Acrylic bathtubs pros and cons - to dot the "i"

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15 April 2016

purpose of data considered here - not to promote a particular product, and try to give objective advice to potential owners of new equipment.Let us examine further what constitutes acrylic bathtub, learn its pros and cons, ask the price and make the right conclusions.

Acrylic bathtubs - advantages and disadvantages


  1. How do acrylic bathtubs
  2. What are the advantages inherent in acrylic baths
  3. Acrylic bath - cons have each material
  4. Tips for Choosing acrylic baths

How do

acrylic bathtubs Baths, called colloquially acrylic composite products are actually layered structure produced from several materials.In contact with water and the skin surface is made of acrylic - initially transparent plastic.It is given a special color powder added to the liquid polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) prior to the polymerization step.The structure consists of sanitary acrylic additive prevents the growth of harmful bacteria on the walls of the bath, as well as other components that make plast

ic becomes valuable qualities:

  • Plasticity - material well-shaped under high temperature;
  • resistance painting - acrylic products do not fade;
  • Hygiene - due to the low porosity plastic, dirt does not stay on the surface;
  • Maintainability - small defects are easily restored.

In the production of baths used sheets of material, differing in thickness, size and manufacturing technology used:

1. Material ."Pure" acrylic (molding) produced by potting mold in sealed between two glass plates and then polymerizing in a steam oven.The result is a hard and wear-resistant sheet material of high quality.

2. Material .The two-layer plastic (acrylic co-extruded) is made by simultaneous extrusion and melt combining PMMA or other polymer - acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).Once hardened, the plastic structure has a glossy surface on one side and the other high impact basis.Produced

of these components acrylic bathtubs are the advantages and disadvantages that differ significantly due to different characteristics of the materials.

High-quality sanitary appliances made from "pure" acrylic.In the manufacture of baths from this material, plastic web is converted into the bath, passing sequentially through four operations:

1. Forming - sheet with a thickness of 8 mm is heated and stretched by the vacuum to the size of the workpiece;

2. Gain - the reverse side of thin acrylic shell is covered with a composite layer (usually polyester resin mixed with glass fibers);

3. Pruning - removes surplus plastic, drill the necessary holes;

4. assembly - workpiece mounted on the load frame and polished.

Frame bath
Without load frame acrylic bathtub will not sustain the weight of a person.

method of manufacturing a two-component sheet of the bath easier, the cost of it below.But in the end performance parameters such acrylic bath is much worse: there are low levels of hardness of the coating and the reliability of the entire structure.It is used in two-layer plastic is expensive.

What are the advantages inherent in acrylic baths

+ Lightweight .


Weight acrylic bath is not more than 40 kg, so it is easy to carry, does not create a burden on the floors in houses.

+ Sufficient strength .


made by technology of casting products withstand heavy blows with minimal damage.

+ good heat capacity .


typed the water for a long time retains the original temperature (up to an hour).

+ variety of forms .


corners, oval, rectangular or with sinuous lines - you can pick up a plastic tub for any interior.

+ High Attenuation .


good polymer structure absorbs noise the drinking water.

+ comfortable feeling .


Acrylic surfaces are smooth but slip and pleasant to the body.

+ variety of colors .

Coloring baths

It is not necessary to purchase a snow-white sanitary ware and bath buying any shade, it can not be afraid that it will fade.

+ Easy care .


to clean the walls do not need special chemicals, lack of simple soap solution.

+ possible restoration .


chips, scratches and cracks are eliminated with the help of polish and repair structures on the spot.

+ Wide functionality .


acrylic baths can be equipped with all kinds of options: aero and hydro massage, and other automatic overflow.

A substantial part of these advantages applies only to first-class products from cast acrylic - their lifespan is 10-25 years.Baths with thin walls of ABS was originally designed for a brief operation - about 3-4 years.

Acrylic bath - cons of each material have

- sensitivity to alcohol-based and powdered media .


Washing tubs acrylic requires deliberate attitude in order to avoid damage to the surface and premature repairs.It can not be used for cleaning compositions containing harsh chemicals and abrasive particles.

- Mechanical fragility .


Bath under the heavy weight can be bent and "play" that is able to deliver a certain discomfort.In the case of the fall of heavy objects high probability of cracks or holes.Major damage is not always amenable to the restoration and sometimes easier to replace a bath.

- insufficient resistance to high temperature .


plastic melts at 160 ° C, so under the influence too hot liquid acrylic bathtub becomes softer and capable of deformation.For this reason, it is recommended first to pour cold and then hot water.

- cost of plumbing Acrylic higher steel and iron counterparts .


Given the limited life span, the acquisition of this type of bath is hardly reasonable financial investment.

Tips for Choosing acrylic baths

1. Decide on the dimensions of space of your bathroom;

2. Grab a flashlight into the store - it will be easier to detect thin spots on the sides of the bath;

3. Push the surface of the bath - you can experience the reliability of the design;

4. Check cut products - should be two layers: acrylic and resin;

5. Move your hand over the surface - roughness indicates the poor quality of the goods;

6. Notice the shape - durable bath is not too complex configuration;

7. Ask your adviser specifications selected sample.

aware of the cost of direct dependence of acrylic baths and the thickness of its walls.In the expensive and high-quality copies of the thickness of the boards is 4-6 mm, and the cost and low-grade products have a wall of 2-4 mm.

simple acrylic bath costs a minimum of 6000-10000 rubles (Bach, Eago, Victoria), equipment Optional equipment raises the cost of 20,000 rubles.And above 60,000 rubles will cost a luxury product with antibacterial coating, thickened walls and chrome handrails from European manufacturer (Teuco, Villeroy & amp; Boch, Jacob Delafon).

Traditionally used for plumbing fixtures and materials has its own disadvantages.Are the negative qualities of acrylic bathtubs significant shortcomings or is it just the features that you need to take advantage of and enjoy - this issue is resolved individually.

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