How to fix the plastic panel - step by step guide

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15 April 2016

Thinking about repairs, we always want to get a great result, and thus dispense with unnecessary spending and to keep within the shortest possible time.Another important point - that the repairs did not deliver a lot of trouble, did not leave behind a mud and not much disturb the neighbors.

great solution in this case is to install plastic panels.Our guide will help you understand how to fix plastic panels.They are easily mounted on the wall or ceiling and it does not need to pre-align the surface.

How to fix the plastic ceiling or wall panel correctly and without errors


  1. Tools and preliminary preparation
  2. Features installation and procedures
  3. Video: Mounting battens, fittings and PVC panels
  4. Features installation of plastic panels on the wall
  5. Features installation of plastic panels on the ceiling
  6. useful tips for installation of plastic panels
  7. Video: Decorating the walls and ceiling of the bathroom PVC panels

plastic panels are easy to maintain and is ideal for rooms with high humi

dity (bathroom,sauna, boiler room).A variety of colors and textures will help to create a unique and comfortable interior.For the installation of such panels is enough to have a few tools at your fingertips.

Tools and preliminary preparation

tools needed for mounting plastic panels exist in almost every home:

  • electric;
  • hacksaw on wood;
  • clippers and hacksaw;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • roulette, building level, pencil or marker;
  • hammer stapler;
  • ladder.

first with a tape measure the work surface, this will allow you to calculate the required amount of materials.

The surface should be free from the wallpaper.If the panels are glued, the wall or tile necessarily clean of paint and dust.

Before installing it is recommended to withstand plastic panels at least an hour at room temperature.Do not rush to remove the protective film until after the installation work, it will help save the presentation panels.

Features installation and procedures

The panels are produced either directly on the wall or on a pre-prepared crate.For wall mounting, it has to be perfectly flat.Crate - a wooden boards or slats, which are screwed to the surface at a certain distance from each other.For walls width between rails should not exceed 30 - 40 cm to the ceiling - not more than 30 cm. Rails battens mounted on the wall perpendicular to the direction of the panels.

If the wall is attached to a wooden rack or any other which is easily screwed screws, for fastening the bars is best to apply them.If the wall is concrete or brick, it is best to mount the bars with the help of dowel-nails or using conventional dowels and screws.

Example crates under the PVC panel
example of mounting battens under plastic panels.

Before you begin, you should understand how to properly fasten the plastic panels to the wall.

  • If you choose to mount the panel to the sheathing with nails, keep in mind that the re-use of the material will not be possible, as is likely, when dismantling the integrity of the panel will be broken.
  • best way to mount - with the help of capping.
  • But the use of staples which are driven by a special stapler - also a good option.
  • Another good option is a self-tapping mounting panels.

Examples of fastening PVC panels
most common ways of attaching plastic panels.

Once you have decided on a way to fix the panels, you will need to do the following: First, install

accessories: the final element, inside or outside corner.If the panel covers the wall to the ceiling, then attach the upper beam ceiling moldings.

Varieties moldings PVC panels
variety of accessories available for the plastic panels.

Insert the panel into the fastener mounting a narrow shelf.Fixed panel from the general mounting flange with nails or staples.

Cross section of siding

Making sure that the first panel is installed smoothly, insert the following, the narrow end into the groove of the previous panel.Try to mount the panels close to each other.

Mounting hardware and the first PVC panel
the necessary fittings and installation of the first plastic panel.

latest plastic panel that completes the series, you need to force inserted between the final element and the previous panel.If the panel must be reduced in width, cut the excess by a blade moving along the panel.

Video: Mounting battens, fittings and PVC panels

Features installation of plastic panels on the walls

If the room is dry and the walls are straight, the panels can be mounted directly on the wall without using a crate.

The panels on the glue
mount panels on the glue directly on the wall without using a crate.

in the room with high humidity, as the crates, use plastic or metal mounting profile.In this case, the panels are attached to the rails with special clips, which greatly facilitates the installation and dismantling of the structure.

The panels on the plastic profile
Fastening panels with the use of a plastic profile by means of special clips.

should take into account the expansion of the material when the temperature changes, so the panels fit adjustment, leave a small gap.If the crates to use a wide beam, the resulting space between the wall and the panels can be placed insulation or soundproofing material.

Features installation of plastic panels on the ceiling

Now consider ways of attaching plastic panels to the ceiling.Before installation, you must determine the distance between the panels and the ceiling.This period will depend on the type of lighting.If you plan to install built-in lights, the distance should be at least 10-15 cm, so you can completely hide the wiring.Beforehand mark a pencil lamps, cut the holes and install the plinths of the lights.

Metal lath for PVC panels
Metal lath for installation of plastic panels on the ceiling in the bathroom.

Then you perform the same steps as for installing panels on the walls.The room with a flat ceiling can be dispensed with crates.Moldings before starting work, set on three walls.Use a builder's level for the smooth placement of the panels.

When installing plastic panels in a room with high humidity, fill the gaps ceiling silicone sealant to achieve full water resistance.

useful tips for installation of plastic panels:

1. Cut and drill the panel, turned face up.For cutting, use hacksaw, handsaw or a construction knife.Always wear goggles to protect your eyes.

2. adhesive is applied directly to the wall.Exactly draw grid lines, leaving no empty plots.Use only special construction glue "liquid nails".

3. hammering nails into the panel during installation, be careful not to get hammered on the surface, or will remain dented.

4. Clear plastic panels should be a soap solution.Do not use to care abrasive cleaners, rough sponges or solvent based.

Now you know how to fix the plastic panel on the wall and how to care for them.Installing plastic sheeting does not require a lot of time and the strength to any beginner.By selecting this material easy to install, you can create a unique interior with their own hands.Among the variety of panels that mimic stone, wood, paper, different colors, you are sure to find an option to your liking.

Must see below video presentation, it is very clearly illustrated processes installation of plastic panels.

Video: Decorating the walls and ceiling of the bathroom PVC panels

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