Types of siding for the cladding of the house

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30 April 2016

Manufacturers offer different types of siding - ground, ceramic, steel, wood, cement, aluminum, copper.Siding today received huge popularity.It is used for the cladding of private houses, office buildings, commercial premises, etc.Such material has won recognition, thanks to its qualities - durability, strength, attractive and neat appearance.

Types of Siding


  1. What siding and dignity
  2. Types of vinyl siding
  3. Ground siding and types
  4. kinds of metal siding
  5. Ceramic siding
  6. Cement Siding
  7. Wood siding
  8. Photo of various types of siding
  9. Video: Decorative panels for cladding buildings

What siding and dignity

Siding - a separate panel, which is very convenient fastened together.Exterior trim siding looks like wood siding.Each panel has a locking latch and a perforated edge to nail.Strips of siding come in different sizes.The length typically ranges from 2 to 6 meters, width of 10-30 cm, a thickness of 10 mm.

profile siding is done in two

ways: "Tree" (single fracture) or "ship board" (double).The quality of the material is not affected, and the selected profile is only based on personal preferences.Texture siding often imitates the natural wood.For protection against shock, scratches and corrosion using a special polymer coating or paint.

Siding retains its original appearance and quality for decades.It perfectly protects the building from the effects of weathering.It is very lightweight, easy-to-use material that looks great in any terrain.In addition, the siding is environmentally friendly and easy to care for.It is easy to clean and does not require periodic painting, unlike the materials of the timber.

All types of siding for the cladding of the house is very easy to install and make the lining of the building can be on their own.Siding installation requires no special skills, including surface preparation wall.On the contrary, it helps a lot to hide irregularities and other defects.

Types of vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is made of PVC.It is a solid strip, which is another name panels.Each panel - a monolithic sheet, which is formed into the desired shape.

Vinyl siding does not crack, does not crack, does not rot and is of no interest to insects, unlike materials made of wood.The advantage siding is the fact that it does not support combustion, and only melts at high temperatures.

PVC panels used for the construction of new buildings and old houses to finish.Often at the same time with the installation of siding produce insulation of buildings, as insulation is very convenient to lay in obreshetochnoe space.

Vinyl siding is available in standard sizes:

  • length - 3000 mm, 3660 mm, 3730 mm, 3850 mm;
  • width - 205 mm and 255 mm;
  • thickness - 1.1 mm and 1.2 mm.

Advantages of PVC panels:

  • low level of combustibility;
  • environmental security;
  • resistance to weathering and chemicals.It worked well in high humidity and mild acid or alkaline environment.Do not crack, does not warp in the sun and does not rot;
  • 0m operating temperature range -50 to +50 degrees.Under such conditions, not broken, and does not alter the original shade;
  • simple operation: easy to clean with a hose and does not require additional painting during the entire period of service;
  • extensive choice of colors and shades;
  • not prevent the ventilation of the house, as the wall does not seal tightly;
  • holes in the lower edges of the panels prevent the accumulation of condensate.This prevents material insulation and wooden structural elements from rotting;
  • due to the possibility of insulation, save money on heating homes;
  • low price compared with other types of coating materials;
  • high reliability, thus avoiding costly and energy-intensive repairs.
  • texture of the outer surface of the panels can be smooth or rough, imitating natural wood.

There are two ways of installation of PVC panels: horizontal and vertical.Vertical siding is used relatively recently.In another way it is called a soffit.

Spotlights used for exterior finishes.Basically, it is placed in the roof instead of filing a plastic lining, which was used previously.

Today, the market represented about 15-20 options siding colors.All of them can be divided into three main groups:

  • white;
  • pastel;
  • color.

most often be found siding pastel shades.This type is the best ratio of price, and visual performance.

Siding bright colors, too, has a very attractive appearance.But it is worth it at twice the price of the usual material.Such an increase in price due to the necessity of costly addition of substances that prevent the sun burn.

Types of vinyl siding

Ground siding and types

Ground siding - a kind of vinyl panels, which are used especially for finishing cap.This siding has a high strength characteristics.Cap exposed to destructive factors is much more than the rest of the house.In summer it is very hot from the sun and asphalt pavement.And in the winter it is in humid conditions due to the sticky snowdrifts.

