What to choose wallpaper for the hallway or corridor in the apartment - the most important aspects

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27 April 2016

already at the planning stage of future repairs when the hosts mentally paint a picture of the future of the updated interior, browsing all kinds of catalogs and roam the stores of materials, most attention is paid to the living roomswhile area hallway is undeservedly forgotten.

But entrance - the person apartments, for which guests receive a first impression of the entire home.As a result, hallway selected wallpaper is cheaper, simpler, the main criterion for the selection becomes soiled.Such an approach would ruin the impression of repair.Try to understand what the wallpaper, select the hallway to make it a worthy place to meet guests.

What to choose wallpaper for the hallway or corridor in the apartment - 3 important aspects


  1. What kinds of wallpaper is best suited for a hallway
  2. Video: Corridor in a Japanese-style from natural materials
  3. choice of color, color and pattern wallpaper forCorridor
  4. Set wallpaper, depending on the overall design of the hall
  5. Video: Corridor - interior design

What kinds of wallpaper is best suited for a hallway

walls in the hallway most of all exposed to pollution which may contribute to dust and dirt,recorded from the street, pets, small children.Sooner or later, on the walls of the corridor there are unpleasant streaks, spots and drops.Therefore, when choosing the type of wallpaper should be preferred washable types.

According to the degree of water resistance may vary wallpaper into three types.To determine it, just look at the icons on the label.

  • wallpaper one wave on the label - loving tender care.Wipe them with a soft cloth is best microfiber or suede.
  • Two waves - means that the wallpaper washable, they can be wiped clean with the wet cloth.
  • Three waves - washable wallpaper, you can take care of them with the help of cleaning agents.The strongest wallpaper on the label have the brush icon.

1. a great option for the corridor can be a vinyl wallpaper.The surface of the wallpaper is very durable and easy to tolerate various types of mechanical stress.The texture of vinyl wallpaper can hide uneven walls and prevent the occurrence of cracks, which is important for new buildings.The basis of vinyl wallpaper is usually fleece.This nonwoven material is resistant to ignition and rupture.

2. Another option hallway wallpaper - silkscreen.This is vinyl wallpaper with paper backing with a top layer of strong silk threads.These wallpapers are characterized by high durability and ease of care.

3. If you have - a supporter of innovative solutions and thinking what to choose wallpaper for the hallway, you can pay attention to the liquid wallpaper.They are a dry mix which is diluted with water and applied onto the wall with a spatula.

4. Modern finishing materials market offers a fairly wide variety of color and texture liquid wallpaper.The main advantages of this material - an antistatic effect, increased sound and heat insulation, ease of maintenance.In the hallway with liquid wallpaper on the walls will be sufficient to remove the contaminated area with a spatula and apply a new layer that vysohnuv merge with the core layer.

5. Another innovative material including wallpaper - fiberglass.They look gorgeous on the walls.Their main feature is that they can be painted in any desired color after sticking.And done it a few times you can, whenever pollution, which is especially important in the hallway.You can also change the color of the walls at will at any time and without any cost.Obsolete paint can be removed with a solvent and fiberglass easily withstand mechanical brushing.

6. not very common, but having a place to be kind of wallpaper that has been used successfully in the hallway - wallpaper from natural materials (cork, bamboo, palm leaves).They can be used as wallpaper for the hallway in the apartment with eco-friendly interior.Their main disadvantage - the high price, so you can use them by combining with other, more cost kinds of finishing materials.

Video: Corridor in a Japanese-style from natural materials

choice of color, color and pattern wallpaper for corridor

important role played by the color of the wallpaper.So beloved by many shades of white long will please the eye in the hallway, and quickly contaminate taking slovenly appearance.Dark walls in the hallway without windows, in turn, will give the room a dark and uncomfortable look.

main thing is not to go to extremes and choose a neutral color, for example - purple, deep blue, brown and orange.In order to be dust and dirt do not spoil the view of the walls, you can resort to colorful wallpaper.This background should be bright, and the drawing --dark contrast.

Light background and dark wallpaper pattern
example hallway with the wallpaper with a light background and dark contrast, abstract pattern. Photo - www.trendir.com

Color and pattern of wallpaper can also be selected depending on the desired effect.For a small entrance hall should choose wallpaper with a small figure, a large ornament is able to visually reduce the space.

Wallpaper with a small figure
wallpapered hallway with a small figure.
Photo - lovelifelivingquarters.blogspot.com

also possible to use two types of wallpaper, the lower and upper parts of the walls hang wallpaper different, paving between the curb.This wallpaper should be of the same color and texture, but the lower part must be darker than the top.With low ceilings choose wallpaper with vertical stripes, and at too high - with the horizontal.Clear horizontal lines can visually expand the narrow space of the hall.

The horizontal division of the walls in the hallway
example hallway with a combination of horizontal walls in the hallway.
Photo - thepinkhousereno.blogspot.com

There are also special types of wallpaper with a metallic pattern, which has a smooth mirror surface.The reflective patterns on the walls and expand the narrow corridor will give him a chamber luxury.

Another excellent choice of wallpaper, which can be selected for a small hallway - wallpaper.They can be displayed prospect of the city or landscape.Looks great in the hallway Mural depicting the stairs, all kinds of paths and bridges receding into the distance.

Mural in the hall
Option use photowall in the hallway.
Photo - www.yelp.com

Using color and pattern on the wallpaper, you can emphasize the dignity of both the space and attract too much attention to his shortcomings.Repeated geometric motifs in the form of stripes or shapes can emphasize wall irregularities, oblique angles and uneven ceiling.The same effect can give light-colored walls.

If you want to hide the shortcomings of the walls and the ceiling, use the wallpaper, which caused major nonrecurring print with unexpected color effects.Excellent reception for visual extension of the narrow corridor - taping opposing walls different wallpaper.At the same time let the colors will let a match, or contrast.But the texture of the wallpaper is better to choose the same for both walls.

Set wallpaper, depending on the overall design of the hall

When choosing wallpaper for a hall should also take into account the overall design of the apartment.

1. If the room is planned to draw in the classical style, and the hallway is better to give a strict, conservative look.There are well suited natural wood, light-colored walls and ceiling.

2. If the apartment used by the Art Nouveau style, it would be appropriate in the hallway mirror, shiny metal on the lighting, metal fittings and door furniture.

3. Fans ekostilya suitable natural materials used in the hallway.As a mat at the door, you can use a shallow box filled up with pebbles in it, the wallpaper may mimic natural stone.In this hall you can also use natural wallpaper, highlighting their individual zones.For example, the entrance area can be decorated with bamboo or stone.It is very appropriate to decorate a wall hanging pots with some undemanding plant, preferring shaded space.

word, hallway - this is the place to which anyone who came to your house lay down their first impression of you and your home.Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to this area and try to make it unique, emphasizes the individuality of the apartment and the nature of its inhabitants.

Video: Corridor - interior design

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