What are the dimensions of the sheet metal and additional elements

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13 April 2016

Today, more and more developers instead of the heavy clay tile or slate modest use durable, lightweight and very durable metal roofing.The house is covered by it, it looks very presentable and elegant.When you purchase this roof should pay attention that the metal sheet size may have a different (both in length and width).In this article, we present the most common of its size, as well as explain how to accurately calculate the material consumption.

What are the dimensions of metal and fixing elements


  1. What you should know about the width and length of the sheet metal
  2. dimensions of sheet metal of the most popular manufacturers
  3. given the size of the installation
  4. What you need to know about the additional elements
  5. dimensions of fixing elements of metal in millimeters

What you should know about the width and length of the sheet metal

Distinguish full and effective length and width, and thus the area of ​​sheet metal.To determine the total length of t

he sheet, it is necessary to measure the distance from one edge to the other.Similarly measured and the total width of which depends on the width of coils of steel sheet.

length may have a size from 40 centimeters up to 8 meters and the width - from 1.16 to 1.19 meters.Conveniently use a sheet corresponding to the size of the roof, but only if it is not too great.And that after six-meter banner is not so easy to pull up and mounted, and the wall can be thus considerably tear.So the optimum size of a sheet metal roof is - width - from 1.16 to 1.19 meters and a length of 4.5 meters, no more.

When one roofing sheet partially overlaps the adjacent sheets, their place of overlap is called overlap, or overlap.This eliminates leakage and increasing the strength of the roof.Full width and length minus the excesses and will provide a useful length and width and leaf area.For the width of the metal overlap quite small - only 6 to 8 centimeters.In the longitudinal direction it will be a little more - from 10 to 15 centimeters.Throwing these dimensions can calculate the usable area of ​​the sheet metal, and accordingly calculate the required amount of material.The amount of laps will depend on the manufacturer of metal.

Other important parameters of metal tiles:

  • sheet thickness: 0.45-0.5 mm (the latter value is more popular).When you buy is better to check whether the thickness of the truth declared by the manufacturer.And the fact is that in reality the roof is thinner than the material in the passport.The thin roof and harder to transport and installation, it is capricious, and the load can withstand smaller.
  • Height: 1.8-2.5 cm, depending on the type of profile.Other sizes are possible in the manufacture of metal under the order.
  • Step wave Profile: 35-40 centimeters.If necessary, it is also possible to order from the manufacturer to the roof of another step wave.

dimensions of sheet metal of the most popular manufacturers

Manufacturer Full Length, mm Overlap in length, mm Length mm Full Width Overlap onWidth Useful width mm
Metallprofil 3650;2250;1200;500 150 3500;2100;1050;350 1190 90 1100
Grand Line 3630;2230;1180;480 130 3500;2100;1050;350 1180 80 1100
Stynergy 3630;2230;1180;480 130 3500;2100;1050;350 1180 80 1100
Finish Profiles 3600;2200;1150;450 100 3500;2100;1050;350 1185 85 1100
Poimukate 3630;2230;1180;480 130 3500;2100;1050;350 1180 80 1100
Interprofil 3620;2220;1170;470 120 3500;2100;1050;350 1160 60 1110
Mera System Anna 3620;2220;1170;470 120 3500;2100;1050;350 1140 90 1050
Mera System Eva 3620;2220;1170;490 120 3500;2100;1050;300 1160 80 1080
Pelti ja Rauta 3630;2230;1180;480 130 3500;2100;1050;350 1180 80 1100
Weckman 3630;2230;1180;480 130 3500;2100;1050;350 1190 90 1100
Ruukki® Adamante 3650;2250;850 150 3500;2100;700 1153 28 1125
Ruukki® Finnera 705 45 660 1190 5 1140

Parameters dimensions

given the size of the installation before

Calculate the area of ​​the roof assembly.Measure the length of the cornice and the ramp, and depending on the results obtained by selecting the appropriate size of sheets.If the dimensions of metal roof does not fit into its configuration, you can always cut off the excess.Short lists to buy is not quite profitable, because of the overlap will be a big overspend material.Therefore, the length of the sheet should be optimal, depending on the length of the slope of the roof.

Consider some important points:

  • to batten taken only preservative-treated planks, so by all means observe the inter-axle section (35 and 40 centimeters).
  • board, opening onto a ledge on the other boards thicker than a centimeter and a half.
  • Because of the overlap of the lost width and length of the sheet metal roofing.Therefore, when buying metal is always rounded to calculate the amount in a big way.

What you need to know about the additional elements

for installation except for the metal are also used standard components, the so-called additional elements.For example, the length of the ridge is usually 2 meters.The same size and have the wind profile.However, there should be noted the overlap, so in reality the length of the elements is reduced to 1.9 meters.Thus, the number of skates, necessary for the installation, defined as follows.The length of the roof is divided by 1.9 (the true length of the ridge), and then the resulting value will be rounded up.

Now proceed in the same way with the wind profile.Only the number of 1.9 will have to divide the total length of the ends.They have 4 pieces, each 4 meters - in the end we get to 16 meters.Divide 16 by 1.9 and then rounding received 9 pieces.So we need to buy 9 standard wind profiles.

But this is not all of the additional elements.We also need the parts needed for the detention of snow (because metal is slippery, and it can snow avalanches).Consideration should be given also to the cornice strips, and some items, depending on the configuration of the roof.

dimensions of fixing elements of metal in millimeters

Dimensions of additional elements of metal
the image you can see the dimensions of such additional elements as Planck angular ridge complex;Planck angular ridge simple;Planck semicircular ridge;Plug ridge cone;Planck cornice;Planck's end;Planck upper valley;Planck valley bottom;Planck contiguity top;Planck contiguity lower;Planck snow holder;Planck simple external angle;Planck angle of internal simple;Planck angle external hard;Planck angle of internal complex.

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