Types of roofing materials for different types of roofs

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12 April 2016

house without a roof - it is not a house at all.And for its coverage using various types of roofing: soft and hard, and rolled piece, flat and profiled.Some of them are better suited to suburban mansions and country houses, others - for urban homes, and others - for commercial buildings.To make a particular choice, it is necessary to have an understanding of the properties of each of the roofing materials.

Types of roofing their advantages and disadvantages


  1. roofing sheet - short all its varieties
  2. Metal - strong, beautiful, but shumnovata
  3. Roofing corrugated board - inexpensive relative metal
  4. Ondulin - environmentally friendly, waterproof, but will burn
  5. Slate - cheap, durable, but it contains asbestos
  6. Steel folded roof - flexible, smooth and shiny, but cold
  7. seam roof made of copper and aluminum - elegant and very reliable, but expensive
  8. Roofand its variants
  9. Shingles - fiberglass plus bitumen
  10. roll fusion roofing
  11. flat membrane roof
  12. piece roofing materia
  13. Ceramic tile - very beautiful, but heavy and expensive
  14. sand-cement tiles - easier to clay, but isnot so long
  15. Slate roof - a rare luxury cover
  16. Tanker roof - applied directly onto concrete

roofing sheet - short all its varieties

Metal - strong, beautiful, but shumnovata

This coating for roofssometimes indistinguishable from expensive ceramic tiles.Metal comprises a cold rolled sheet (of 0.4 mm to 0.5 mm thick) coated with zinc, for which reliability is covered with one of the types of polymers.Top protective varnish is applied, and inside there are several layers.This, in particular, primer, and passivating the aluminum coating.The finished sheet is quite easy - from 3 to 5 kg of 1 m2.

Sheets of metal

installation. When installing the lower slope of the roof is allowed - 150 (no upper limit).For small slopes, and 200 need hermetically sealed joints between the sheets.For fastening to the roof sheathing used self-tapping screws with rubber gaskets.The overlap length of sheets can be 45 mm.to 150 mm.depending on the types of metal profile.

Battens for installation of metal
example of the installation of metal crates.

Scope metal is very high.It is used as roofing for roofs of private houses and buildings in manufacturing, as the roof of garages, stalls.Often the flat roof frame metal tile, placing it at a slant.The result is a false roof.

metallocherepica1-200 An office building covered metallochererpitsey The roof is covered with metal tile

durability of this material is quite satisfied buyer.From 30 to 50 years, nothing will happen to a roof.If we consider that for a square meter of metal is necessary to pay 7 to $ 15, it's a reasonable investment.Now specifically - about the good and bad.

+ metal Pros:

  • Metal quickly and easily attached;
  • it can easily withstand the shocks and loadings;
  • lightweight (you can put the roof alone);
  • transportation and loading require careful handling;
  • price is not very high.

- metal Cons:

  • uneconomical (waste accounts for a considerable percentage);
  • noise (well any sound is transmitted through the metal).
  • See material: Types of metal, depending on the type of profile and the polymer coating

Composite metallochererpitsa
We should also highlight the composite metallochrerpitsu.It instead of the polymer coating as a protective layer used chippings applied to the surface in a special way.

Roofing corrugated board - relative inexpensive metal

profiled sheeting (gofrolist, trapezoidal sheet) as the previous material is made from cold rolled steel, hot dip galvanized.Sometimes it takes the metal is thicker than metal.The sheets can have both a rectangular and undulated profile.On all sides are covered with aluminum-zinc or a zinc layer.On top there is an additional polymer protection.Profile views may have a trapezoid wave, rectangle.Roof decking is the following brands: C8, C21, HC35, C44, H57, H60.

Sheets corrugated

installation. slope of the roof should not be less than 100 (the maximum is not limited).When installing the overlap is about 20 cm, which is at a small slope of the roof is filled with sealant.Fixing produce screws, which runs from 6 to 8 per square meter.Sometimes the steel sheet is placed directly on the roof of the old roll.

Crate under the corrugated board
example metal crates for corrugated board, which is used during installation of the roof for domestic and industrial premises.

Scope. This type of roofing is used for most commercial buildings, such as barns and garages.They also Croutes roofs of industrial enterprises, shops and car washes.

The roof of corrugated board Example of using corrugated roofing as a private house The roof of corrugated board

durability and price. Used corrugated board up to 50 years.It is worth its square meter of about $ 10 or more.

