What is the best metal or soft roof - a comparison of materials

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15 April 2016

Thinking in detail its future home, the developers are paying enough attention to the roof.It would be desirable that it was beautiful and strong, delighting the home for many years.And today, when choosing a common question arises: what is better - or soft metal roof?Well, these two materials have now become favorites among coatings for roofs.Now we will compare them.

What to choose metal roofing or soft roof


  1. What is that - a few words about each material
  2. compare basic parameters
  3. When some roof is better to use
  4. Video: Select the roof to the roof

What is that - a few words about each material

first of what is common to both surfaces.This is their purpose - they are used in the organization of the roof, the slope of which is not less than 12 degrees.They are distinguished by low weight, durability and long life.Now more about each material.

# 1. Metal is made of steel sheet profile figure.On top of it is covered with a layer of zinc to protec

t against corrosion.The uppermost layer is coated with one type of polymer.In particular, it can be a plastisol, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, Pur.

Sheet size:

  • width - from 1100 to 1200 mm;
  • length - from 400 to 6000 mm;


# 2. bitumen shingles, or soft roof has other names - shingls, shingles.Reinforcing the basis of this material is a sheet of glass fiber.On both sides it is filled with oxidized (artificially aged) modified bitumen with additives.Through modification of SBS (styrene + butadiene styrene +) bitumen becomes more elastic, flexible, and resistant to temperature effects.Sprinkling the outside of the roof of a stone crumb gives high durability.On the inner side of the self-adhesive layer is applied, protecting it with a film of silicone.

Sheet size:

  • width - 350 mm;
  • Length - 1000 mm;

Flexible roof

compare basic parameters

What base and truss system is needed for each of the roofing materials

Both coatings have a small weight, so their use should be fine rafters in increments of 60-80 centimeters.The cross-section trusses - either 200 or 150 at 50 millimeters.In metal lathing step is selected according to its wavelength increments.Typically, these values ​​lie within the following ranges: from 30 to 35 centimeters.

Base under the metal
Base metal decking underneath

Well, shingles put on a lattice base can not be - it will not keep the shape.Therefore it is necessary to construct the construction of OSB-3 (OSB-3).Perhaps FSF and the application of sheets (waterproof plywood).On the one hand, a solid foundation and will help to keep the heat and excess noise is muted.On the other hand, require additional costs for installation.And it is not less than 150-200 rubles per square meter.

Grounds for soft roof
Base for further installation of a soft roof

Metal + / Roof -

Easy to install, depending on the shape of the roof

Roof is perfect for roofs of any shape.After all, the size of a sheet of very small, so this material can cover the surface of the complex.And no ornate curves, domes, turrets, kinked fins and valleys do not serve as an obstacle.All the same, the waste will remain low - 15 percent, no more.

Two installation rules:

1. Roof not placed at sub-zero temperatures - it becomes fragile;

2. In the heat of shingles can not walk - bitumen softens.

But with metal tile, the situation is different.If the roof is quite simple, with one or two ramps, the installation is not difficult, and waste a lot fail.But if the shape of the roof is curved and intricate details that can be found in the remains of nearly half of metal.There is a roof, for which this roofing and did not fit.For example, if they have the shape of a cone or dome.Mount the metal roofing is possible in all weather conditions except strong winds.

main thing - to act according to the rules:

1. It is necessary to use special screws with rubber gasket;

2. You can not cut the metal roofing "grinder" - can only work with electric circular saw, metal shears or jigsaw.

Metal - / Roof +

weight and thickness

weight of metal per square meter - from 4.5 to 6.5 kilograms.This value depends on the type and thickness of the polymer layer, and the characteristics of the metal sheet.The thickness varies from 0.38 to 0.55 millimeters.

Roof will be slightly more weighty - from 7.5 to 15 kilograms per square meter.Accordingly, its sheets thicker than metal - from 3 to 5 millimeters.

