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17 April 2016

today is no longer a trend shabby gray slate - in fact there are many more beautiful and modern coatings for roofs.For example, multi-colored trim ondulin pros and cons which lively discussion on various building forums.It is also nicely called evroshifer and roof Ondulin looks quite presentable.But what is it the quality will be discussed in this article.

Onduline - advantages and disadvantages


  1. Ondulina production: raw materials, technology, material properties
  2. about the advantages Ondulina
  3. Does ondulin disadvantages?
  4. list the specifications Ondulina
  5. Video: Testing Ondulina

Ondulina production: raw materials, technology, material properties

This roofing, invented by the French, it is 100 percent organic origin.In the course of its manufacture cellulose fibers strongly heated and pressed together, crimping.The temperature should thus be 120 degrees, not less.Ready-painted corrugated sheets in a wide palette of colors.Further there is a bitumen impreg

nated with the addition of polymers.

material obtained safety and environmental protection.In addition, it features amazing waterproof - this quality it surpasses almost all roofing materials.A roof fine cellulose fibers when heated sunlight tightened soldered to each other, which adds to water resistance.

Color options Ondulina

about the advantages Ondulina

  • Let's start with the already mentioned water resistance of the material.As mentioned above Ondulina sheets impregnated with a special compound that provides 100% protection from moisture and does not give it to penetrate deep into the material.Note also that the nails are hammered into ondulin at the highest point of the wave, so rain can not wet the roof at this point.It just drops will drain down like a roller coaster.And the sheets are placed overlap Ondulina that adds tightness coating.
  • Onduline has a high environmental safety and hygiene.When rainwater from the roof ondulinovoy it is quite possible to use even for drinking.
  • is not afraid of any roofing alkalis with acids or products made from petroleum (eg, gasoline).And industrial gases can not spoil it.Manufacturers claim that ondulin not live micro-organisms and fungi, but it is not so.
  • Another advantage of this coverage - super bantamweight.Standard sheet Ondulina two meters long and weighs almost meter-wide nothing - 6.5 kg.That is, it is 4 times lighter than a sheet of slate around the same area.Therefore ondulin easy to transport and pick it up on the roof is not difficult.And you can do it alone, without waiting for his partner.
  • installation itself can be made quickly - because the layout is not ondulinovyh sheets is complex.And truss system under them do not need very strong.
  • ondulin Cut into pieces of the right size can be a simple hacksaw on wood.And if it is a little bit of grease, if not in the two accounts, you can manage.
  • bending the material, you can give it any shape.So they close the roof can be very fancy.
  • and low price is worth noting the material - about $ 5 per page.It is cheaper than metal.Thin (0.35-0.45 mm) metal coatings in comparison to take will not - they are very much fragile.Slate Ondulina a third cheaper, but do not forget about it contained harmful asbestos.
  • Ondulina The advantages can be attributed to his silence.Indeed, in the case of the metal coating without sound insulation does not do.Otherwise, you will hear not only annoyingly loud sound of the rain, but even trample birds on the roof.

Does ondulin disadvantages?

And as without them - there is nothing perfect.However, some shortcomings manifested due to improper installation, excessive saving or trivial laziness.Let's start list Ondulina cons.

1. strength. In some reviews there are complaints on its low strength.Like, nor set foot on the roof can not be without risk to break or heavy snowfall this roof will not sustain.But often the reason lies in the incorrect installation of roof system and violation of technology mounting material.After all, it is necessary to mount a single sheet of at least 20 nails, and some of their economy, reducing the number of almost 2-fold.But subject to the necessary steps crates - 0.6 meters at a slope of more than 15 degrees - ondulin quietly endure nearly a ton of load per square meter.Therefore snowfall it is certainly not terrible.

Incorrect truss system
example strain ondulinovoy roof mean violation mounting technology crates.

Violation of technology mounting truss system
Another example of violations of mounting technology truss system.

Violation installation technology Ondulina
In this photo clearly shows that the installation of sheets used Ondulina insufficient nails.

In the summer heat it is not necessary to walk on the softened coating of Ondulina - it can not move gravity moves.In addition, the intense heat could be heard distinctly unpleasant odor of bitumen fumes.

2. fire hazard. Another drawback is a fire hazard.Well, ondulin - it is essentially organic, so it burns.But to compare with - a metal tile doroguschy best varieties?A cheap "tin" roof covering fire is not an obstacle - burned immediately.

Video: Flammability Ondulina

3. durability. Someone ondulinovoe cover a couple of years is destroyed.But there are homeowners who do not quite appreciate a rooftop 15-20 years.First, it depends on the operating conditions.If they are extreme, and their ability to withstand only the best metal, then ondulin soon collapse.Second, do not skimp on the installation and as the fasteners, making all the rules.

4. loss of color. Eventually roof Ondulina loses its color, burning out in the sun and becomes dull.If this happens quickly, it is likely that not really used ondulin (which color before impregnated with bitumen) and its analogues.However, over time it happens, and the original coating.

Fading ondulinovoy roof
This example fading ondulinovoy roof and flush to the surface of sheets of bitumen.

6. biological resistance. surface of the roof in 2-3 years start to attack a variety of mosses and fungi.As a result, poorly lit green space.The same drawback - flowering - inherent and slate.

If done correctly, the ondulinovaya roofs can last quite a reliable protection for the building.But in any case, the strength and durability it loses all roofing materials.Its use is justified in the case of lack of funds.At the same time sheets must be mounted on a crate and a small step or a solid base.

list the specifications Ondulina

  • ondulinovogo standard size sheet thickness - 3 mm, width - 0.96 m, length - 2 m wave height - 36 mm.Leaf area - 1.92 m2.The weight of a single sheet - 6.5 kg.
  • Inflammation - from 230 to 300 ° C.Class of fire - KM5 (most recent).In the medical and children's institutions use ondulin because combustibility is not recommended.
  • load that can destroy ondulin - 0.96 tons per 1 m2.In the first place it is destroyed not the roofing material, and lathing and rafters.
  • Chemical resistance - high.The material does not react to alkali, acids and oils.
  • hygiene and safety - at a high level.There is a health certificate.
  • Water resistance - excellent.Moreover, the material does not pass water during the entire period of operation.
  • Life Term manufacturer's warranty is 15 years.
  • Available in red, brown, green and black.

Video: Testing Ondulina

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