Types of metal , depending on the material of manufacture , the type of profile and the type of polymer coating

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16 April 2016

This material for roofing, light in both weight and installation, attracts developers with its stylish design, durability and affordable price.To help you navigate through its brands and manufacturing companies, we consider all the main types of metal, depending on the material manufacturing base geometry profile and the polymer coating covering.

Variety of metal


  1. materials used in the manufacture of metal
  2. Varieties of metal, depending on the geometry of the profile and and depth insole
  3. kinds of polymer coatings used to protect metal

materials used in the manufacture of metal

steel sheet

It galvanized steel often serves as the basis metal.Its thickness may range from 0.45 to 0.55 (sometimes up to 0.6) millimeter.The zinc coating protects the metal from corrosion.Top reinforcement has several layers, including a polymer.There may be used steel coated with zinc or aluz

inc.The second coating is more durable, but also the cost of a much more expensive metal.

Aluminum sheet metal

This is good in that it is not necessary to protect against corrosion - he told her absolutely not susceptible.However, the additional coverage is available from aluminum tiles - it increases the durability and life of the roof.And roof tiles made of aluminum is very light.Here are just bednovato her palette of shades.And it is much more expensive than other roofing materials.

copper sheets

looks so noble and exquisite tiles, especially in time, when it formed a greenish patina coating.Architectural monuments and ancient houses, covered with metal tile made of copper look fine.Patina - the best protection against adverse factors, so no additional polymer coatings used there is no need.There is such metal is expensive and rarely used.

Varieties of metal, depending on the geometry and depth profiles and insole

I'm sure many have heard of these types of metal roof as Monterrey, Joker, Banga and Cascade.However, there is a relatively new profiles with a very interesting design and superb quality.This, for example, brands such as Andalusia, Modern, Shanghai.

Metal with the profile of Monterrey

This roofing, came to us from Finland, very similar to clay tiles.Because of this, it has earned the most fans.Tile Monterrey - lightweight, aesthetic, simple to install, well protected from natural disasters.Profile of smoothly rounded roof that allows you to immediately recognize her, but just by looking.After the appearance of various grades of the metal are very similar.The edge of the roof is decorated in the form of steps that can be positioned as a strictly symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Metal Monterrey

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Metal profile with Cascade

This roof, a bit like their shapes chocolate bar attracts those who appreciate the savings.Tile Cascade different rigor of rectangular shape, so it is very well cover the roof of the complex shape.It turns out a rigorous, accurate and proportional.In general, this is a classic style that will never go out of style and will always be relevant and in time.

Metal with the profile of Cascade

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Metal profile with Joker (Joker)

round ridge and sole part, the classical form - that the differences of the coating."Right" waves create the illusion of a ceramic tiled roof.For those who appreciate tradition and classics, will surely enjoy this metal roof.

Metal Joker

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with Metal profile Banga

This roof is still very young - it has recently started to produce.Her profile is different pretentiousness of forms and external design shine with originality.Due to the structure of the profile and increasing the height of the waves observed persistent effect of three-dimensional image.But the width of the metal is small, which, however, does not detract from its merits.This material is optimally used for the roofs of tall buildings - where he just looks spectacular.


Metal profile with Andalusia

again fairly new for our country, roofing, which has not yet become quite popular.At its manufacture uses a special European equipment.It gives you the opportunity to fix the tiles hidden manner.And this is a big plus - even the tile "Monterrey", one of the most popular on the market, fixing is done openly.And screws sometimes quite strongly apparent.But "Andalusia" not only looks great, but also has increased moisture resistance.After her sheets tightly-tightly connected by special locks.

Metal Andalusia

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with the profile of Shanghai Metal

And finally - the roof, symmetrical pattern that came to us from China.About her later Russian developers have learned the most.Its sophisticated high profile (66 mm) is symmetrical.Thanks to this equipment for the manufacture of metal can be done, and trapezoidal sheet.

Shanghai Metal

There are other types of metal profile, but the above are the most common.Manufacturers are constantly working in this direction, adding to his collection with new and new kinds of metal profile.

Types of polymer coatings used to protect metal

type protective layer largely determines how old is destined to serve the metal tiled roof.Note that the recently-quality polymer film was applied to the sheet metal only abroad - because this process is quite complicated.But now our manufacturers have learned to make excellent tiles with a durable polymer coating.It is very much appreciated similar products of Russian companies Grand Line, Metal profile, Interprofil.

