Steel panel radiators - what better use for the heating system

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11 April 2016

Many owners of their own homes with central heating chosen light and elegant panel steel radiators.The shops sell a variety of species, but any panel radiators are best suited for your heating system at home and we'll talk in this article.

Steel panel radiators


  1. What types of panel steel radiators
  2. Which radiator manufacturers should pay attention
  3. Have quality mark

What types of prefabricated steelradiators

All types of panel radiators differ in the number of panels, as well as the presence or absence of fins (convectors).All this affects the heat transfer.Convector - a U-shaped steel ribs welded to the inside of the panels.Available in indoor and outdoor bars on the sides and top of radiators.For easier cleaning of the radiator open and closed aesthetic looks.And it has a higher heat.

Type 10

Radiators of this type do not have a convector or lattice, and only one heating panel.The figure "1" means that a series of panels

, and the "0" - that the finning offline.No convection - no dust, which is sure to accompany it.Therefore, the hospital or kindergarten, they are a great option.The absence of the side walls and grates makes cleaning as simple as possible.

Type 10

Type 11

There is also a series of panels on the back of which there is ribbing.No upper grille.Due to the heating of the edges faster than Type 10. Cleaning needed a more thorough (convection attract dust).

Type 11

Type 20

Series panels - two, but convector (fins) is absent.There grille air outlet.Power higher than the single-row patterns.

Type 20

Type 21

again two rows of panels, but with convector fins mounted between the panels.On top of the radiator cover is closed.

Type 21

Type 22

panel - two to each of them welded convector.Outside, wearing a hood.This type of battery is the most popular.

Type 22

Type 30

Panels have three rows, no heaters, on top of the battery is closing.

Type 30

Type 33

between three rows of panels made convective fins (three rows).Attaching a casing.This type of radiators is the most powerful, giving the most heat and fast heating.But the dust he collects the most.

Type 33

As already mentioned the most popular type of panel radiators is 22 type.It has a large enough capacity and thus is a compact instrument, so many prefer to him.

Which radiator manufacturers should pay attention

to ask the friend or neighbor, which is best steel panel radiators, mostly in response we hear the name of European firms.There are good reviews and a Turkish batteries.The following are the brands that can really show off the quality of products.

company Radiators KERMI

This German brand differentiates the new patented technology Therm X2, as well as the special quality of finish of radiators.Special two-layer lacquer coating is made on the unique recipe.Radiators can be operated in two pipe and one pipe CO.They are connected from the bottom, have the power saving mode.Available pattern with factory installed power level.

details on these radiators we wrote in the article: Specifications radiators Kermit varieties and dignity.

Radiators company De'Longhi

This brand radiators - Italian.They can withstand pressure up to 8.7 bar and 110 ° C flow temperature.Models of "Standart" connected side model "Universal" with temperature control - from the bottom.

Radiators company Biasi SpA

Another Italian company manufactures radiators, using the most advanced technology.Therefore, heat transfer devices have a magnificent and heating - almost instantly.They work well at lower temperatures.The limit on working pressure - 9 Bar.

company Radiators Purmo and Retting Heating

a Finnish brand radiators, painted in white color.They are made of the highest quality cold-rolled steel (FePO1).Temperature limits are 95 ° C, limit the pressure - 10 bar.

Radiators company KORADO

These radiators are making a Czech company.They may be one, two or three rows of panels.A wide range of colors and 10 types of models, convenient bracket supplied, a small amount of coolant - the pros of these radiators.Limit pressure - 8.7 bar.At a temperature of - 110 degrees.

Radiators company RADSON

This Belgian company makes a unique radiators.Two edges on every channel convector panels provide high heat.This reduces the amount of coolant.And the company produces model Compact, really compact and easy for small rooms.Another plus radiators Belgian company - staining technology KTL2.The thickness of the coating is not less than 50 microns, or NOT, one point - all this does not give corrosion no chance.Limit pressure - 10 bar.

Radiators company Demrad

Radiators these Turkish and production equipment is purchased in Germany.This automated line and welders.Steel, which made radiators, has a high resistance to corrosion.It gives additional protection to zinc-phosphate coating, enhanced with enamel.Limit pressure - 8.7 bar.

Comparative characteristics of radiators type 22, 500 mm wide, 500 mm long popular manufacturers:

Manufacturers Working pressure, atm Max.t-telya teplonosi, 0C power, at 70 0 C, W volume of water Weight Connection method

10 110 965 2,7 17,07 Side - thread 4 x 1/2 "(ext.) The lower - thread 2 x 3/4" (male.)

10 120 913 3.15 14.1 BokovoeNizhnee with integrated thermostat-valve

10 110 914 2 15,6 the side - thread 4 x 1/2 "(ext.) The lower - thread 2 x 3/4 "(male.)

10 110 929 2.6 13.6 Side - internal thread 1/2"Bottom - internal thread 2 x 1/2 "
DeLonghi RADEL

8.7 110 1079 3.1 14.9 Side - thread 4x1 / 2" bottom - 2 x 1/2"

* All data taken from official sources, producers

Have quality mark

highly reputable industry standard is the mark of quality RAL, developed by the Association of Quality Assurance in Germany.If radiators are the sign of quality, they can safely give preference to consider this when selecting data heaters.Here are the main points to be met by a radiator having this sign (in particular, he noted, some models of radiators KERMI):

  • steel for the manufacture of radiator fully complies with the standards.It is tested in a laboratory or there is a document from the manufacturer.
  • fully functional welders work with the strict observance of the length of the seam and spot welds.
  • Resistant staining performed in compliance with DIN 55900-1, 2.
  • At each stage of manufacture is carried out control, verification of documents.
  • test battery at 1.3 working pressure.
  • checked, thermal power, whether it is the generally accepted standard EN 442.
  • Steel panel radiators - reviews of different types and models

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