The device of various types of flat roofs

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09 April 2016

Popularity roof with a flat surface is justified.After all, they cost less and allow efficient use of the upper part of the house.In this article, we will show the device flat roof, while we will build on that, whether it is operated or not.It depends on the use of certain materials and technologies.

The device flat roof of rolled or facing materials


  1. The remarkable flat roof and what are its features
  2. devices of various types of flat roofs
  3. device inversion roofing
  4. device breathable roofing
  5. device operated roof
  6. device
  7. green roof Roof installation of PVC and EDPM membranes
  8. Video: The unit flat roofs surfaced

The remarkable flat roof and what are its features

flat roofs in comparison with traditional sloping have several advantages.

In particular:

  • material savings (because the area they are much smaller than those pitched).
  • saving heat insulation, waterproofing material and vapor barrier film.
  • Installation time is spent covering the flat less.Here and installation
  • roof is flat type will carry a strong wind, and sometimes even a hurricane.

use this type of roof for residential houses, office buildings, industrial facilities.Absolutely flat roofs do not do - it is necessary somewhere to drain precipitation.As a rule, this makes a bias of about 3 degrees.The slope can be made using sand and cement or expanded clay-cement covering.

basis for a flat roof, usually a slab of concrete or sometimes as the base used profiled steel.Concrete cover can be both hollow and monolithic.Well, the cover for the roof itself is made of several layers.How many of these layers, and what materials they will be executed it depends on what type of flat roof.Next, we consider all possible types of flat roofs.

difference between exploited and not exploited flat roofs

There are two main types of flat roofs:

  • Operated;
  • not operated.

# 1. operated roof means is that on the roof of the house can rise freely and to post it on something massive.For example, there can be equipped green area with flower garden, swimming pool, cafe, parking for cars.In general, this space can be used for various purposes.Often occurs year-round operation of the roof.Naturally, such a roof is a must have for a fairly solid foundation.To this end, under the waterproofing layer, which should not be forced it is very rigid and solid base capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Operated roof
example flat operated roof, which is arranged on the terrace.

# 2. Well, the second option involves a roof you want to climb only to the extent necessary, in particular for repair.For this roof apparatus may be used less rigid base, including corrugated sheet.

Not operated roof
example flat roofs are not exploited.

devices of various types of flat roofs

Classic or as they are called traditional flat roofs consist of a concrete base on which to lay a vapor barrier.It is designed to protect the insulation from moisture that may penetrate from the inside of the premises.Vapor barrier produced by means of glass fiber reinforced bitumen-polymer membrane, or using a special moisture vapor barrier film.Lay a vapor barrier so that the edges of the roof, it rose vertically to a height of insulation.On top of the vapor barrier is placed 1 - 2 layers of insulation, which is covered with a carpet of bituminous surfaced materials.

Traditional flat roof

For more information and the location of the device layers of a flat roof, see the diagram located below:

The traditional arrangement of the layers

device inversion roofing

Earlier (10-15 years ago) at the flat roof was a significant drawback - a layer of waterproofing,stacking the last, quickly destroyed.And sleet and hail that have contributed, with frost and heat, and the evil sun's ultraviolet rays.And then we come up with inversion roof, devoid of this shortcoming.

technology device flat roof of this type is as follows: on the concrete put waterproofing, insulation and then (for optimal use of extruded polystyrene, does not absorb moisture).The following are coated with geotextile and drainage.The top layer is a protective, and often make the bulk.

Inverted flat roof
Roof pie inversion flat roof.

This technology offers the following advantages:

  • Now waterproofing is well hidden, so destroy it is not so simple.
  • Since the heater is on, the condensate is formed.
  • If something is damaged or needs repair, plate heat insulator can be easily removed and then put back into place.