Variety in design ground siding is much more than the simple vinyl panels.Of the many colors and textures, you can always choose the best option.The most common model ground siding alternate mimic natural facing materials: wood, stone, brick, etc.

panels are used for decoration of both external and internal surfaces.Ground siding used to:

  • cladding house and basement;
  • create a facade of a building with a ventilation system and a layer of insulation;
  • creating original designs of garages, pools, fences, gazebos, etc .;
  • decorating the walls inside the premises for various purposes.

Among the many benefits of one-siding can distinguish the most important:

  • moisture (making it possible to use in saunas and swimming pools);
  • easy (perfect for headlining);
  • speed and ease of installation (lets you apply for building and reconstruction of the temporary exhibition stands).

Ground siding and its species

kinds of metal siding

Aluminum siding. This material is suitable for residential buildings, offices and industrial buildings.Due to the ease of panels (1.7 kg per square meter) possible safe use in multi-storey buildings.This type of siding is ideal in a situation where you need to quickly bring the building into a decent look.In a short time you can upgrade your walls and ceilings of buildings, while avoiding costly repairs is difficult.

Metal siding. is a lightweight long panels of different widths: 120, 300 and 550 mm.Each panel has locks, with which they are fastened together.

most common material - galvanized steel.On the surface coated.One option is a polymeric material coating - polyester, plastisol, Puranas.In this case, the color choice is limited to only six to eight shades.Another kind - painting by applying a special powder.In this way, colors are much more diverse.

Metal siding has advantages over vinyl:

  • increased strength characteristics;
  • durability;
  • resistance to sudden changes in temperature;
  • color stability;
  • flammability.

addition, metal siding has a hidden attachment that significantly improves the appearance of the structure.This is particularly important when it comes to facing facades.

Types of metal siding

Ceramic siding

Ceramic siding - a fairly new invention for lining and decorating the facade of the building.It is the best material for finishing in the middle price range.Developments relating to ceramic siding belong practical Japanese experts.They try to use all that nature gives to good use, and rational approach.

Pottery for siding is a mixture of clay with inclusions of other natural materials.Panels produced environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and fireproof.The quality of ceramic tiles can easily be compared with high-strength ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Siding

cement siding

into the cement siding includes cellulose fibers and the cement itself.At the final stage of manufacture of the panels to the surface texture is applied to a special method, which imitates wood.

Among the many advantages of a cement siding are the following:

  • good resistance to temperature, precipitation, wind, UV rays, molds, fungi;
  • cement siding is not exposed to insects;
  • allows you to quickly update the existing building, giving it a fresh new look, decorate the facade, to align the walls;
  • the use in buildings with high demands on fire safety through high-quality fire protection;
  • long life;
  • good color stability;
  • ease of installation and ease of maintenance.

Compared with other types include the following disadvantages:

  • great weight for which the crate should be stronger;
  • high cost;
  • inconvenience and complexity while cutting: it is necessary to use protective equipment (masks or respirators) to avoid getting in the face and lungs, silicon dust.

Cement Siding

Wood siding

Alternatively called laminated wood siding clapboard.The panels are made of wood fibers compressed at high pressure and high temperature.For a better bond the fibers together add special resin.

For reliable protection against external influences, wood siding is necessary to cover with several layers of varnish or paint.In recent years, wood siding is used less and less.And with the advent of new materials and completely relegated to the background.

This is due to the following disadvantages of this material:

  • high cost;
  • short period of operation;
  • propensity to ignite;
  • high water absorption;
  • need for touch-up and soak in during the lifetime to maximize long to go without a major overhaul.

Wood siding

Photo of various types of siding

The house is lined with vinyl siding House oshity vinyl siding The combination of vinyl siding and basement

Installation of vinyl siding Two types of vinyl siding on a house Cap lined Ground siding

Ground siding imitating stone Ground siding imitating brick Ground siding imitating tile

Aluminum siding Metal siding Cement Siding

Ceramic Siding Elements decorated with ceramic siding Wood siding

Video: Decorative panels for cladding buildings

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