There are many kinds of metal coatings, which are used for a variety of polymers.Some of them make it possible to survive the cold and staunchly heat, others rescued from burning and UV radiation, and others - flexible and durable.In addition, the polymer layer making the roof is very beautiful and attractive.And now look at them all in order.

Shiny Polyester - requires careful handling

Represented by a PE coating, and it is used in seven of the ten flooring today metallocherepichnoy roofs.However, the polyester cover not only the tiles, as well as some grades of corrugated board.Polyester is inexpensive, but not always withstand the impact of aggressive atmospheric environment.In addition, it is easy to damage during loading or transport inaccurate.Metal with live coverage from 5 to 10 years.Its thickness is 25 microns.Winter brings cold Polyester bad, but at a temperature from 0 to plus 90 degrees Celsius, he feels great.

Glossy Polyester

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classy matt Polyester

It can have different designations: MPE (mostly), MatPE, Matpol, Remus.Because Teflon incorporated into the composition of an ordinary polyester, type coating changes dramatically.It is no longer shines over endures extreme weather events, and is at least 15 years.Its thickness is 35 microns.The temperature limit - the same as the previous coating.

Matte Polyester

lasting Pyral

basis of this coating - polyurethane, which gives the tiles resistance to UV light.Layer Pura mechanical damage is more difficult than other coatings, he is not afraid of aggressive chemicals.Temperature jump from the "plus" to "minus" (from -60 to +100 degrees) and long autumn rains also not able to spoil the coating.It gives the opportunity to serve the roof up to 30 years.Thickness - 50 microns.However, the tiles coated with the substantially more expensive than the previous two types.


Matt Pural

This coating is called MPURA and PUMA, PURALMATT, MatPUR.The thickness of the protective layer and the limit temperatures are the same as in the preceding material.

Matt pural

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This coating - the brainchild of the company Ruukki (Finland).It is not only beautiful, but also very malleable.Roof tiles covered with Purex, not afraid of corrosion and mechanical damage to nature.The manufacturer provides a guarantee of up to 50 years.

Honed Purex

Prisma - polyurethane protection

This coating invented English (specialists of the plant Corus).It includes, in addition to the polyurethane present alloy called Galvalloy.It is composed of 95 percent alumina and 5 percent of zinc.The manufacturer guarantees the roof with such a coating for at least 15 years of life.During this time, do not take metal roofing or corrosion or mechanical damage.

The polymer coating Prism

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plastisol - PVC-coated

have given a coating having a very solid thickness (100 to 200 microns) are added to PVC plasticizers.The outer texture similar to the skin or with birch bark.It should be noted that a variety of metal plastisol coating well suited to the organization or to create a roof gutters of barns and other farm buildings.Temperature range - from plus 10 to plus 60 degrees Celsius.


Coating PVDF - excellent protection from the weather

tile, covered with this material not only looks very elegant.She is also good at attacking corrosion, maintaining perfect weather all unpleasant "surprises."Coating thickness - 27 microns.This is sufficient to withstand heat, cold and storms with hail.

PVDF coating

Kami TerraPLEGEL - composite metal

is a multilayer coating consisting of two layers of polymer, silica sand and an outer layer of polyester.Because of the layer of quartz sand coating is the most resistant to mechanical damage.Terraplegel has a rough surface imitating natural tile, it does not shine in the sun and mutes the sound of the rain, which is very important for metal.



Coverage Solano has an original texture with dot inlay.The thickness of the polymer layer is 200 microns.Not susceptible to mechanical damage and perfectly protects against corrosion.The manufacturer's warranty of 50 years.


Comparison Performance of polymer coatings of metal

View coating thickness,
Resistance to corrosion Resistance

to fur.Air.
life., Years
Glossy Polyester 25 - 28 120 - 10 Low average Low 10
Matte Polyester 35 120 - 10 Average average Low 15
Pyral 50 100 - 15 Average High average 50
Matt pural 50 100 - 15 High High average 50
Purex 26 100 - 15 Average High High 40
Prisma 50 120 - High High average 20
plastisol 200 60 + 10 Average High High 30
PVDF 27 110 - 10 High High Low 35
Solano 200 60 + 10 High High High 70
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