How to choose a floorboard - the criteria and parameters to be considered

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14 April 2016

It would seem that the floorboard to choose a snap.It is enough to take a fancy to the material and pattern, and the trick is done.But no - it turns out you need a little bit and understand the properties of wood.Because different companies produce very similar in appearance parquet boards, whose characteristics may differ materially.So, how to choose the flooring it correctly, a manufacturer prefer, what to look for, everything in order.

What you need to know about choosing wood flooring


  1. From what and how to make the floorboard
  2. Variety of floor boards of their species and breeding
  3. How to choose the parquet that he and eye pleased and served for a long time
  4. features to consider when choosing the color of wood flooring
  5. What should I look for when choosing a floorboard
  6. indicators of quality wood flooring that you will not see but be aware of their need to
  7. table the main characteristics of valuable wood
  8. Video: Parquetboard - the choice and la

From what and how to make the floorboard

This flooring - laminated.The outer layer is very impressive fine wood.Its a bit - it's just a veneer plate.To a beautiful tree was not erased, it is covered with varnish or top special parquet oil.

to the floor will not warp when changing the temperature and humidity conditions, the inner layer is made of parquet boards HDF boards (rare), or of boards (blades) made from inexpensive wood.Moreover, this layer, which includes locks, located perpendicular to the finishing veneer.To flooring does not sag and has acquired the necessary rigidity, added another - the backsheet.

The layers of wood flooring

Well, now look at what stages of the manufacturing process is parquet.

  • first step is to select the appropriate size of the board from precious wood.They must be free from defects.Selected material should be thoroughly dried, and then cut it into pieces of desired length and width.These same boards are polished and sorted by checking compliance with the specified parameters.
  • start making the lower and central layers of wood flooring.For them use cheaper wood.Take-edged boards, sawing them into the slats to size.And some of them do and veneer plates.Further, the material should be dried.
  • can only collect all the "layer cake".First adhered to the middle class finishing.As already mentioned, a perpendicular slats decorative veneer.After drying, the adhesive layer is adhered to the central base.
  • last stage - cut tool joints in the interior of each parketiny.For this milling machine is used.

If the inside of the board flooring is made not of wood, but of the CCF, the specific differences in the technology of its production there.For dense HDF plate glued initially veneer of fine wood, and then - the foundation, without giving the parquet floor to sag.

The variety of types of parquet boards and selection

deciding what to choose floorboard, a good idea to know what are its variants.Here they are.

Plank flooring
Plank Parquet board - its finishing layer is a whole web.Pattern of wood is most beautifully and clearly.

Two-way parquet board
Parquet board two-way - the top layer consists of two slats are carefully matched.In length they may be divided into two or three parts.

Longstrip flooring
Parquet board three-way - 3 rows of lamellae are arranged parallel to it.They are offset along the length, and the result is a characteristic pattern - deck, or herringbone braid,

Parquet board four-lane - is done on the same principle, only the slats in the upper layer has 4.

Parquet board multiband - the upper layer it isa multicolored pattern of small bars.Very decorative.

Selection floorboard is sorting her top layer of such parameters as:

  • cutting method;
  • number of knots in wood, their value;
  • angle at which the wood fibers are arranged;
  • whether sapwood, and if available, its dimensions;
  • color of the surface.

Each manufacturer its own requirements for selection.However, there are a sufficient number of common and collation.In particular, the way is sawn timber for topcoat layer.

Methods cut

There are two ways to cut - radial and tangential.

1. Cutting radial - is cutting a tree trunk on a line passing through its core.In this manner the entire length of the board has a uniform texture and color.Its fibers are parallel to the annual rings of a tree, as a result of the distance between the rings is very small.When the radial method, the wood shrinks and swells twice less than in the tangential.But it turns out a lot of waste and scrap, and the board eventually comes cheap.

2. Cutting tangential characterized in that the cutting line does not pass through the center of the barrel and concern the annual rings.As a result, the surface of the board has a bright and interesting figure, which clearly show through these rings.The price of this board is lower, as is rejected quite a bit.However, the technical characteristics of its inferior radial board.

3. Cutting mixed type - is the way in which the combined and radial and tangential cuts.

Types of cut

Classification of the upper layer of the floorboard

1. Radial SELECT .

It is considered the highest grade parquet.The texture of his uniform, there is absolutely heart-shaped rays.Wood does not contain any knots and defects.The sapwood is not observed.According to GOST 862.1-85 such a tree corresponds to category A.

However, this looks like the surface of the flooring is not very original, I can even say - too easy.Pattern it is plain, colors a bit.Therefore, for such a floorboard wood is rarely used.From it makes, as a rule, parquet paneling.

