Which is better to choose aluminum radiators - a comparison of the types of structures and producers

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11 April 2016

radiators of aluminum, have a decent appearance, are not very expensive, and they are on heat transfer and all became leaders of all heating devices.It produces a large number of companies and they all have their design features, you need to know.Therefore, in this article we will look at what is best aluminum radiators and compare their technical features.

What kind of aluminum radiators is best to choose


  1. What type of aluminum radiators better molding or extrusion
  2. Select manufacturer
  3. Table: Specifications popular models of aluminum radiators

What typealuminum radiators better molding or extrusion


Radiators injection type have a higher cost.During their manufacture each section is poured under pressure from aluminum alloy - silumin.The alloy contains up to 12 percent silicon (for strength).All compounds of individual elements made by welding in an inert gas.Manufacturability makes radiators durable.Fr

om individual sections form radiators required thermal capacity.

Section injection radiator
section aluminum radiator manufactured by casting.

Their advantages:

  • Reliability and tightness of connections.
  • possibility of modification through the addition or subtraction sections.

Their minus:

  • higher price.


To reduce the cost of production of aluminum radiators for the manufacture of the central part was used the extrusion method.Item is not poured, and extruded in an extruder at elevated pressure.Then, it is pressed with the upper and lower reservoirs (their cast).Often, when you connect the battery using the composite parts of the glue that makes the finished product more cheaply.Dismantling extrusion heatsink can not be.

Extruded aluminum radiator
example aluminum radiator company Thermal made by extrusion.

Their advantages:

  • Made from recycled aluminum, they have a slightly higher heat.
  • internal volume of one section into two and a half times less than that of cast heat sink.
  • Less weight due to the lower thickness of the ribs.
  • low price.

Their disadvantages:

  • The battery can not be disassembled for repair or alteration.
  • weak point - the connection to the reservoir section.There can often appear to flow.Either the adhesive does not withstand either Teflon or rubber O-rings are worn.
  • Sometimes these radiators crackling because of temperature differences.
Injection radiators are more reliable.And if you look from this side on what aluminum radiators is better, it is best to give preference to products made by injection.Extrusion usually have thinner walls and is kept lower than the operating pressure.By extrusion heatsink can look at if finances are severely limited or low weight are essential products and coolant savings.Just when you purchase any of the radiator (and injection and extrusion) will certainly choose a reliable brand.By the way, the brands, and we will continue to tell.

Select manufacturer

Italian manufacturers

best in this segment are considered the company's Global, Sira, Ferroli.You can also call Calidor and Faral.Models radiators, produced by Italian manufacturers are stylish, elegance of forms and excellent finishing.The price of one section - from 350 to 700 rubles (approximately).Now about the properties.

  • Heat-resistant enamel coating does not crack even boiling water.
  • inner surface of the product is durable and very well crafted, often even has a polymer coating.That's great - then just no corrosion of aluminum will not eat.
  • Good performance pressure (16-20 bar).

Russian producers

here first long and firmly took the company RIFAR.Note that it does license some radiators, is a complete copy of the models of the Italian manufacturer - Global.Soaking working pressure up to 20 bar, and they have a very attractive design.And if you ask, aluminum radiators which company is best adapted to the harsh Russian conditions, the response will not have to wait long.Of course, domestic production, and more specifically - from the company RIFAR.The price of one "rifarovskoy" aluminum section - about 400 rubles.

Chinese manufacturers

The most prominent and responsible producers - firms Konner and Bilux.Their products can be called a budget option, costing 350 rubles and below (based on one section).In fact, many well-known brands to license their products is in China, so today it is possible to buy and inexpensive, and very high-quality Chinese radiators.If they purchase the following two uncomplicated advice:

  • carefully study the characteristics of a radiator as defined in the passport.If they were not given a passport or absent, refrain from buying.
  • Buy radiators only in specialty stores, and certainly not on the market.So you will have a warranty that may come in handy (who knows).

Buying these heaters, remember that all aluminum radiator, even the most "hyped" products, is afraid of water with high pH.It is in any case should not exceed 7.5 units.Therefore put the heaters of aluminum makes sense only if the coolant in the system according to the requirements.

Table: Specifications popular models of aluminum radiators

* All values ​​are given in Table 1 for the section and are taken from the official websites of manufacturers.

** The specified thermal capacity at 70 0C.

Brand country Manuf. Model th Dist between axes, mm Dimensions H / W / D (section), mm Maxim.Operating pressure bar. Thermal power V volume of water in the section,


GREEN HP 350GREEN HP 500TRIO HP 350TRIO HP 500 350 500 350 500 430/80/ 80580/80/80430/80/95580/80/95 16 136180151212 0,260,330,40,5 1,121,481,231,58
Radiatori 2000 SpA


350R500R 350500 430/80/95577/80/95 16 144199 0,430,58 1,41,6


ALUX 200ALUX 350ALUX 500 200 350 500 245/80/100395/80/100545/80/100 92 20 155179 0,11 0,110,23 0,830,821,31


Calidor Super 350 / 100Calidor Super 500/100 350500 407/80/97557/80/97 16 144,193 0,240,30 1,31,32


Alum 350Alum 500 350500 415/80/90565/80/90 20 139183 0,190,27 1,21,45
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