+ corrugated roofing Pros:

  • Mounting trapezoidal sheet is simple;
  • flexural strength of the material is very high;
  • life of the great;
  • price is quite acceptable.

- Cons roof sheeting:

  • sheeting refers to the "noisy" type of roof roofs requiring mandatory soundproofing.

Ondulin - eco-friendly, waterproof, but will burn

This coating is attractive for its natural and cost.It consists of a fine cellulose fibers impregnated with bitumen with polymer additives.It is called not only ondulin but evroshifer and akvalinom.Painted heat-resistant polymer coating (in one or two layers), it looks very good.Sheets weighing 6.5 kg in the form of waves with a height of 3.6 cm. Their length - 2 m, width - 0.96 m.

  • material details, see: Ondulina Sheet size and its overall characteristics
  • MoreInformation: Ondulin pros, cons and characteristics of roofing

Sheets Ondulina

installation. minimum angle of inclination of the roof for use Ondulina - 60. If it is not more than 100, making a solid crate, making a longitudinal overlap of about 30 cm. The slope of 10 to 150 suggests crate of timber in increments of 45 cm. For angles over 150 crates enough stepabout 60 cm. For fixing using special nails.

Scope. Ondulin often used for covering roofs, baths and garages.Well it difficult for the roof, so it is easy to bend.Conveniently the repair upgrade an old roof (eg slate) this coating, giving it new life.

The roof is covered with Onduline

durability and price. service life of the water resistance is 40 years.Paints, however, fade before.Price covering about $ 5 per sheet.

+ Ondulina Pros:

  • Excellent water resistance;
  • hygiene and environmental friendliness;
  • resistance to chemical attack;
  • ability to withstand loads up to 960 kg per square meter (in full compliance with the rules of installation);
  • lightest weight, easy transportation and installation;
  • ease of cutting (good simple hacksaw for working with wood);
  • absolutely silent;
  • budget price.

- Ondulina Cons:

  • flammability (temperature limit of 110 degrees);
  • paint fade on the surface;
  • 2-3 years in poorly lit areas grow moss;
  • in the heat on the roof ondulinovuyu can not climb - it softens and smells strongly of bitumen.
  • material details, see: Pros, cons and characteristics Ondulina

addition Ondulina Onduvilla there is, is a kind of relative Ondulina.Onduvilla has a presentable appearance and other sheet sizes.As you can see in the photo the leaves are much narrower than those Ondulina.

Slate - cheap, durable, but it contains asbestos

Of all the types of roofing materials, this is probably the most affordable.It 85 percent portland cement, the rest - asbestos.Standard slate wavy sheet weighs between 10 and 15 kg.Its length - 1750 mm, width - from 980 to 1130 mm.It may be 6, 7 and 8-wave.

  • Learn more about sizes see the article: dimensions of various kinds of slate

Sheets of slate

installation. Slate can be laid at roof pitches from 12 to 600. When installing the necessary overlap of sheets in one or two waves.Groundworks of square bars with a cross section of 5 centimeters and a pitch of 50 to 55 cm is enough.In the case of slate with reinforced profiles and bars need thicker (with a section of 7.5 cm), and a step more crates (75-80 cm).Under slate roofing needs lining or glassine.Under each nail and put a soft pad.

Scope. Slate usually Croutes sheds, toilets and other buildings of economic purpose.Villas cover them only when the owners are very limited in the media.

durability and price. Lifetime slate - from 30 to 40 years.A square meter costs about $ 2-3.

+ Pros Slate:

  • large bending strength and strikes;
  • ease of processing - Slate is very easy to cut the usual grinder;
  • low cost;
  • inability to burn.

- Cons Slate:

  • Asbestos contained in Slate, unsafe for humans;
  • slate fragile;
  • because of the high moisture absorbent material accumulates, which leads to discoloration and formation of moss.

Steel folded roof - flexible, smooth and shiny, but cold

Smooth steel sheets, which are made from this material, do not allow moisture to stay on the roof.Steel is coated with zinc or without it.There may be a polymeric protective layer.Its name, this roof was due to a special connection sheets - fold.It may be bedridden or stand, double or single.Along the length of the sheets bonded to each other standing seam type, and across the width of - recumbent.

Installation of seam roof

installation. During installation, you must first connect the folds in the sheets of the so-called "pattern" with the curved side edges, focusing on the length of the ramp.Do it at the bottom, at the construction site.Then, on the roof, the side edges connect standing seam.To secure the crate picture a narrow strip of galvanized steel - clamps.

