How to hang wallpaper in the corners - the nuances and pasting machines

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19 April 2016

most common method of decorative wall decoration in the rooms is a wallpapering.At first glance, the technology of the process is quite simple - apply the adhesive on the strip of wallpaper and glue to the wall.That is why the owners of apartments and houses dare to independently conduct this type of decorating.

How to hang wallpaper in the corners


  1. Possible problems and nuances when pasting corners wallpaper
  2. As wallpaper glue on the inside corners
  3. As wallpaper glue on the outer corners
  4. Video: How to glueand crop the wallpaper in the corners

If a section of the wall is smooth, well prepared and has obvious defects in the form of protuberances and depressions, the pokleit wallpaper can indeed and whoever is far from such work.But how to hang wallpaper in the corners and at the same time observe the pattern coincidence?In such cases, you should apply a certain technique, without which achieve the desired result will be difficult.

Possible problems and nuances when pasting wallpaper angles

Ideally, in order not to carry out cutting the strip in places fold the corners of the room should be strictly vertical and straight.Then the process pasting wallpaper would be reduced to a single continuous operation, is the handling of the wall paintings and wallpaper, and then gluing.Unfortunately, rooms with absolutely correct geometrical parameters there is little, at least one angle would curves.

As a result, the first pasted over the wall will still be vertical, and as we move from wall to wall will be a imbalance, increasing from one canvas to another wallpaper.Figure shift to the corners will be uneven surface relative to the horizontal floor and ceiling.

Another point that must be considered when carrying out this type of work - the material from which made the wallpaper, the individual characteristics of an impact on the whole process.

wallpaper made of paper web without additional layers, the most capricious.In this case, the work should be carried out quickly enough, the paper quickly absorbs the water contained in the adhesive.It should be slightly overdo treated strip, it will begin to spread apart.

Wallpapers vinyl-coated after promazyvaniya need to give a little time, to better soaked.But some kinds of data the wallpaper have a very gentle spray pattern, and press them to the surface using only rubber rollers.In the corners it is particularly important to ensure the best possible grip fabric to the wall.Application of cloth may be detrimental to the figure.

Non-woven adhesive processing do not require their backside.Suffice it to lubricate only the wall surface, and the corners again walk further adhesive solution before use.

denser the material, the smaller should be overlapping, and in the case of steklooboyami strips should be adhered butt - even the most minimal overlap is very pronounced at the corners.

As wallpaper glue on the inside corners

main task when pasting wallpaper is that the corners are not formed, "wrinkles", and thus strip the wallpaper down did not disperse, To do this, start a canvas so that on the adjacent wall was the capturemaximum 1.5 - 2 sm.Tut necessary to consider to what extent the bent angle, the greater the curvature, the greater must be oversize.

edges should be as hard as possible to pin down the wall.If the band begins to "wrinkle", the scissors will need to make a small incision, cutting the sheet toward the "wrinkle".

next step - conducting markup, which will take place on the imposition of a new strip of wallpaper on an adjacent wall.To do this, from the inlet of the first web is running on the wall, it is necessary to postpone a distance equal to the width of the pasted wallpaper, and reduced by 5 mm.Then using a level at this point must draw a vertical line.After the end of the second sheet pasted markup, but in order that he lectures focus on vertically drawn line.

As wallpaper glue on the outer corners

To do this, the lead over the point from which will go to the sheet so that it rounded the corner to the width of 30 mm.Edge wallpaper must press firmly against the wall, and if it will act as wrinkles, as well as in the case of internal corners make cuts, but here they must be small.Along the edge of the wallpaper that is bent to the adjacent wall, tear off the narrow striped wallpaper that was only a small edge.This technique will help to make joint as thin as possible, and the overlap is not so noticeable.

Next Level with the help repel the angle a distance equal to the width of the wallpaper, and increased by 6mm.

That border should stick a new sheet.This new sheet edge should overlap the edge of the places on the wall of the adjacent sheet.

Firmly press down the joints, align the top and bottom trimming of wallpaper and then walk squeegee the edges.

Video: How pokleit wallpaper and trim the corners

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