Liquid wallpaper technology application - how to get it right

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20 April 2016

Modern technologies finishing walls allow you to use a lot of decorative materials.An alternative to the classical type of wallpaper has become a wide range of coatings, which are called liquid wallpaper.Liquid wallpaper technology application which is considered in this article, have a greater variety of colors and textures.This allows to realize, any, the most daring design decisions.

Liquid wallpaper technology application


  1. Benefits finishing liquid wallpaper
  2. Prepare wall surface
  3. Mixing liquid wallpaper
  4. Application of liquid wallpaper on the wall
  5. Video: Master Class for applying liquidWallpaper

Benefits finishing liquid wallpaper

addition to impeccable appearance, rational application of liquid wallpaper is associated with a high degree of durability.They are practically not subject to mechanical damage, flooding and other random negative impacts.They respond well to the surface of the washing and cleaning.With them, you can even remove t

he small wall painting shalunishek.This allows you to save quite a long period of pristine beauty repair.In most cases, they can last for over 10 years.

advantage of this type of wallpaper is still palpable in the initial stages of repair work.Their application allows advantageous to hide the cracks, roughness and other defects in the walls.This saves a considerable amount of time to complete, and plastering work.Technology application of liquid wallpaper is not demanding to possess special skills and knowledge, which is not the laborious classical pasting wallpaper.

When the manifestation of various defects in the application of liquid wallpaper, or damage during operation, place the spoiled easily given in the proper form.For this you need a good moisturize the area, carefully removing the fragment layer.Then he soaked and returned to its original place.After drying there will be no trace of the restoration works.Transformed wall will look good again.

Advantages of finishing liquid wallpaper
Various structures flooded wallpaper.

Prepare wall surface

From competently performed work on the preparation of the wall surface depends on the quality of the coating.These works are to remove the residue of the previous Finish: old wallpaper, a layer of whitewash, and others. As a result, you should get a homogeneous dry concrete surface.

All metallic elements found on the wall, it is imperative to remove.If it is impossible to achieve such an effect and a labor-intensive processes such places perhaps brushing with oil paint.Contact with them moisture will contribute to the development of corrosion process, a manifestation of which will be reflected in the form of rust spots on the new wallpaper.

for quality results applying liquid wallpaper must perform primer wall acrylic primer paint or latex paint.It must be remembered that the surface of the wall should be whitish, you need this in order to get exactly the shade of wallpaper that was conceived.

Prepare wall surface
Primer wall acrylic primer, using a roller.

Mixing liquid wallpaper

As a rule, liquid wallpaper packaged in bags and visually resemble sawdust.Their composition already contains all the necessary components to create a high-quality decorative coating.For their preparation, they must be dry composition diluted with warm water (40 0 C) to obtain a homogeneous mixture of medium density (sour cream).Standard 1 package dry mix wallpaper requires 6L of water.To carry out their mixing by hand is necessary, because the use of various mixers lead to the crumbling of elements and structure of the planned change of wallpaper.

resulting solution prior to application should insist at least 12 hours.Before the direct distribution of its wall surface must be re-mix thoroughly.

Application of liquid wallpaper on the wall

process of applying liquid wallpaper made with a spatula.Supported elements of the layer are evenly distributed over the surface area a special roller or trowel.Some types of liquid wallpaper may be applied with a gun Hopper.

surface should be carried out from the corner or the edge of a wall.Regardless of the thickness of the applied layer of wallpaper decorative characteristics remain unchanged.For optimum amount of sacrificial material and drying period recommended thickness of finishing layer - no more than 2mm.However, it should remain unchanged for the entire area of ​​the room's walls.

important point for application of liquid wallpaper is to regulate the force pressing spatula or grater.His excessive pressing of the wall will result in distortion of the pressing elements and textured layers.A lack of pressing it will cause uneven distribution of a thick layer.

with a spatula or trowel is necessary to perform only reciprocating motion, not circular.The entire surface of the wall should be a layer of a single batch.If there are doubts about the lack of the necessary amount of the mixture, it is better to prepare a new one in sufficient quantities.

Remains diluted mixtures of liquid wallpaper can be dried and left in reserve.If it is necessary, they can be reused without loss of quality.

Depending on the individual composition and thickness of the coating of liquid wallpaper, as well as the specific conditions of temperature and humidity of the room required drying time is 12-72ch.Also, it is influenced by the method and application technology.

Video: Master Class for applying liquid wallpaper

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