What can be the thickness of the layers of wood flooring and sumarno and that it affects

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15 April 2016

choosing flooring, pay attention to its thickness.After all, a lot depends on this parameter.Thus, the thickness of the floorboard determines, for example, the height of the installation of entrance doors.In addition, the joins with ceramic tiles are starting to spread tiled floor of the upper level of the parquet floor.And it is regulated thick boards, substrates and in some cases, the leveling base.If the floors in neighboring rooms get different heights, special joint profile.

What can be the thickness of the floorboard


  1. layers of wood flooring and thickness of each
  2. What is the total thickness of the floorboard
  3. What is the thickness of the wood flooring to the substrate
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layers of wood flooring and thickness of each

The board has three layers, with respect to each other perpendicular.This increases the strength of the flooring, not allowing him to get out of shape.If we look at the board, starting from the

bottom, we first see her wooden base with a thickness of 8 to 10 mm.For its production is taken well dried out spruce or other less valuable species.Next comes drevevsnaya thick HDF board or a thin pad of soft wood, size 13 - 20 mm.Ends board cladding layer having a thickness of 3 mm to 6 mm.It is made of precious wood - birch, cherry, ash, oak and so on. D.

Parquet on layers

What is the total thickness of the floorboard

7 mm. most thin models floorboard have a thickness of 7 mm.This flooring is considered to be applicable only once - in fact it is not ottsiklyuesh and the surface is restored.Though if erased only the top layer of lacquer, it can be recovered.It is put on the parquet flooring adhesive, mainly using the nursery, hallways and lobbies.

10 mm. floorboard thickness 10 mm - enough for sanding.However, to clean off more than 2 millimeters of the top layer is impossible.Because of this, such a board is placed on a base that is carefully aligned.

12 mm. Roughly the same can be said of the floorboard a thickness of 12 mm.Besides that it is already possible to lay on top of floor heating, which is based on infrared elements.

15 mm. And what is the thickness of the floorboard is the most popular?The answer is simple - 15 mm.It can be mounted as an adhesive, and by means of locks.Remove the top layer (work) can be up to 5 mm, so to restore the appearance of the flooring it is possible not just once, but several.At home I use it optimally.

20 mm. board thickness of 20 mm is particularly strong.She lay on the floor of offices and various public premises.

22 mm. for public spaces and is the thickest board - 22 mm thick.Stack it difficult pattern - expensive and long, so it is usually installed in the simplest way - laying deck.

usually in the instructions supplied to the parquet floor, it is said, in what way and where it is best to pack it.

Remember: if the working layer of the floorboard is not less than 6 mm, the board can be sanded 10 times, no less.So says the EU standards.Therefore, this flooring can remain for 100 years.

What is the thickness of the floorboard with the substrate height

parquet floor does not equal the thickness of parquet boards - it will be more.After all, it is necessary to take into account the alignment layer and the substrate.To align made use plywood 10 mm thick, which is able to make a smooth concrete floor and having a slant, and the wooden floor, cracked from time to time.One plywood sheet is about 12 or 15 $.To this we add the price of adhesives for plywood - $ 5 per kilogram.That's how much the glue goes on one sheet.Obtained decent extra costs.

When working with floorboard per m² 2 standards allow to have a height difference of up to 2 mm (taking into account the shrinkage of the substrate and the substrate roughness).Proper thickness of the substrate under the floorboard - 2 mm.If you make it thicker, the soft material (cork or foam) will be compressed and deformed, and the castles of parquet will play and wear.And this will not happen immediately, but a few months later.

Video: Parquet

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