What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom of all their diversity

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28 April 2016

bedroom can be attributed to particular areas of the house or apartment in which apartment owners spend some part of their lives.However, in order to really comforting bedroom, and was accompanied by the silence and tranquility, you should with particular attention to the choice of interior for the room, not even forgetting about the little things.And based on the fact that the furniture in the bedroom, in principle, should not be much, the focus should be paid to the wallpaper.

What to choose wallpaper for the bedroom


  1. What wallpapers are best suited for the bedroom?
  2. Set wallpaper, depending on the design bedrooms
  3. Determine the color of wallpaper
  4. Video: Wallpapers for bedroom - what color of wallpaper to choose for the bedroom
  5. determined by the choice of drawing wallpaper bedroom
  6. Video: Design a bedroom and his plan

Choose wallpaper for any room in the house it is now quite easy.Fortunately, in the shops, at the moment, there is a huge se

lection of high quality wallpapers in different colors and made of different materials.However, wallpaper wallpaper strife, so you need to decide which to choose wallpaper for the bedroom and what advantages or disadvantages of one or another type of finishing material.What

wallpapers are best suited for the bedroom?

Despite the fact that the choice of wallpaper is huge indeed, those who want to turn your bedroom into a masterpiece of design ideas, above all, interested in 4 types of wallpaper, which will rationally paste over the wall in the room.These include:

  • paper wallpaper
  • nonwoven wallpaper
  • vinyl wallpaper
  • wallpaper cloth

Each of these types of wallpaper has both advantages and disadvantages, therefore, to determine how the wallpaper is best for bedroomsit makes sense to consider each type separately.

1. A simple, clean and cheap paper wallpaper views considered.However, despite its apparent simplicity, paper wall are large palette of colors.These can be wallpapered walls hang in almost every room.It is no exception and bedroom.Meanwhile, the low price of wallpaper effect on their service life, which is very small.And the sun paper wallpaper tend to fade.Therefore, many people in the choice of wallpaper just avoid them and try to choose that expensive.

2. Vinyl wallpaper are good that are made from a dense material that is easy to hide the defects of wall panels.Hang these wallpapers large work will not make - they can easily fall on the walls and do not give a "bubble."In addition, they have a huge number of colors, so vinyl wallpaper can often be seen on the walls of the bedrooms.

3. Non-woven vinyl is more expensive.However, they try to paste over the walls of the bedroom are the people who can not stand the same type and always want to change something.There are non-woven wallpaper for painting, which is a more effective solution, asIn this case, you can create a custom design bedrooms.The material from which made this wallpaper, allows you to repaint them up to 15 times.If you do it longer, the wallpaper will be ruined.

4. But the most popular, especially for those who have significant funds are considered wallpaper cloth.These wallpapers are environmentally friendly, their choice in terms of quality and color, big enough.Fabric wallpaper suitable for those who are trying to use everything in the house naturally clean, not forgetting to emphasize at the same time, a certain richness of the interior.

Set wallpaper, depending on the design bedrooms

of finishes bedroom with wallpaper, there are many, but among them there are quite a favorite among those who want to from his bedroom to make a real beauty.Of course, all the existing variants described unrealistic, but some of them, it is possible.

1. Combining wallpaper horizontally.Application of this method involves the separation walls of the room in the 2 zones.Moreover, the boundary of this division must necessarily take place either horizontally or as an option on the diagonal.And each of these areas must be papered different in color or features, wallpaper.In this respect, particularly important coloring and texture.That is, the upper zone is glued by the wallpaper, which figure more saturated and bright.With regard to the lower zone, in this case, it is coated with a plain wallpaper pattern.In principle, it is not necessary for this method to operate as described above.However, something that as a basis, yet we must take.

Horizontal combination of wallpaper in the bedroom
horizontal combination wallpaper in the bedroom.

