What are the radiators are best suited for private homes

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18 April 2016

Proper planning, calculation and selection of the optimal equipment for the construction of your home heating system is of paramount importance for the efficiency of its further operation and for your wallet.One of the main system components are directly heating radiators.Just about the choice of these devices to the home network, and will be discussed in this article.

How to choose the radiators for private homes


  1. What should rely when choosing the type of radiator for private homes
  2. Features of using those or other radiators for the heating system of a private house
  3. Table: Comparison of the operating pressure andapplications of various radiators
  4. Summing up
  5. Video: Radiators and their application

What should rely when choosing the type of radiator for private homes

One of the advantages of private homes - an autonomous heating system, which is calculatedand is mounted on the individual request of the owner of the house.When asked what the best radiator for p

rivate homes is easier to answer than selecting radiators for apartments connected to the central district heating network.In contrast to the central heating system of city apartments, the closed system of a private house has the following positive characteristics:

  • operates at low pressure and have the ability to create a favorable operating environment;
  • there is no such huge water hammer, thanks to the range of choices offered radiators market, significantly expanding;
  • in compliance with the technical conditions of the acid balance of water, the list is quite extensive choice of radiators;

Taking into account the above mentioned positive characteristics of an autonomous domestic heating system the emphasis in the selection of radiators for her to do the maximum heat transfer coefficient and a good price-performance ratio.By and large, for use in a closed home heating system you can use any radiators, steel, aluminum, bi-metal and even iron.But some things still need to consider what, read on.

Below we consider all possible types of radiators for a private home, and try to identify the best options.

Features of use of those or other radiators for the heating system of a private house

Tubular steel and panel radiators

1. Panel and sectional steel radiators - very low radiators for heating private house.They have good heat transfer characteristics, are compact enough and nice fit into the interior.Depending on the type of execution there are different settings for connection to the heating system of the house.In private houses with large window openings, panel radiator covers the cold air flow and prevents drafts.

Sectional steel radiator
For those looking for a good radiators with affordable cost - it is a best option for use in your home.

2. tubular radiators - at the price level are above the panel and panel radiators.For technical characteristics, they are approximately equal, the margin is mainly due to the more refined type with claims of design elements.Just tubular radiators handy for drying things, which is important in families with many children.

Tubular steel radiators
Designs tubular steel radiators.

When choosing a steel heat sink for private homes receive the following benefits:

  • Affordable combined with good coefficient efficiency
  • Low oxidation of low-quality water
  • Longer lifetime
  • convenient size and light weight

Disadvantages include the following:

  • not too harmonious design, which primarily shows that this is still a heating system, and not an element of decor.
  • Also, regardless of the manufacturer's warranty, steel radiators, it is desirable to wash every 3 years to prevent slagging of the heating system at home.
  • Another significant drawback of steel panels, is the need for continuous filling, otherwise there is rust, is capable of killing a radiator for several years.

Aluminium radiators

aluminum radiator has been widely used for heating private house.Such popularity is due to a modern design and high thermal capacity.The price range of aluminum radiators is extensive, it all depends on the manufacturer.The cheapest - Russian manufacturers of radiators is, judging by the reviews of users is better to take their foreign counterparts who are much more expensive.

Aluminium radiators
aluminum radiators with a different center distance.

If you choose an aluminum radiator to the local heating network of private homes, it is necessary to observe a number of quite important conditions for the selection and operation of which are given below:

  • aluminum radiator is very sensitive to the parameters of the circulating fluid.It is important to respect the right level of acidity of the water, or aluminum can be destroyed in a few years.
  • high thermal capacity aluminum radiator has a downside.Warm air flow too quickly rises to the top, and often the temperature difference between ceiling and floor.Therefore, when choosing aluminum radiators, it is necessary to make a precise calculation of floor space, or the floor can be cold.

reasonable price, good design and fast heat dissipation that's the secret of success of aluminum radiators.Enough good radiators for heating private house.In strict compliance with the norms of the above-described selection and operation, they will last for a long time with a good heat output.

Bimetallic radiators

highest point of the evolution of the radiator - a bimetallic radiator with a stated service life of 40 years.Bimetal - a combination of two or more kinds of metal in a single item.Bimetallic radiators made of steel inside and from the outside are covered with aluminum fins.

Quality Bimetallic radiators necessarily covered by anti-corrosion primer, not only outside but also inside.Able to withstand the pressure of 20-35 atmospheres and requires no special technical conditions for the circulating water.

Bimetallic radiators
Bimetallic radiator contains aluminum heat and corrosion resistance of the best iron alloys.

reverse side - a high cost for the average inhabitant of the country it is prohibitively expensive.On sale there are also cheaper models, but the bimetallic them only the name, if you decide to buy a radiator, you should carefully approach the issue in order not to buy a fake of the lowest quality.

The use of bimetallic radiators for heating private houses are not very advisable because of the high cost.Yes, they have a much greater strength than the above aluminum and metal radiators.But at the beginning of the material I have already mentioned that the local heating network, there can be a high pressure, it is usually 2 - 3 atmosphere, and therefore the powerful water hammer is just can not be.It turns out that the benefits of the radiator in the form of increased strength in this case is not considered appropriate.

Cast iron radiators

first started using iron battery in Tsarist Russia, more than 100 years ago.Until now, the Soviet-era homes can be found cast iron radiator with 50 years of experience.

Section of cast iron radiators
section of cast iron radiators such as MS.

If aluminum radiators heat up quickly and cool rapidly, the cast-iron batteries all the way around.The residual number of heat retention Cast iron radiator is 30%.On the other discussed types of radiators does not exceed 15%.What can significantly reduce the cost of gas for heating private house.

Corrosion resistance is very high, cast-iron battery performance in older homes, undeniable evidence of their durability and reliability.

Cast-iron battery with a decorative design
If there is any doubt about the design, the modern market boasts exquisite decorative solutions that can decorate the interior of any home or apartment.

cost of cast iron radiators is higher than that of aluminum and steel counterparts, but far below the bimetallic radiators.

The only drawback is the cast-iron batteries are too heavy weight.

Table: Comparison of working pressures and applications of various radiators

Options Working pressure, atm. For private homes for apartments cost
Steel panel 6 - 10 YES NO Low
Steel tubular 8 - 15 YES NO on decorative pattern very high
Aluminum (sectional) 6 - 25 YES NO Low
Bimetallic 20 - 30 YES YES On radiators Russian firmRifar average and Chinese manufacturers.
European manufacturers have a great price.

Cast (sectional) 6 - 9 YES YES On model MC and the like is low.
decorative patterns on the price is high.

Summing up

So we reviewed all common radiators, which is better in a private home will have to decide to use this article as a hint, not a guide to action.As you can see, any radiators for heating private houses require certain conditions and taking into account the need to choose their general technical condition and the possibility of the heating system as a whole.Much depends on your budget, the choice of any kind of battery, you can find a middle ground on the technical characteristics and price range.

In my opinion, in this case more appropriate to consider 2 types of radiator panel is steel or aluminum radiators.Still, if you compare them with each other, the steel is still probably more practical, more reliable, more efficient and cheaper.

Video: Radiators and their application

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