What are the radiators to better choose an apartment with central heating system

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16 April 2016

making repairs in the apartment, and often we think about replacing old batteries, overage.It is time to put in place of the more modern and efficient appliances, which have appeared on the market.But here the question arises - what is best for radiators apartment?Somebody praises aluminum radiators, someone - steel.Some neighbors do not quite appreciate newfangled bimetal radiators, and others bought a new iron and too happy.And let's make a comparison of the most popular heating appliances, considering some of the nuances of district heating.

What are the radiators to choose an apartment


  1. What threats fraught with central heating
  2. On what parameters to choose the radiators for apartments
  3. checks which radiators are suitable for apartment heating
  4. Incompletion draw conclusions
  5. Video: Replacement of radiators in the apartment

What threats fraught with central heating

On the one hand, the supply of heat from the outside convenient auxiliary he

ating - no need to mess around with the installation of the boiler and its setting.Come autumn, and hot water lapped fun run for your batteries, warming apartment.

But not all so smoothly in the district heating:

  • in the water, held a long way, contains a lot of reactive impurities that can cause corrosion of pipes and radiators.
  • And fine particles of sludge will inevitably fall into the coolant, scratch battery inside, a few years later wiping them into holes.
  • and the water temperature is not always stable - the batteries are at room temperature, and then up to them and touch is impossible.
  • But the main danger - a sudden huge jump of pressure in the heating system, the so-called water hammer.It happens, for example, for the reason that the locksmith too abruptly closed the valve of the pumping station.

Previously, there used valves with a smooth ride, but with the advent of ball valves have the opportunity to block the water immediately.Sometimes hammer and when the excess air in the pipe falls.Second pressure jump is able to make some troubles many.Weak batteries can not withstand the enormous pressure and burst, sprinkling hot water, damaging furnishings and causing damage to the neighbors below.

On what parameters to choose the radiators for apartments

Now, knowing the weaknesses of central heating, you can already imagine what requirements must meet the good battery.Here they are.

1. have radiator pressure, the manufacturer, should be less than the pressure (both workers and exceeding it by half - test) in the heating system.For example, we give the figures.The five-storey houses of the old layout, this option is not more than 5 - 8 atmospheres.Multi-storey buildings of modern type are heated under pressure to 12 - 15 atmospheres.

2. special mention is the ability to withstand the surge.Because, living in an apartment by pressure surges in the heating protect yourself is difficult, better to prevent trouble in advance.By the way - if you often hear in the batteries buzz and clicks, contact the municipal service.Pressure, you see, "play tricks" in the system.

3. water quality in the domestic heating system unimportant, so the batteries must endure it with honor "chemical attack" without collapsing.It is necessary to use radiators with a special coating on the inside or chemically neutral material for the walls.And their thickness is required to be such that the particles of sand and pebbles rubbed her not acting like emery.

4. deciding what is best for flat radiators, do not forget about their main function - to warm.That is preferable to choose appliances that have greater heat loss.

5. not ignored and design radiators - very few people will suit ugly iron monsters wretched form, which in Soviet times were everywhere.I would like to battery harmoniously complement the decoration of rooms - now it's real.

6. last option - it is the length of service.There is already no comment.The rarely have to bother with installing these bulky and rather expensive equipment, the better the hosts.

checks which radiators are suitable for apartment heating

batteries of steel - fell, attacked high pressure

Steel radiators distinguishes small weight and thickness.Good release of heat and a small amount of water make them efficient and effective.Yes, and they are inexpensive.But the pressure they are "pumped" - only 6-8 atmospheres maintained.They are not suitable for apartments, period.

Panel Radiator
steel panel radiator.

Tubular radiators
tubular steel radiator, they have a great variety, and differ in their construction and by color.

Aluminium radiators - eaten by corrosion, burst from water hammer

Lovely look these radiators, and 190 watts of thermal power pleases consumers.But wait, the inhabitants of the apartment - enjoy early.Hot water from chemical impurities and high acidity quickly "eats" batteries inside.Because aluminum is too active.And with a lot of pressure, he is unable to cope.Averages working pressure - up to 16 bar.A hammer is able to destroy even completely brand new aluminum radiator.

