Where to start repair apartments and finish it as soon as possible

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21 April 2016

Where to start repair apartments, to repair work is not dragged on indefinitely, and the end result will undoubtedly pleased, this is what will be discussed in today's article.Repairs in the apartment requires serious preparation.The most important point is to draw up a detailed plan of future repairs, taking into account the smallest nuances.Consider the points, professional advice on the correct organization of repair work in houses and apartments.

Where to start repair of apartments


  1. Which repair your apartment needs: cosmetics and capital
  2. Decide on design and a plan of repair
  3. prioritize repair rooms
  4. Repairs will be carried out independently orwith the help of experts
  5. Make a list of necessary materials and tools
  6. Counting the cost
  7. Exemption of the premises
  8. Where to start repair separate room and what the sequence of work
  9. Video: What you should know before the start of repair of an apartment

What repairsyour apartment need
s: cosmetics and capital

First of all, you need to define the complexity and volume of future repairs.To make the apartment bright and clean, sometimes it is enough to hold a cosmetic, superficial repairs: replacement of wallpaper, whitewash the ceiling, change the old linoleum, paint the walls, and so on. D.

If you want to completely get rid of all the boring and old, decides on major repairsreplacement of windows, aligned walls, installing new floors, modern ceiling.Your home will be transformed and will become a new and beautiful.

should not refuse the help of experienced professionals during the overhaul.Especially it concerns the creation of the modern design of your apartment, including alterations and demolition of some walls and partitions.

Plan repairs, based on your financial capabilities.

What is your apartment needs repair: cosmetics and capital

Decide on the interior design and renovation plan

first determine the interior and design of each room that you plan to change your apartment.You can seek the advice of a professional designer, slightly increase your total financial cost of repairs.For rooms where renovations are taking place, it is necessary to perform detailed drawings of successive stages of repair work.

Recommended perform five detailed sketches of repair for each room.In the first drawing, display the view from the top of the room, while the remaining four - each wall.Each drawing will complete detailed description and consistent implementation of the plan of repair work that will prevent omissions and inaccuracies in the work.

In drawing sketch repair is recommended to indicate:

  • Consider the location of furniture.Those walls that will be most evident need to pay particular attention and apply the best quality finish.
  • Think about where best to place lamps and chandeliers that light illuminated the room as much as possible.
  • Given the location of the home appliance, specify the location for outlets.To properly design and then installation of electrical wiring in all rooms.
  • think over the main location of decorative items: paintings, mosaics, brick wall.

In terms of repairs need to specify the desired level of completion: walls pasting wallpaper, painting and so on. D. In order to separate the room into separate zones designers recommend one of the walls painted in a different color to accent her attention and visually divide the room.These points also need to be reflected in the plan.

Decide on the interior design and renovation plan

prioritize repair rooms

accordance with the advice of experienced professionals to avoid excessive dust and dirt during repair work, it is recommended first of all to carry out repairs in the rooms, the most distant from the front door.The final stage of repair, it is desirable to choose communicating rooms and a corridor through which constantly sweep construction materials and tools.This is necessary in order not to soil or scratch the finish of already repaired the wall, do not damage the new floor.Additional protection

renovated rooms can serve as cellophane film (fixed to the outside of the door), which reliably protects the room from the construction of dirt, dust, plaster, paint, accidental damage.

Prioritize repair rooms

Repairs will be carried out independently or with the help of experts

should not carry out all the repairs yourself.At your request, all repairs or just perform very complex repair operations can be entrusted to qualified personnel.Firstly, experience and knowledge will enable them to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.Secondly, you do not have to buy expensive additional tools with which perfectly poured screed is laid on the floor or wall tiles.

Even if it seems easy installation of interior doors, the slightest inaccuracy is unacceptable.Of course, hang up and place the kitchen furniture, wall to equalize and make a small color you can own.But the more complex repairs trust professionals to not have to redo that can greatly increase your financial costs for repairs.

Make a list of necessary materials and tools

# 1. After the final selection of the design appearance of the rooms, furniture and interior design, you must compile a list of necessary construction materials.Their number and total cost depends on the amount of repair work and methods of their implementation.If your budget allows, you must purchase building materials with a small margin.

# 2. Separately, make a list of decorative elements: holders, shelves, mirrors, paintings, etc.Start it with the purchase of selected items of decoration.If the planned decor item is out of stock, you can quickly change or create a new design variant of repair of an apartment.

# 3. Make a list of the necessary building tools for repair work.To do this, you can use the advice of a sales assistant in DIY stores or skilled craftsmen, repairmen.

List of necessary materials and tools

Counting the cost

When done preparatory work drawn up plans and sketches of repair, prepared lists of the necessary materials, tools, decision on the possibility of self-repair, or using specialist repairers, you can calculate the approximate total cost of the planned renovation.

Do not rush to buy all the materials at the first store you visit.In compiling the list of materials and tools put down the prices of different stores that will allow you to make purchases at the lowest cost.Heed to the choice of service repair crews.Pay special attention not only to the proposed cost of repairs, but at the reviews of your friends about the quality of repair services.

Calculation of expenses

Exemption of the premises to protect the furniture from damage, dirt and construction dust, collect it in the middle of the room.Then carefully Nestle plastic wrap.So you free access to the walls and ceiling.Expensive equipment and clothing transfer to other rooms.

Where to start repair separate room and what the sequence of work

Repair work should start with the dirtiest: replacement of window frames, window soffits and installation of new window sills.This will prevent dirt and dust during painting works, when forbidden to open the windows to avoid changes in temperature and increase in humidity.When the windows, soffits and window sills are installed, seal them with plastic wrap or hardboard to avoid accidental mechanical damage and pollution.

Mark the place of installation of additional outlets, eyeliner make electrical wire.At this point, do not install the socket and do not connect them to the shield.

In the case of welding work (eg when replacing radiators), follow them simultaneously in different parts of the apartment, to quickly execute this dusty and difficult stage of the work, sometimes including a breakdown of the walls.

Before repairing walls, floors, ceilings, check their state laser or water level.Start with the thickest layers of coating solution.During their drying with no downtime, you can perform other minor repairs.

After completion of the preparatory phase commencing repair work, performing them in the following order: the repair of the ceiling, walls and floor.Initially, the work is done using a putty, cement, gypsum mixtures.Then start to work on the assembly floor, doors and slopes.

Finishing repairs:

  • Pasting or painting the ceiling.
  • Paperhanging or paint the walls.
  • Installing flooring.
  • mounting plinths, thresholds, architraves.

Video: What you should know before the start of repair of an apartment

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