2. Decorating section bedside.Using this option allows you to select among the bedroom is the bed to show its significance.If you use this option, you must select 2 types of wallpaper - applied with the pattern and plain.Monochrome wallpaper pasted on those walls, which is not adjacent to the bed.But the wallpaper with a picture pasted bedside.If necessary, you can try to experiment.Not bad to be look in the bedroom bedside and wallpapers.

Decor wallpaper ledge above the headboard Decor wallpaper wall near the head of the bed Decor bedside photo wallpapers

3. If apartment owners have a certain designer's imagination, they can try to combine the wallpaper in his bedroom.In other words, on every wall are of different colors wallpaper.This way you can try to divide the bedroom area.However, this method is very risky in the sense that here it is necessary to use the same texture and material.Otherwise, to remain tasteless, practically nothing.

Combining wallpaper with a pattern, but different colors Combining painting the walls with wallpaper Wallpaper with a pattern, but different shades

4. If you plan to make the bedroom so that it corresponded fully to one of the styles of the interior, the wallpaper should be given special attention.ThusIf the bedroom is decorated in the style of Provence, or country, then it will look bad or plain wallpaper, or coated with these patterned brickwork.

The bedroom in the style of Provence
Option wallpaper for the bedroom in the style of Provence. Photo - interiorpik.com

5. Contents bedroom in the Empire style is possible, if the walls will be a large number of dark color, which is suitable as Bordeaux.A great alternative to wall decoration wood.You can try and close-patterned image that was once applied to the walls of the royal bedrooms.

Bedroom Empire style
Option wallpaper for the bedroom in the Empire style. Photo - iceportal.com

6. styles such as high-tech or minimalism, make the bedroom more futuristic.In this case, it is best to use in the bedroom dark gray or white wallpaper.What can I say - even black suit, but only if they are not basic and additional, to highlight the individual zones.

The bedroom in the style of hi-tech
Options wallpaper for the bedroom in the style of hi-tech. Photo - flickr.com

7. The bedroom antique and ethnic style is best to stick bright wallpaper.Under them are quite easy to choose the appropriate furniture and other items for the bedroom.

The bedroom in ethnic style
Option wallpaper bedroom in ethnic style. Photo - dicorciadesign.com

8. Bedroom in the Japanese style is very beautiful, if the wallpaper will resemble bamboo or wood.Alternatively, you can try plain beige wallpaper, but in this case in a vase, it is desirable to put a sprig of cherry blossoms.

Bedroom in the Japanese style
kind of wallpaper for the bedroom in the Japanese style. Photo - homesdir.com

Determine the color of wallpaper

will be much better if the wallpaper bedroom walls are in neutral colors.For in this case, the bedroom will not look too provocative, so the "waste" for the night will be quick and calm.To bedroom seemed luxurious, it is recommended to paste over the wall wallpaper seamless cloth with warm colors.

will look bad and shades such as beige, peach, blue etc.These colors are considered "classics" in the design of the walls of the boudoir.Wallpapers of the colors do not hurt the eyes, they do not get bored, and furniture for them to pick up easily.

Video: Wallpapers for bedroom - what color of wallpaper to choose for the bedroom

determined by the choice of drawing wallpaper bedroom

designers and specialists in internal INTERIOR strongly recommend use in the bedroom wallpaper some one tone onwhich would be very appropriate to look framed photos, paintings, shelves with souvenirs, etc.However, in case liking wallpaper with drawings, then they should try to choose such that the image would not be too large.Otherwise, the image will have a negative impact on the subconscious and will be difficult to grasp.

True, wallpaper with a small figure in the bedroom will not look, becausepremises in this case will be visually reduced in size.If you choose striped wallpaper, then with their help will make the bedroom visually longer.If the vertical bar on the wallpaper, the wallpaper will make such "higher" ceiling.

In short, do not be afraid to try and experiment.Especially since the bedroom is made not for someone, but for themselves.As for the wallpaper, then their choice is so big that pick up for yourself and for your bedroom the most appropriate, it is possible.

Video: Design a bedroom and his plan

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