Aluminium radiators
aluminum radiators have a very attractive appearance and can give off heat like a heating and air convection, but it is absolutely not suitable for an apartment.

Bimetallic battery - all good, only the road

This is one of the newest developments heaters.Such bimetallic radiators are called - because these two metals.It can be, in particular aluminum and steel, or aluminum and copper.

The structure of bimetallic radiator
Aluminum alloy made fin shaped body, and inside there is a core of steel or copper.

manufacturers ensure that such batteries have worked for at least forty years.For the apartments are suitable for all indicators, as you can see.

  • temperature they can withstand even up to 130 degrees.
  • Operating pressure they claimed up to 30 - 50 atmospheres, depending on the manufacturer and model.They can stop being afraid of water hammer.
  • external and internal anticorrosion coating makes the battery durable and resistant to breakage.
  • low weight makes installation, carry and transport these batteries burdensome.

Bimetallic radiator
Exterior their caresses the eye - beautiful white or colored panels are much more aesthetically usual form iron "bunching."

Alas - not everyone can buy such an expensive device.And if you offer something similar at affordable price - do not believe.Counterfeit slipped.If we buy the products tested brands - Russian firm Rifar, Italy - Sira, or Global.There are good Chinese manufacturers.They, like Russian, the price is slightly lower than the radiator comes from Europe.

good old cast iron - gets a second life

fifty years, at least, to live the kind meted out the battery.In vain claim some manufacturers of new products, it is high time to forget about this "old".For a long time thinking what to choose for radiators apartments, many stopped exactly on the cast-iron batteries.Oh, they do not "throw tricks" by contact with dirty domestic water heating system.This metal is chemically passive and it is not afraid of any high acidity or the presence of chemical additives in the coolant.A thick wall will not hurt no abrasive.So for apartment and iron (especially in the old house) very well.

  • iron radiators are distinguished by the fact that for a long time holding heat - a residual number of save 30 percent.And all other types of batteries, the figure is half
  • heat loss by radiation method of heating is much more efficient than using convection (as in bimetal and aluminum products. Cast iron radiators warm not only the air but also closely located objects.
  • Atdraining water from the system during the summer-iron batteries are not porzhaveyut - a significant plus.
  • large area of ​​heat transfer - another plus.
  • pressure differential that is sinning central heating, cast iron normally transports well. Up to nine - twelve atmospheres can reach the working pressure. That's just not always withstands hammering high power - sums brittleness of the metal.
  • cost of these devices is usually lower than that of bimetallic radiator. Sometimes it is - a determining factor.

hard for these radiators, of course, that brings some inconvenienceat their installation.Well, yes, cast a priori can not be easy.But this weight turns into a large wall thickness, giving the radiators desired strength.Putting once cast iron radiators (and to do this will be specially trained people - plumbers), can be for many years to forget about their replacement.

Exterior cast iron radiators today is not as poor as in Soviet times.There were very attractive external battery figure casting, performed in the style of "retro", which are very well in tune with exquisite rooms.For example, there may be mentioned products of companies Roca and Konner.

However, the cost of such a miracle battery is sufficiently high.More budget are Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian model, many of which are necessary before using the paint.But they look quite well, their design blends into the interiors of modern apartments.

Finally draw conclusions

now probably easier for you to decide what to choose a radiator in an apartment - because of the four options considered, only two remained.As it turned out, not steel or aluminum radiators tests no aggressive domestic coolant or pressure drops, will not stand.So are bimetal and cast iron utensils.What is it to buy, look at your budget, as well as on the characteristics of specific models.However, and here it is possible to give a couple of tips.

  • In older homes (for example, "Khrushchev"), it is possible to put the cast iron products.If you live in the apartment buildings where the heating system pressure is higher, better yet take a bimetal radiators.
  • If precursors your future new batteries are made of cast iron, it is possible to stop the choice on any of the two options.And bimetal and cast iron suit.If you are going to replace the batteries, made of another metal, I was their only bimetallic.

Video: Replacement of radiators in the apartment

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