Classification by grade laminate and durability

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16 April 2016

As you know, the laminated coating is divided into classes.They are determined by a number of operating characteristics.They determine how much time will lie laminate without losing its appearance.

Classification by grade laminate


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  2. Laminate home - good only for the apartment
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European classification laminate (standard EN 13329) includes 18 different tests, after the passage of which the material receives a mark.All laminate coating belong to two types: commercial and residential.But as every manufacturer is testing the material itself, the results for the different grades of a class may differ.

list the tests that are carried out:

  • Abrasion resistance.
  • resistance load for a long time.
  • resistance to shock.
  • ability to resist high temperatures - is determined by the absence of corruption from the torch cigarette, for example.
  • absence of delamination.
  • Resistance to light rays.
  • absence of stains when exposed to laminate household chemicals.
  • ability to resist sliding.
  • ability to absorb water and thus swell.
  • number of emitted formaldehyde.

In addition to these, even held some of the other tests.

Classification laminate commercial type

This flooring is able to last for 3 to 6 years in the areas of social type.Well, in a flat laminate will lie a little longer - 2 times, and even in 3. If the manufacturer promises that their laminated coating can withstand a ten-year period, you can just assume that we are talking about the conditions of the apartment, but not about the office.

Laminate 31 class

Laminate 31 class - the most unstable to stress the material.It can be used in offices, 2 or 3, not more.Although his house increases the service life of up to 10 or 12 years.In the Russian context, this class laminate is used most often.He lay on the floor waiting room or small office.It is also appropriate in the negotiation.

Laminate 32 class

32 Laminate class 32 is able to lie in a public place from 3 to 5 years, provided that the load will be average.The apartment has a floor will not lose its properties 12 years or even 15. Therefore, in the office and home-like laminate laying best.

Laminate 33 class

33 Laminate class 33 - can withstand the highest loads.In the office, he had not izotretsya 5 or 6 years old, but the apartment - 15 or 20 years.By the way, for the home environment, even its makers promise warranty for life.The advantage is that an attractive appearance at this floor is preserved for a long time.

Laminate home - good only for the apartment

Usually, these cheap flooring can serve in a flat or house is not more than 5 or 6 years.As their base plates are used such as HDF or MDF (thickness from 6 to 7 mm).Consider the classification by grade laminate, given that it will only be used in the home.

Laminate 21 class

21 Laminate class 21 is able to withstand no more than one or two years.It can only lay in a closet or a room for sleeping.But Russians prefer not to use such material.

Laminate 22 class

22 Laminate class 22 can be operated from 2 to 4 years.It is also not used in Russia.Resistance to abrasion and stress - average.It can be used as a floor dressing room, storage room, nursery or bedroom.

Laminate 23 class

21 Laminate class 23 may lie between 4 and 6 years old.It was popular in our country until 2001.His steles on the floor, not only for children, closets and bedrooms, but also in those areas where the load is high enough.For example, in the hallway, kitchen or dining room.

But now, all these three types of domestic laminate in Russia is no longer produced.

Video: Everything you need to know about laminate

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