What is the valley and what is its structure

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12 April 2016

today are nothing new standard roof with two slopes modest.Many developers want something pokreativnee, and they choose to house projects with complex roof.Well, for example, hip or gambrel - they both look very nice.However, the intricate shape of the roof and requires additional elements.Today we tell about one of them, named after the valley - what it is of interest to many who are just beginning to understand the construction of the roof of the house.

What is the valley and what is its structure


  1. What is the valley and its purpose
  2. How are different types of valleys
  3. about advantages and disadvantages of all three valleys
  4. Video: Device Roof valleys

What is the valley and its purpose

So valley - is the connecting element between the two planes of the roof complex at the site of the fracture.But, unlike the ridge put it where roof slopes are joined to each other forming a negative angle.

Endova side view

Appointment valleys simple: to prevent the ingress of water under the roof, and vario

us debris.

In fact, they serve as a kind of grooves, helps to remove it all from the roof.The more complex the configuration of the roof, the greater her joints.Accordingly, these protective trenches also need more.

Roofs requiring mounting of such elements can be very diverse.Typically, the valley is put on cross-shaped roof, and also made in the form of letters "G" or "T".Is the most popular T-shaped roof.Do not forget about the bending of the roof, which may be acting on the windows or attic dormer window.By the way, please note that an increase in the complexity of the roof structure is strong enough impact on the cost of the work.And maintained in the future too intricate roof is not very cheap.

to miss nothing, it is desirable to draw up a detailed plan, which lists all of contiguity of the roof.This plan is then divided into individual rectangular and square pieces.The rectangle of the large size - is the house itself, and outbuildings are marked by squares and rectangles smaller.Designating runs, connect the corners of the roof of a house with roof angles extensions.So pre-determined place and our future gutters.

Important: If the device incorrectly think the valley can be too expensive to pay for it.And the result can be not only streams of water from the ceiling, but even the collapse of the roof.This is quite possible, if the snow is not removed from the roof, and accumulate on it in large quantities.Therefore it is necessary to consult with experts who will consider and wind loads, and sedimentary.All you remember saying that stingy, who paid twice.

How are different types of valleys

are two types of valleys - the bottom and top.Lower must ensure the reliability and integrity, and the upper mainly fulfills a decorative function.Therefore, the lower valley is made of durable galvanized steel strip that protects from water under the roof space.The edges of this broad falshendovy (so it is also called) are bent so that the water is not poured.And the lower it is on the edge of the eaves.

Lower valley
Planck lower valley.

Well, the upper bracket protruding above the bottom 15 or 20 centimeters, beautifully designed to cover the joints.She do not have to be strong, and it is usually made of roofing material, and is mounted only after the complete installation of the roof covering.

The upper valley
Planck upper valley.

To flagon not sag under it put a solid crate of edging boards treated with antiseptic.This helps to withstand heavy loads (in the form of snow drifts, for example).In some cases, lath plank waterproofing.

Device valley
device valley.

joints roofing planes covered the valley, can come into contact or be connected in three different ways.Accordingly, the valley on the way of installation can be open, closed or interlaced (articulated).

# 1. Endova open - the simplest solution.That's only possible to use it only on the roofs, which differ not very steep slopes.With this method of installation of roofing joints have a gap in which is located and our groove.Its roof is fixed with screws, screwed 30 centimeters.Installation of the lower valley start from the bottom up.For reliability underneath enclose waterproofing.Finally mounted decorative upper valley (from the bottom up, with desyatisantimetrovyh overlapping parts).

# 2. closed Endova used on roofs, in which the angles between the roof planes sharp.The joints of the roofing material in this case firmly connected to each other, passing over the valley.

# 3. Endova twisted fully closed roof, but some rows of roofing sheets on the adjacent planes are intertwined.

Select the type of the valley depends on the angle of slope and roofing material used.

about advantages and disadvantages of all three valleys

have an open valley:

  • simple and very fast flow of water and melted snow from the roof;
  • installation takes a little time;


  • Appearance open gutters not presentable, like elements of the closed type or articulated.

have closed or woven valleys:

  • very attractive appearance.


  • installation takes longer than in an open way.

So we looked at what the valley of the roof.As you can see, it is only the name of the contraption and not everyone knows, but the essence is quite simple.And without this important element of the roof do not be in any way, otherwise the roof will flow in a very short time.

Video: Roof valleys device

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