Metal or profiled - it is better to use as a roof

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16 April 2016

There are two very popular roofing, made of steel sheeting.One of them is cheaper, the other - more expensive, but they both are from 20 to 60 years (depending on the manufacturer).It seems that everyone is clear about what we were talking.It now remains to figure out which is better - or corrugated metal, and for what purpose a suitable coating each.

Metal or profiled - it is better to use


  1. What is the metal and roof decking
  2. compare the points of metal roofing and roof decking
  3. In which case it is better to use metal roofing, and in which profiled
  4. Video: What to consider when choosing a metal and corrugated

What is the metal and corrugated roofing sheeting

It is called differently: trapezoidal sheet, gofrolist, and even profiles.It is this material, invented in England in 1820, of cold-rolled steel roofing.Each sheet is attached to its wavy, rectangular or trapezoidal shape.To achieve strength galvanized steel or coated with aluzinc.From above may b

e applied as a polymer coating improves the properties of the material.


This material can be divided into three types:

  • Profiled wall used for installation of fences and wall coverings.
  • Corrugated roofing (no thicker than a millimeter) is used for the organization of the roof.
  • Profiled universal used for wall cladding and for roofing.This is possible thanks to well-chosen shape and size of the profile ribs.


for its production, as in the previous case, taken cold rolled steel, which is subjected to profiling.Only its thickness is smaller than that of corrugated board and drawing a somewhat different profile.After all, unlike metal sheeting from that first designed to mimic the natural ceramic tile.And so it has a similar pattern.In addition, the metal is available with a wide variety of polymer coatings that perform a protective function.


compare the points of corrugated metal roofing and roofing

material thickness and weight

steel used for the production of corrugated board, the thickness (0.5 to 1.2 mm).A metal roofing made of steel plate of 0.4 to 0.6 mm thick.But it has several layers of coatings, and considering them precisely, it still exceeds the steel sheet thickness.But metal sheeting have usually thicker, and therefore the weight of several high profiled sheet - 3,6-11 kg per square meter.At this rate of metal - 3,8-7 kg.The concrete examples, taking popular brands.

The structure of the sheet metal and corrugated roofing
structure of sheet metal and corrugated roofing.

  • Metal Monterrey has a weight of 4.5 to 5 kg per square meter at a thickness of 0.4 to 0.5 mm.
  • Profiled HC20V weighs between 4.9 to 8.4 kilograms per square meter (thickness 0,45-0,8 mm).

As you can see, very hard is neither one of the materials - they do not require reinforced roof system.However, increasing the sheet thickness, even one-tenth of a millimeter capable sometimes add roof few years of life.

Thickness: Metal - | Profiled +

Material Weight: Metal + | Profiled -

type polymer coating

on trapezoidal sheet, first a layeraluzinc or zinc (the latter gives greater strength).Material Aluzinc - the brainchild of the company Arcelor.It aluminum added to the zinc (55 per cent) and silicon (1.6 percent).This coating is plastic a little less than zinc, but it is difficult to scratch.Top profiled and covered with a passivation layer of soil, as well as additional polymer coating.

If you cut across the sheet metal, it is also possible to see many layers of coatings.First, both sides are galvanized and then - passivating film of aluminum that can further protect against corrosion.Then necessarily come primer and a layer of polymer varnish fastened.

kinds of polymer coatings for metal and corrugated board for a lot.

The most common are:

1. 25 microns - a layer of polyester.

Exterior coatings - polyester.

2. 35 microns - a layer of matte polyester (added Teflon).

Matte Polyester
Exterior finishes - matte polyester.

3. 50 microns - a layer of Pura (a silky texture);

Exterior coatings - Puranas.

4. 100-200 microns - a layer of plastisol (durable and resistant to cold);

Exterior coating - plastisol.

5. 300 microns - a layer of PVDF (the most resistant to UV).

