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15 April 2016

indoor metal tile roof is quite possible to learn even a layman - it would wish.And the modern roofing materials such convenient and easy, what with them pleasant and easy to work with.To acquire the necessary skills it is desirable that no one be shown how it's done.Moreover, it is not necessary to look at the wizard alive - it is possible to manage video data.As they say better to see once ... Take, for example, the installation of metal - video presented below to help you navigate and understand, what, when and how to make and how to avoid certain errors in the regeneration metallocherepichnoy roof.

Installation of metal - a video compilation


  1. Company "Metal Profile
    " reveals the secrets of installation of the roof
  2. "Metal Profile" directly on the installation of metal
  3. A brief installation instructions crates
  4. story ofhow to avoid mistakes when installing metal
  5. story about how to avoid mistakes when installing metal

Company "Metal Profile" reveals the secrets of installation of the roof

Excellent instruction - a voice-over accompanies the video with the workers engaged in all stagesmounting.At the beginning of providing tips on transportation and storage of metal.Then explains how to check the dimensions of the rafters that need to process them.Details lists all the tools that you need when working with metal tile.As a more complex example, consider installing a warm roof.We also show how to arrange the gutter, roof windows, communicating the elements of snow retention system, making the antenna output.

«Metal Profile" directly on the installation of metal

In this video guide for installation of metal given precisely, clearly and concisely.It's like a part of the previous material.But if there is a fully narrated about the structure of the entire roof with additional elements, here we are talking only about the laying of metal.Great value that describes what is required under the crate each of the grades of metal.

instructions from the company WORLD ROOF - briefly and clearly

The video provides detailed information on transportation and storage of metal tiles are given good advice on this subject.The continuation is a guide to the correct lifting of sheet metal on the roof and its cutting.Interesting and comfortable "trick" is present in this manual.There are videos not only about how to perform the steps of the installation.Also scenes are played with the erroneous actions of the workers.

A brief installation instructions crates

animated video is less than four minutes.During this time we have time to see how the roof, like a fairy tale, there are all the elements of the sheathing.Boudreau knocking hammer otstukivaya bravura rhythm of music, and so cheerfully under construction.In general, everything is clear - 3D graphics allows a good look at every detail in every detail from all sides.Good video giving to understand how to construct a crate.

story about how to avoid mistakes when installing metal

Here we meet with Andrei Lozhkarevym, host of "All in the mind at the construction site."Based on his own experience, he tells about the metal, celebrated its five-year "anniversary".And not only the talks.We contemplate the roof, making them a team.And we see that over the 5 years of the roof is not worn at all.There is no trace of rust, screws shine like new, the roof surface is smooth and intact.

And then almost an hour leading shares with us the secrets of how to achieve such a result.He talks and about the "right" rafters, and about how and at what point twist screws.Advice on how to make a good snow stop, which do not fall down on your head.And provides other valuable tips.After watching this video montage of metal with their hands many will be able to (and probably failed) to make without making common mistakes inherent to nonprofessionals.

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