Metal + / Roof +

have a longer service life of the roof

metal tile manufacturer guarantees from 5 to 20 years of distinguished service.In reality, the roof it does not lose its properties from 10 to 50 years.Much of this depends on the type of polymer coating that protects the metal roofing.And if you take a composite metal belonging to the class of luxury materials, it can be safely operated 50-70 years (with thirty years manufacturer's warranty).This roof has a solid zinc plated on the outside it is covered with a layer of colored stone granules.

soft tiles of glass fiber and asphalt can last a little longer than metal - from 16 to 70 years.Because no glass mat or bitumen does not corrode, unlike steel.The manufacturer is withdrawn flexible roof warranty of 30 years.

Metal - Roof +

Drinking fire

Roof inherently contain combustible materials.However, it is the top layer of stone beads, which are able to perfectly protect the roof from the fire.Melting tiles at close proximity to the fire to happen, of course.But no more.So soft tile roof can not damage or accident to an abandoned firecracker or a spark from the chimney.The temperature limit - 110 degrees.

As for metal, then once everything is clear.After the steel plate located inside her, it is impossible to burn or melt.Open flame, pick up to the roof of this material will not be able to spread further.The temperature limit - 130 degrees.

Metal + / Shingles -

protection from extraneous noise

Speaking of metal, hardly anybody would think to call it silent.During rain drops ticking loudly on the metal, and the sound is clearly audible in the house.You can do this rainy accompaniment of quiet, to find a suitable heater which still sounds good and will absorb.A thick it should be at least 15 centimeters.

Shingles laid on solid plate, absolutely "safe."And there is nothing in it to make noise - metal in the middle are not available.Especially good roof so if you have plans to equip a small room in the attic.There is nothing to think about what is better - or soft roof tiles (better than the second option, as you probably already guessed).

Metal - / Roof +

How to behave during a snowfall roof

the winter when there is snow avalanches, better close to home not to go - it is dangerous.This is the case when the roof is metal.Its surface is smooth, and snow can accumulate on it pretty.And then all of a sudden crashing down, and with such force that drain tears out the roots.Do not forget to arrange for a roof system for the detention of snow.

Snow retention system
example for snow retention system of the roof of metal

Shaggy shingles devoid of such a drawback - the snow that accumulates on it, does not go down like an avalanche.Therefore, the system for the detention of snow or so needed.While some manufacturers provide them.However, the decision to install them depends on the angle of the roof and local climate.

Metal - / Roof +

Aesthetics and design

Both materials look just fine.Metal, repeating his view of a classic ceramic tile, looks stylish and elegant.She has more than 30 standard shades of colors that can be combined in various ways.

Exterior roof of metal

A red metal

Roof can also indulge the consumer a variety of colors and patterns.Roofs covered with this material, in terms of aesthetics, did not concede made of metal tiles.However, the bituminous material has an obvious advantage - hidden fixation.This allows not to break the aesthetics of the building.But metal roofing is secured by open method, and fastener is quite noticeable, but not critical.

The appearance of shingles

Complicated roof covered with shingles

Metal + / Roof +

talk about prices

One square meter of metal will cost you 180-480 rubles.For example, a great roofing coated with Pura and half a millimeter thick stands for one square meter of 350-400 rubles.A composite tile elite has a price 600-1200 rubles per square meter.

main varieties of soft roofing have a price 200-570 rubles per square meter (elite class - 700-2000 rubles).The final price depends on the composition of the asphalt, tile thickness, the type of pellet.If to add here, that the soft roof requires more investment in the base on which is laid, then the price of such a roof will more expensive.

Metal + / Roof -

other nuances

Metal basically metal, so:

  • She is often on the inside condensate, so you need good insulation, Hydro - and steam.
  • To avoid static electricity, it is desirable to make the lightning protection.
  • To prevent corrosion need to paint over all the cut.
  • When strong winds large metal sheets have windage.

Soft roof is not afraid of corrosion or condensate.Her small tiles and sail do not possess.Only ultraviolet rays are dangerous for shingles.But the oxidation layer of stone granules and save them.

Total: Metal 5 + and 4 - / Roof 6 + and 3 -

When some roof is better to use

Metal, durable and not too expensive, good for the house with a simple roof (with one or two bedroll).

house with attic and roof consisting of complex elements of a good idea to cover the soft roof.This is especially efficient when the roof has a complex shape.

the rest, rely on your own taste.And the size of the purse naturally.

Video: Select the roof to the roof

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