What is the best flooring or solid wood - a comparison of floor coverings

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15 April 2016

floors made of wood - a warm and eco-friendly, so many opt for wood flooring it.Here are often a dilemma: which is better - flooring or solid wood, for both coatings are made of wood.To clarify, consider the features of each of these materials for the manufacture of wooden floor.

What to choose floorboard, or solid wood


  1. solid wood against wood flooring - a comparison of the characteristics of
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solid wood against wood flooring - a comparison of the characteristics of

wooden board

This type of flooring is made from a single piece of wood, without the use of adhesives and synthetic materials.

Massive board
Board thickness of the array is not less than 1.5 centimeters.

+ Pros such boards:

  • It is environmentally friendly - apart from wood, contains nothing more.
  • It is long enough - under normal circumstances a
    t least 70 years.
  • It can be repaired many times - in particular, at least 5 or 6 times ottsiklevat.
  • It holds heat well, so the wooden floor will not be cold.According to it, and you can run barefoot, not froze.
  • Each board has its own unique pattern that looks very attractive.

- Cons:

  • case of fluctuations in temperature and moisture content of the air board can dry out and become deformed.Therefore, in the winter it is necessary to humidify the air in a room with wood floors.
  • Stack floors of wooden boards can not say that cheap.And work and additional construction materials cost a pretty penny.


Please do screed.Then the screws attached to it a layer of water-resistant plywood with a minimum thickness of 1.2 cm.This will be the base.Plywood for reliability also adhered to the screed.Then solid boards are glued to the base (the glue for this purpose is taken special), further tightening the screws at an angle.


Board of flooring consists of three different layers glued together.The total thickness of the floorboard - about 1.5 centimeters.

The structure of the floorboard
top layer made of fine wood, usually 3 or 4 millimeters.Cheaper wood is used for the inner layers that make the flooring is strong enough and stable and resistant to variations in temperature and humidity.

+ floorboard Pros:

  • through internal compensating layer parquet is not so terrible changing humidity and temperature.
  • This board is cheaper than solid.
  • Stack floorboard easier than wooden floors.You do not even necessarily involve a specialist - and you can handle yourself.

- Cons:

  • Lifetime parquet shorter than that of solid wood.After working layer sufficiently thin, and can only be two or three grinding stand.And if there were cracks or deep scratches, it parketinu (or even a few pieces) would have to change.
  • As a part of the floorboard has the adhesive, on the absolute naturalness and safety talk in this case is not necessary.

Laying parquet:

As laminate flooring laid on the substrate.The most common way to use a floating installation.In some cases, parketiny glued to the base of the plywood, chipboard or concrete.

compare prices

Here it should be noted that the cost depends on the grade of material.There are commercially available as an expensive flooring and solid wood is cheap and everything is exactly the opposite.Therefore, the price differences between wood flooring and solid wood of different varieties have a wide range.For example, we can find parquet and 25 $, and 135 $.And weight - of 40 or $ 180.It depends on the type of wood, type and brand of the manufacturer.The more material is qualitative, so it is therefore more cost.

But to buy the required amount of material - that's not all the costs.We'll have to buy some more material.Here are some additional costs and determine the difference in the final cost.

So, the floorboard has the following costs:

  • Purchase substrate.
  • Payment Wizard-stacker at the rate of about $ 4 per 1 meter.
  • If the floor is uneven, buy materials for fill or veneer for leveling.

costs for solid wood (except for click-system, stack similar to the parquet):

  • Buy sheets of plywood on the whole area of ​​the room, screws and glue for the installation.Payment
  • installation work plywood base.
  • buy special glue and a new batch of screws for mounting a massive board.
  • Remuneration of professional masters.Here the work is fine, requires experience, otherwise the boards will creak, sway and fall off.To the floor served for many years, entrust the job to the person checked.

The result: Choosing parquet or solid wood, remember that the floors of the array will cost very expensive.Only one work of a specialist will cost from $ 25 to $ 50 per square meter.But still need to add on the cost of wooden boards themselves, which should be of good quality.

What floor is better to use

thick boards of wood can be subjected to grinding many times - about twice as much as parquet.It is the working layer, which extends to the slot and tenon, as much as 7 or 8 millimeters.And the floorboard top layer of mostly 4 mm, not more.Therefore, wood floors can be operated twice as long as parquet.There are, however, some nuances.In particular, humidity and temperature must not fluctuate too strongly.And the very important work of the master - make sure that everything was done properly and carefully.

Stability material

this feature depends on the type of wood.For example, a particularly valuable species of hardwood and can lie a hundred years without any changes.But it is very expensive they are - not everyone can afford.

If you try to compare with the one-piece wooden plank wood flooring, made from the same wood species, it can be seen that the stability of the latter in relation to weather fluctuations are much higher.It is this and sought Gustaf Kährs, inventing in 1941 the construction of a three-layer parquet.It allows you to minimize stress in this board.But an array of such pressure may crack or delaminate.

Regarding the gaps between the boards, then they are more likely to occur in the array than the parquet.To reduce their floor boards do with chamfered edges.However, as reported with the floorboard SSB type.


Today wooden board from solid - an indicator of luxury and prestige.But is such a pleasure and a lot of money.Therefore, choosing which is better - or an array of flooring, guided by the amount of available funds, as well as lifestyle and environment.Some people prefer to have a gorgeous floors, paying no attention to costs.And for someone in the first place - saving and practicality.Or maybe you prefer a reasonable combination and that, and another?Choose - about the main advantages and disadvantages of these flooring you already have an idea.

Video: What to choose - an array or parquet

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