Sheet size Ondulina and dimensional characteristics

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14 April 2016

Nobody goes for building materials at random - it is, at least, unwise.Before you buy, we always calculate how much of what you will need.For example, choosing a roofing ondulin, sheet size, it should be clarified in advance.After taking an insufficient amount of material possible by purchasing very upset to see that the shade of the new party is not the same, well, do not want to pay too.Therefore, in this article we offer in order to understand what are the dimensions of Ondulina and its additional elements, as well as how to calculate the required amount of the material for the roof of the house.

Dimensions Ondulina and additional elements


  1. Measure sheet Ondulina
  2. Dimensions of additional elements Ondulina
  3. Determine the right amount of roofing

Measure sheet Ondulina

French trehmillimetrovoe roofingtitled ondulin (or evroshifer) basically has the cellulosic organic fibers.For durability and color retention material impregnated with bitumen with special ad


During manufacturing standard sheets with ten waves allowed the following deviations:

  • the width of the sheet: -5 to +5 mm;
  • along the length of the sheet from 3 to 10 millimeters;
  • wave height: from -2 to +2 mm.

And now the parameters themselves evroshifer sheet:

  • sheet width - 0.95 m;
  • sheet length - 2 meters;
  • wave crest height - 3.6 cm
  • sheet thickness - 0.3 cm;
  • sheet weight - 6 kg.

When mounting fasteners need and with accessories.In addition to the special nails will be needed eaves, valley, gables, gutters and eaves fillers for windows and roof fans.Certainly all of them should be taken into account.

Ondulinovaya roof

Dimensions of additional elements Ondulina

Item Name length mm Length mm Toschina mm
Ridge roof element
Ridge element
1000 850 3
Endova Ondulin
Endova for Ondulina
1000 850 3
gable element Ondulin
Gable element for Ondulina
1100 950 -
Filler ridge cornice
Filler ridge cornice
85 - 25
coating apron
940 (width 846 mm coated portion) - 1,44
ventilation pipe
846 - -
Nails with lockable caps
Nails for Ondulina
75 - -

Determine the right amount of roofing

Usually these estimates takes over the company, which will be mounted ondulinovuyu roof.Usually it is the same, and it sells.However, if you want to cover the roof yourself evroshifer, to calculate the amount of its size Ondulina and school knowledge of mathematics should be sufficient.You just have to imagine the entire surface of the roof in the form of simple geometric shapes - triangles, rectangles, squares.It is easy to calculate the area of ​​each, fold them all - this is the area of ​​the roof.

And now the most important thing - to prevent a major error, instead of taking a "clean" size "dirty."Otherwise - without taking into account the margin required for the overlapping sheets Ondulina.It is necessary, otherwise the quality will suffer roof.Therefore, a simple multiplication of the length and width, giving the leaf area 1.92 square meter, is not suitable for determining the flow of material.After about 0.3 square meters to go to the sheet overlap.

now more accurate estimates.When placed roofing sheets Ondulina overlapped not only in the longitudinal but also in the transverse direction.Along the length of the overlap will be between 10 to 15 centimeters, and the width - one wave (9.6 centimeters).We get the "clean" Sizes:

  • Length - from 1.85 to 1.95 meters;
  • width - 0.864 meters.

With these dimensions sheet Ondulina useful area to get it smaller - from 1.6 to 1.64 square meter.And another thing: do not forget that on the edge of the roof would have to cut, and the material will need 10 percent more.From these numbers and repulsive purchasing roof.

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