Roof slope styling standing seam sheets must be at least 140. In addition crates of pyatisantimetrovym bars with square cross-section and a step from 20 to 40 cm, provides the film against condensation.The slope of 7 to 140 makes a solid base to do.

Connection sheets
Connection seam roof sheets

Varieties welts
Types rebate applied for mounting seam roof.

Scope. long used a roof for the roof of the Cathedral and homesteads.Are covered by it, and industrial buildings.

Private house covered with standing seam roof Seam roof on public buildings Example seam roof

durability and price. Serves the coating from 25 to 30 years.Its price - 5 to $ 7 per square meter.

+ Pros steel standing seam roof:

  • Failure roof lights;
  • nice appearance;
  • high flexibility to cover the roof of a variety of complex shapes;
  • light weight (4 to 5 kg) does not require reinforced rafters;
  • resistance to freezing temperatures.

- Cons steel standing seam roof:

  • blows can harm the roof;
  • without flange insulation sheets should be avoided (in the house will be cold);
  • masters at work with little coating;
  • static electricity can build up on the roof of the seam;
  • big noise roof.

seam roof made of copper and aluminum - elegant and very reliable, but expensive

These coatings for roofs are good that they absolutely do not touch the main enemy of metal roofing - corrosion.Copper sheet thicknesses of at least 0.3 mm long make 1.1 m wide and 0.7 m. Weighs square meter of roof from 5 to 10 kg (Aluminium - 2-5 kg).

Copper seam roofing

installation. slope of the roof must be at least 150. The mounting is the same as in the case of the steel surface.Only the fasteners taken depending on the material of the roof or copper or aluminum, not steel.Otherwise corrosion quickly "eat" the roof.

durability and price. film formed after some time on the roof surface of copper or aluminum, not give them to collapse.Therefore seam roofing of all types of roofs are the most durable.Copper - up to hundreds of years, aluminum - up to 80 years.However, the price for the pleasure considerably.Square meter seam copper coating facilitate your wallet valued at $ 30-40 (and sometimes more).

+ Pros seam copper and aluminum roof:

  • Care hardly need (enough cleaning every six months)
  • flammability;
  • safety and environmental friendliness;
  • corrosion and acid rain will not spoil the roof;
  • magnificent view.

- Cons seam copper and aluminum roof:

  • very high price.

Roof and its variants

Shingles - plus fiberglass bitumen

This coating is also called shingles, shiglasom or just a soft roof.For its production base of glass fiber impregnated with bitumen modifier, and is applied on top of stone chippings (basalt or slate).It's the roof provides protection from UV light, color and three-dimensional pattern.On the reverse side coated adhesive layer of bitumen with the polymer.

Soft tiles

installation. minimum roof slope for the installation of - 110. Under the coating requires a solid crate made of water-resistant plywood or OSB.With angles of 180 best podstelit additional layer coil coating.

Base under the flooring of shingles
Example grounds for laying shingles.

Scope. This roof is good to use on the roofs of complex shapes, as well as the presence of attic.

gibkaya-cherepica1-200 gibkaya-cherepica2-200 gibkaya-cherepica3-200 gibkaya-cherepica4-200

durability and price. its service life - up to 70 years.Are cheap brands its $ 5-10 per square meter.

+ flexible roof Pros:

  • Quiet;
  • ability to hold the snow on a rough surface;
  • beautiful design;
  • corrosion and condensate;
  • flexibility.
  • reasonable price.

- flexible roof Cons:

  • brittleness when cold;
  • melting in the heat and smell;
  • flammability.

roll fusion roofing

It is also called flashing or Stekloizol.However, some manufacturers give their names to the material, but the contents of this does not fundamentally change.This is done by coating glass fiber, fiberglass or polyester.Polyester is durable, but roads, fiberglass is also quite good, but does not possess the quality fiberglass.The basis poured oxidized bitumen, which for added durability and elasticity of one of the types of modifiers.This or SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) or APPP (atactic polypropylene).Next comes a layer of polymer and dressing of sand, fine slate or mica.

Roll fusing roofing

installation. slope of the roof, which can be used when the material should be not less than 110 on a solid base (wood, metal, concrete, slate or flat) put insulation on top - waterproofing.Next, primer is applied or petrol dissolved in the bitumen.Using a gas burner, glued roofing carpet, starting from the bottom.The end and side overlaps do no less than 10 cm.

The flat roof
flat roof sheltered surfaced roll roofing.

Scope.It was not clear moments?