Example of stripping the roof
That could look like a simple inversion flat roof as a finished product.

device breathable roofing

no secret that excessive humidity insulator greatly impair the protective properties of the roof.Due to this it can be easily formed bubbles and cracks, especially in summer, when the heater being heated by the sun, actively evaporates the water.In addition to insulation, moisture may be present beneath the layers of the old roof, in the concrete, screed.As a result, in the absence of ventilation roofing can peel off from its base.

invention "breathing" of the roof helped get rid of this scourge - the moisture in it is free to evaporate, leaving the outside.As used herein, the device flat roof of rolled materials such as weld gives excellent tightness and long service life.Between bands bitumastic is a layer of insulation, roofing and ventilated roof aerators are installed on the surface, at a rate of 1 piece of 50 m2.

Pie ventilated roof
breathable roofing pie flat roof.

advantage of this type of coverage:

  • While installing a roof, remove the old flooring is no need (this, by the way, and leakage can occur in the concrete).Fusing old coating, we, on the contrary, strengthen hydraulic protection.
  • ulozheniju second (after the old coating) for leveling the surface layer provides an excellent moisture loss.After this layer is laid with a slope.
  • Use this method can be both in new construction and renovation of the old building.

Ventilated roof
Example ventilated flat roof.

device operated roof

place in modern cities is becoming less so extra parking or outdoor cafe on the roof - a great way out.Well, in his own house on the roof can be operated to arrange a cozy place to relax.

With regard to technology, the standard for roof decking is characterized by a reinforced concrete foundation, which is a vapor barrier.Then there are thermal insulator and hydroprotection.And at the top there is a terraced coating that is highly durable.Most often this is done using paving slabs, which are placed under the pillow of sand (instead of it is possible to use plastic holders).

Pie operated roof
Roof pie plane operated roof.

Pros operated roof:

  • extra space nobody puts, and you can use it as you wish.
  • to realize interesting design ideas can be found on the roof of the beautiful area, where we can relax, rest in peace, sunbathe.

device green roof

Our "concrete jungle" people sorely lacking greenery.This lack of fully compensate for this type of roof.It can be a pretty manicured lawns, rows of colorful flower beds, and sometimes by a little park.Just keep in mind: to decide what will be on the roof garden or lawn, you need to advance - at a time when the house is designed.

technology, you can say common for flat roofs.The main thing - to make quality and reliable protection against water.For a device of this type of concrete is placed on the roof waterproofing layer and the top layer of insulator is closed (in this case it is extruded polystyrene did not yet invented).Next - geotextiles and drainage, which serves as gravel or crushed stone.Then close the drain with another layer of geotextile - because our soil does not wash away the rain.At the end of the earth and poured put plants.

Tart green roof
Structure cake flat green roof.

Pros like roof visible at once - a green oasis and add health, and restore peace of mind.The main thing - make sure that built this oasis of professionals, and the materials used are of the highest quality.Otherwise, repair a lot of money will rise.

Green roofs
Here's a wonderful view may have a green flat roof. Photo:

Photo of roof greening:

z-1-200 z-2-200 z-3-200 z-4-200 z-5-200 z-6-200 z-7-200

Roof installation of PVC and EDPM membranes

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membrane goodin that because of its use, the need for additional waterproofing layer disappears.And she has a wonderful quality - thermoplasticity.This means that it is possible to easily solder joints with hot air.EDPM membrane made of synthetic rubber, it is resilient, durable and resistant to UV light.

as the basis for the membrane roof types can be used as concrete slabs and metal profiled sheets.Well, the best thing to do insulation of mineral wool.To do this, take a plate of hard material or combined.Polyvinyl chloride membrane is installed directly onto the substrate through a layer of insulation (it should be laid separately).Fastening occurs in those places where the web material between the formed stitches.Fasteners used special.

Pie membrane roofing
membrane roof structure of the cake.

Pros membrane roofing:

  • Both types of membranes (and PVC, and EDPM) are very long, thus easily transferring any load.
  • manufacturers produce large width of the membrane, making it easy to pick up a roll of material for the complex shape of the roof.Joints with the turn out quite a bit.
  • and frost, and the heat like the roof moves fine.
  • laying of this material is not difficult - in fact it is very light.Therefore, strengthen the foundation is not required.
  • Repairing PVC membranes easily, and renovated their properties did not deteriorate.

Photography membrane roofing:

m-1 m-2 m-3

Video: The unit flat roofs surfaced

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