How to glue non-woven wallpaper - step by step guide

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18 April 2016

Fleece wallpaper a great decoration material, which will be enjoyed by the most demanding customers.Thick non-woven wallpaper structure perfectly conceals minor defects of the walls.Therefore, it does not require careful preparation and pre-creating a perfectly smooth surface of the walls.How to glue non-woven wallpaper that they have served long and pleased with its quality, you will learn from the step by step instructions that refer to this article.

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  1. Prepare for Non-woven wallpaper pasting
  2. Tools Required
  3. Preparation and marking the walls
  4. Preparation wallpaper
  5. CookingAdhesive
  6. Step by Step Wallcovering
  7. Video: glue non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wall coverings do not need special care.Wet cleaning is completely updated wallpaper.Contaminated place well removed with special cleaning agents.The unquestionable importance and dignity of non-woven wallpaper - a stunning visual effect.

Fleece wallpaper after stickers are resistant to deformation, shrinkage and stretching.On flazelinovye wallpaper perfectly applied acrylic and dispersion dyes.They are not afraid of moisture, so it is easy to clean.If necessary, it will not be difficult to remove during the repair of old wallpaper, and then paste the new.Due to the bump, you can create the illusion of a beautiful stucco relief.

Prepare for Non-woven wallpaper pasting

Tools Required

  • laser level;
  • tape 5m;
  • special cushion with a long nap;
  • plastic spatula: who should have a soft edge for perfect stitching wallpaper;
  • brush: Used to smooth pasted wallpaper;
  • sharp knife for cutting the wallpaper;
  • special mesh to remove excess glue with a roller;
  • narrow metal spatula;
  • two buckets: glue and clean water;
  • a sponge;
  • pencil.

Preparation and marking the walls

First, inspect and prepare the surface of the walls to the wrapping.An excellent surface for gluing of non-woven wallpapers are: paper, wood, drywall, particle board, plaster, concrete and other similar materials.

Tip: color wall surfaces for gluing wallpaper for painting should be uniform.It is desirable that the color of the surface is not very different from the color of colored wallpaper.

Note: fleece thin, so the color of the base may be noticeable.

preparation for pasting the walls begin to clean the surface of the old wallpaper, dirt and eliminate defects.It is desirable to remove the old paint.In an extreme case, carefully crafted painted surfaces with sandpaper (medium size).Prepared surface necessarily primed.

Fleece wallpaper possess high-quality smooth edges.This method allows you to apply labels "butt".This visually adjacent cloth looked almost seamless, as one sheet.Because the non-woven wallpaper often produce a broader format, the further we will look at how to glue it wide non-woven wallpaper.Work is better to start from the corner of the room.From the corner of the room at a distance of 1 meter vertically with the help of the level of holding an indicative line.

purpose of marking: with Wallcovering exactly adhere to vertical lines.With the level of strictly vertical lines are applied across the wall in 1 meter.The standard width of non-woven wallpaper is 1.06 m. Therefore, as a rule, when a label is created some margin width.Then it is convenient to use when you make a clear interface in the corners of the room.

Partitioning walls under the non-woven wallpaper
Application vertically orienting line.
Photo -

Preparation wallpaper

So, counting the surface under the wallpaper is ready.The next step - preparing for the wallpaper stickers.Recommended cut blank wallpaper directly on the walls of the room.The difficulty depends on the cutting pattern wallpaper.

If the pattern does not require docking, cutting does not cause difficulties.The only caveat: before cutting another blank wallpaper, measure the height of the wall at various points (for example, 30 cm).And just making sure that the height of the walls is the same everywhere, cut blank wallpaper size you need.

If you kleite wallpaper with a large pattern, the wallpaper will require matching pattern.Find out what size fit for your wallpaper, you can just by looking at the icon on the label.When marking sure that the pattern match.To do this you have to move periodically follow up or down the workpiece.The main thing to avoid mistakes and to prevent that you had dokleivat pieces of wallpaper from below or above.

On some sites, you can meet with the board of post cutting wallpaper patterned clearance of 10-15 cm. Note: if you have high ceilings, it does not always save the situation.

example: size adjustment, is 48 cm, and the ceiling height of 2.5 meters.In this case, according to the rules of cutting length of each workpiece must be a multiple of 48, but not necessarily greater than the height of the room.In our case: the required length of the workpiece 2, 88 m.