Exterior coatings - PVDF.

type of protective coating: Metal + | Profiled +

durability and service life

On this affects several factors.Please take into account what is in the mind - the polymer layer.It increases the lifetime of the material at the age 10. Thus, a metal having such a coating, last longer than galvanized corrugated board, there is none available.If you compare the corrugated and coated metal roofing, everything will depend on the type of polymer coating.The most long-lived (60-70 years) is considered the plastisol coating and polyurethane is 30-40 years.

now about the quality of galvanized steel.If zinc thereon not more than 140 grams per square meter, it is less than 10 years serve than the one in which zinc - 245 grams per square meter.By the way, in contrast to the European, Russian producers of zinc sometimes save.Do not forget about the thickness of the steel sheet.One-tenth of a millimeter, adding to it, is able to extend the life of the material for 5 years.Therefore, thicker grades of corrugated board can often have a longer lifespan than metal thin steel.

In general, both materials are durable enough.In the life of metal in the middle - 20-40 years.We sheeting - 30-45 years.But when buying absolutely must take into account the reliability of the manufacturer.And that in fact some Chinese products are not always shine quality.

durability and service life: Metal - | Profiled +

dimensions and ease of installation

corrugated profile can be rounded off in waves, and also to have a trapezoid shape or a rectangle.

corrugated sheets Dimensions:

  • sheet width - 1-1.2 m;
  • Leaf length - 12 m;
  • profile height - 8-45 mm;

Metal is produced in the form of sheets with a width of 1.16 to 1.18 meters, and length - from 0.4 to 6 m. Height varies from 22 to 25 cm. Drawing on the sheet metal is more complex than that of corrugated board- it is the most similar to the real tiles, laid out in rows.It should be remembered that the high temperatures of the metal may lose shape, so it is better not to buy her extra-long sheets.

sheet metal Dimensions:

  • sheet width - 1,16-1,18 m;
  • length of the sheet - 0,4-8 m;
  • profile height - 22-25 mm;
  • step wave - 350-400 mm.

Now installation.It is easier to produce Bent - because compared with metal tile material that is much easier to pick up a certain slope of the roof.In view of the simplicity of its profile to perform by using its roofing work much easier.And vertical measurements will not be necessary, and trim items will be less complicated and waterproofing will be more qualitative.Note that the long trapezoidal sheet roof cover much faster.That's just they are very long and hard, and one with a leaf can not cope.Such work requires a team of experienced craftsmen.A metal has a comfortable size, and putting it under force alone.

Easy installation: Metal - | Profiled +


Neither one nor the other stuff is not able to burn out completely and do not support combustion sogut - in fact in the middle of them is metal.

Fire: Metal + | Profiled +

Noise protection

Both roofing require additional protection against external noise.Otherwise tarahtenie rain on the roof will act on the nerves.Good thermal insulation will not only retain heat, but also dampen unwanted noise.One of the budget options thermal insulators - a mineral wool.

Noise: Metal - | Profiled -


Metal here first - it looks much more interesting than the monotonous steel sheet.Especially nice look sharp-angled roof, which features a metal.Species diversity of this material allows to draw a house in any style.

Types of corrugated board
Species profile roof sheeting.

glossy, matte or metallic finish and a variety of profile opens up a host of opportunities for fantasy.

Types of Profile metal
Species Profile metal.

Appearance: Metal + | Profiled -

compare prices

more simple in design decking is significantly cheaper than metal.For example, roof decking thickness of 0.5-0.55 mm has a price for one square meter from 100 to 200 rubles.Metal of the same thickness is from 300 to 400 rubles per square meter.Furthermore, when the roofing complex shape metal gives unacceptably much waste.They may be from 5 to 40 percent!

Price: Metal - | Profiled +

In which case it is better to use metal roofing, and in which profiled

1. If your roof slopes have a slope of less than 12-14 degrees (or it is quite flat), then take profiled.After all, he had the lower limit for this parameter is not present, but the metal roofing under such conditions can not be used.

2. Profiled apply in cases where the first important reliability and low price, rather than appearance.Additional stiffeners due to the geometry of the profile allow to build a very solid roof.For example, outbuildings such as barn and garage is reasonable cover floorings.

3. If it comes to the fore design and beautiful design, and in finance is no particular limitation, choose metal roofing.A house with a roof will look very presentable.

Video: What to consider when choosing a metal and corrugated

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