need to put bars or strips of plywood that will serve us as a log for sheets of plywood or chipboard.If you have the opportunity to raise the height of the floor is 40 - 50 mm, then as lag best use pieces of wood size 50/60 mm and 40/80 mm.If you raise the height of the floor at such a distance is not possible, then as lag, you can use strips of plywood width of 5 - 7 cm.

Before laying the lag is necessary to find on the floor of the highest place and start stacking it with him.Stack logs should be perpendicular to the board going on the floor.

Put the first lag in those Metakhim where it is not adjacent to the floor puts a sliver, customize it on a level and fasten with screws.The next to be laid parallel to the lag, at a distance of 40 - 50cm, and adjust the level of not only along the most but also in relation to the adjacent lag.

Once all leagues are stacked, it is necessary between them in the region of 80 - 100 cm and put poperechki also fit on their level.

Laying lag

Step 3. After laying all the lag time has come to put sheets of plywood or particle board.Plywood is suitable for these needs with a minimum thickness of 10 mm.Cutting sheets of plywood or particle board, you can as you prefer.Each sheet is fastened with screws laid on the perimeter, along lag.Since poor sustainability is not laminated particleboard, it is best to cover the paint after installation.

Piling sheet
Try to lay plywood sheets so that they each relied on the edge of the joists.

Ottsiklevat machine

There is a hand tool, called a cycle.Use it to line the bottom of the tree, scrape the top layer of it, but it is a very long process.Much faster is if we use the scraping machine.The main thing - try to make this machine knives on a nail in the floor do not fall - hammer pre deeper all nails and screws.To do this, take dobojnik and drown their hats.

With Scraping machine the upper layer of wood surface will be removed, and as a result we get a smooth floor, called the rough.Harvesting the dust and debris - now you can lay laminate.

But to carry out such a complex operation to then cover the floor with laminate substrate and in my opinion is not rational.At that level the curve so much sex is very difficult, and even impossible!

Video: How old floor put the laminate

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