After mathematical calculations to begin cutting.Right on the floor of the stele clean plastic film or well my floor.Face down unroll a roll of wallpaper.Measure out 2 m 88 cm (with a margin to fit) and make notch knife.Then, resection wallpaper bend so that the edge of the bent portion and the bottom of the main cloth coincided.All checking, cut sheet of wallpaper on the fold line.

rastilayutsya next leaf wallpaper turning it the same party as the previous one.Then, check the fit of the two figures obtained paintings: the lower lying on the floor, and an upper cut, tilting their edges.To control find and visually highlight significant detail drawing.We try to combine both workpiece on the drawing.If everything is correct, proceed to the preparation of the next workpiece.

Note: roll must be successively rolled, with one hand.So perform cutting blanks directly to the room.

Table layout Wallpaper
special tables for marking the wallpaper. Photo -

Cooking glue

How does glue wallpaper glue flezilinovye?Stickers For non-woven wallpaper is necessary to choose high-quality adhesive designed specifically for non-woven wallpaper.The technology of its preparation is simple.To this end, the necessary instructions, the small amount of water trickle slowly pour the glue powder, stir the mixture vigorously.The mixture while present, and then stirred again and remove lumps, if any, have emerged.The adhesive mixture is ready.

Step by Step Wallcovering

Now let's talk directly about how to hang wallpaper on non-woven backing.

Step 1. To avoid confusion, first read the manufacturer's instructions that came with the wallpaper.Perhaps there are specific comments on the technology stickers.Some manufacturers recommend a few smear not only the wall but do wallpaper.

Attention: recommended for better grip the edges of the wallpaper to the wall promazyvat slightly larger area than the width of the wallpaper.Try

uniformly applied adhesive mass.When pasting wallpaper flezelinovymi usually adhesive mixture is applied only on the roller surface of the wall.Surely it is more comfortable and easy way stickers wallpaper.Apply adhesive for non-woven wallpaper and do not try to use a glue that remained from the previous repair.

Step 2. The quality label of the first workpiece depends on the result of the work.It is the first sheet is the starting point for comparing the vertical position for the subsequent workpieces.It is therefore particularly carefully vertically, place the first sheet blank from the top down.For bonding sheet of wallpaper to the wall smooth it with a spatula.Excess adhesive squeeze the side where there is no glued wallpaper.

Note: If used wallpaper with a deep texture, then use wallpaper smoothing roll while it strongly pressed not to be.

Step 3. cuts an extra residue at the bottom of the wallpaper.Skirting can cover only 3-4 cm, so do not cut off too much.Then look at whether extra wallpaper on the ceiling.Carefully cut off, leaving little margin for subsequent closure of its decorative moldings.The extra cut the strips of wallpaper, holding a spatula with the wallpaper in the corner.In this line of cutting knife does not come off, and moves only a spatula.This technology removes excess wallpaper allows you to keep the cutting line straight.

Trimming non-woven wallpaper with a spatula
Trim wallpaper at the top of the left, to the right at the bottom near the floor.
Photo -

Step 4. traces of excess glue on the ceiling, remove by washing the surface with a damp sponge or cloth.Do not be afraid to soak nonwoven wallpaper.Wipe the fillet weld to remove all traces of adhesive.Manufacturers of adhesive bases sometimes claim that the adhesive does not leave residue after drying.But still the place to be ugly glitter glue.

Step 5. next sheet sticking butt glued to the previous piece.Wallpaper does not shrink after drying the adhesive, so gaps do not occur.Harvested cloth wallpaper roll out vertically on the wall, combining details of the planned figure and at the same time pulling up to the previous piece.Places connections to iron roller.Remove the excess glue from the wallpaper to the free side.Surplus wallpaper top and bottom cut off.

Step 6. Similarly sticking and crop the wallpaper on the corners.The difference - gently press down with a spatula, both cloth on both sides of the corner and clipped simultaneously.We take out from under one of the extra cloth cut strips.To further secure the bonding coat with glue the corner if he could dry up and pressed cloth wallpaper to the corner.

Video: glue non-woven wallpaper

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