Types of wallpaper for walls and ceilings

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30 April 2016

Some types of wallpaper can boast of their ability to resist moisture.Others are characterized by having increased heat and noise insulation, and the main difference is their third wallpaper appearance and texture.To learn as much as possible and to consider the variety of wallpaper that now exist, they should be divided into groups, depending on the materials that were used during their production.

Types of wallpaper


  1. Classification wallpaper
  2. What are the different kinds of wallpaper
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Classification wallpaper

On water resistance:

  • Wallpapers usual.It is necessary to avoid getting them wet.They can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.
  • Wallpapers waterproof.They have a special coating, so they can be cleaned with a damp cloth.But to use detergents is strictly forbidden.
  • washable.Usually clean with the addition of detergents.
  • coverings - vinyl wallpaper.The name speaks
    for itself, can withstand all of the above methods of cleaning and more.

By appointment:

  • Distinguish types of wallpaper for the walls.
  • and types of wallpaper for the ceiling.

Classification wallpaper on their surface:

  • wallpapers come with a smooth surface.
  • wallpaper with embossed pattern.This figure is applied during production.
  • Wallpaper drawing, in which finely embossed.
  • A multilayer wall-papers.

next category, which is classified by the wallpaper is their density:

There are two categories, the classification of wallpapers for their density is light and heavy.

heavy wallpaper, are those whose density is not less than 110g \ m.With their sizing can be difficult if there are irregularities in the wall.But their main advantage they have a positive effect on the indoor climate.

And the last category in which it is classified wallpaper pattern:

  • is smooth wallpaper, which are presented in one color.
  • patterned wallpaper, they do not have a repeating pattern that does not require adjustment of neighboring bands gluing.

What are the different kinds of wallpaper

Paper wallpaper

Cheapest wallpaper, and has for many years are the most popular kind of wallpaper for pasting the walls and ceilings.And all thanks to the fact that are made from environmentally friendly materials that allow the walls to breathe.But they have a lot of disadvantages.For example, they very quickly lose their appearance can not be glued in rooms where there is high humidity.The advantages include more and what they allow to some extent increase the thermal insulation of the walls.Paper wallpaper can meet the tastes, perhaps, all the buyers, since they are represented in almost all color din and thus they have a different texture.

Paper wallpaper.

Washable wallpaper or vinyl

during their manufacturing paper coated with PVC of various densities.This is ideal for both residential and non-residential premises.They are well suited for the kitchen, bathroom or toilet.Foamed vinyl wallpaper can be cleaned with mild soap and water.But the strongest considered CD - vinyl, they are not only not afraid of detergents, but also during their cleaning can even use a brush.

There is another kind of vinyl wallpaper, which are called silk screen.The top layer of silk thread they contain.These decorative wallpaper can boast of very bright colors and have high resistance to fading.There are other advantages, such as flexibility and a waterproof top layer that allows them to be used in absolutely pasting all the rooms.

Washable wallpaper or vinyl

Fleece wallpaper

Their main difference from other types of wallpaper in the fact that their bases are used instead of paper interlining.The structure includes flezelina cellulose and synthetic textile fibers.This wallpaper is just a great version of "under painting" and a variety of patterns and textures will please even the most discerning buyers.Worth noting is also a fact that due to its density, they hide all the defects of the walls.They are very convenient because they are not afraid of changes in temperature in the room, and if not adhered to form bubbles and wrinkles.

Fleece Mural

Acrylic wallpaper

is best suited for those who have small children or pets.This is the golden mean, if you will choose between paper and Non-woven wallpaper.The advantages include the fact that they are inexpensive and can be cleaned with a soft cloth.On the downside is the fact that they do not tolerate high humidity, it is necessary to be extremely careful when washing and another negative is rather limited choice of pattern.

Acrylic wallpaper

Textile wallpaper

During manufacture on a paper basis superimposed tissue fibers such as linen, silk, felt or velor.Most often they are used for pasting the walls in the bedroom or in the hall, they are in these rooms look more aesthetically pleasing than paper.Do they all have one drawback, it's pretty high valuable.

Textile wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper

youngest species among the wallpaper, which managed to win yourself a huge popularity.And all thanks to the fact that with their help easy to create smooth embossed cover without seams.It is composed of natural fibers, cotton, pulp, textile fibers.Breeding can be water-based paint, and applied them to the wall and plaster.The main thing that the surface on which they are applied, did not have major defects.This kind of wallpaper, the Russian market is presented in a liquid or powder form.

Liquid wallpaper

Glass fiber Glass fiber made from fabric, to which is added the filament fiberglass.These wallpapers are highly durable, non-flammable and are a reliable protection from the appearance of the walls of the microorganisms in the form of the fungus, as well as they can withstand chemical treatment.What is included in their composition?This ash, silica sand, dolomite, lime, the combination of these components and betrays their listed properties.Glass fiber is often used for medical institutions.


Mural Mural - paper sheet with printed on a photo print.The wall, which is labeled Desktop, looks like a painting.But it is worth considering the fact that will look especially beautiful laminated wallpaper is their maximum protection from abrasion.Yes, and look much better.Mural is best applied in those rooms where quite a bit of furniture, not to close the drawing.


Natural wallpaper

most unique type of wallpaper, which is embodied in itself all the natural beauty, and that is not very well known among customers.During manufacture, this wallpaper using only natural materials.Basis wallpaper is not bleached paper outer layer are different kinds of plants.

Natural Wallpaper

Metal wallpaper

They are made by coating a paper substrate, a layer of foil, then the surface of wallpaper applied stamping or drawing.For gluing of metal dispersion adhesive wallpaper is needed, but their main advantage that they are well washed and wear-resistant.

Metal Wallpaper

cork wallpaper

is an environmental type of wallpaper, which is able to bring charm to any room perfectly.They are made from the bark of cork oak by hot pressing.Under the influence of heat from the cortex begins allocated resin that glues the material between them.In order to make possible this wallpaper humidity resistance impregnated with wax.

Cork wallpaper

Quartz wallpaper

Environmentally friendly wallpaper that is very well served cleaning and if necessary change the tone, you can always repaint them.For their manufacture on a paper or non-woven backing layer is applied crushed natural minerals and materials, such as wood fiber.But most often used colored crushed quartz, after whom were named the wallpaper.The period of operation could reach 20 years.

Quartz Wallpaper

Velour wallpaper

is ideal for decoration in the rooms is not podverezhenyh pollution, such as the bedroom or living room.They consist of two layers.The first layer of paper or non-woven backing and coated with a second layer of decorative fuzzy velor.

Velour wallpaper

Video: Types of wallpaper - advantages and disadvantages of each type of

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