Parquet Radial SELECT

2. Selekt .

Another name for this sort of parquet - standard.He also belongs to the highest category.Natural drawing at it more clear and smooth and gentle transition from pitch to pitch - deeper than the previous sawing.Defects of wood, such as knots and scratches are not allowed.There must be sapwood.The characteristics according to GOST 862.1-85, this tree also corresponds to category A.

Parquet sElECt standard

3. Natur .

Cutting at this sort of parquet is mixed.That is, it contains boards sawn both radial and tangential manner.Despite the fact that this relates to parquet premium, there may occur small (2 mm), knots and veins, heart rays and sapwood.Picture of wood appears very bright shades of differences are clearly visible.Each manufacturer specifies the permitted number of their defects.


4. Rustic .

This grade parquet, the second name is - country, there are also boards, sawn both.Beautiful natural image is very well seen, the transition from pitch to pitch very impressive.As for the quality, there may be sapwood, and minor damage to the wood and the veins and fibers arranged at an angle.Knots, even quite large, quite acceptable as heart-shaped rays.Wood, GOST 862.1-85, corresponding to category B. The number of allowable defects identified by the manufacturer.


5. Economy .

second title of the class of parquet - Robust.However, already in the first name, it is clear that it is the cheapest brand.There are no strict rules cut.This can present a parquet boards sawn any of the ways and in any ratio.The manufacturer himself determines how much wood can be cracks, knots, heart-shaped rays.It is allowed sapwood, oblique fibers and veins.


How to choose flooring that he pleased the eye, and served for a long time

Choose practical decor

Often when choosing floorboard apartment owners first of all pay attention to the appearance.However, this is not always true in practical terms, especially if the board acquired a dark color.It looks, no doubt, luxurious and refined.But to take care of such a floor covering should be very carefully - it will not tolerate negligence.It should be noted that most "gentle" and is very impractical plain dark parquet lacquer with shiny surface.If you scratch it (and it is still going to happen sooner or later), the ugly white stripes are very visible.

So if your dream is certainly parquet dark shades, then stop your choice on the matte varnish.Suitable and oil coating.Do not be so noticeable scratches on the floor, the surface of which has two-tone contrasting pattern.This can be either Brushed board two colors or exotic dark wood without toning effect.After all, if the floor has variations of color tones, the minor damage and dust is not so conspicuous.

varnished or oil coating?

strict rules in this case.But a more practical light varnished floorboard and dark - covered with a mixture of oil and wax.

Heat treatment Heat treatment - the process in which the wood is heated to about 185 0 C, this gives the floorboard greater stability and provides deep staining.Later on this board may not be as visible scratches.However, some wood species treated in this manner can later fade when exposed to light, which is in the table, see the bottom of this material.

About brushing

Such treatment is mainly subjected oak parquet.When brushing the outer layer of the board are subject to special brushes.As a result of soft wood fibers are removed, and the surface becomes bumpy.Thanks to this great masked appeared on the floor accidentally scratches or dents.Caring for them does not pose any difficulty, accumulation of dirt in small relief recesses are formed.

barefoot walk on this floor is nice - it is warm to the touch, splinters of wood does not it does not happen.

three bands, or one?

often have to decide what is better to choose floorboard - single sideband or three-band.The choice depends on how much space is available in the room.Of course, keep in mind that part of the premises will be occupied by furniture - this area not take into account.Thus, if the floor space is small, it is better to stay at the three-way floorboard.

If you still want to opt for a small room Plank class parquet, then purchase a small board.For example, manufacturers Coswick, Barlinek or Panaget.It should be noted that the one-strip flooring is not as susceptible to deformation as a three-way.Even if the middle layer it changes its size under adverse conditions, the upper whole fabric would not allow the board to deform.

type and generation locking system

not so important, what generation castle stands on the floorboard.The advantage of modern 5G-locks with plastic insert is a quick assembly.But it can not be the determining factor is that the floor is going for a couple of hours instead of four.But laying parquet specialists assess their work on the basis of what type of lock is collected.

Compatibility floorboard with heated floors

relatively compatible with under-floor heating can be said that there is no ideal for them floorboard.All the wood flooring manufacturers say one thing that can not be combined with heated floors, wood species, absorbs moisture.In particular, this maple, beech, Jatoba (Brazilian cherry) and some more exotic species.

dependence of the quality of the board of the hardness of the top layer of wood

quality floorboard almost does not depend on the hardness of the wood from which it is made.After all, if the walk on the parquet floor on the island "high heels", traces remain in any case.By the way, mahogany and other exotic species that have a high density, can be used only in rooms where temperature and humidity are stable enough.

features to consider when choosing the color of wood flooring

Neither the Internet nor in the catalog, you can not figure out exactly what kind of color has parquet.After all, she was photographed by different cameras and under different lighting conditions.In addition, the computer monitor and can distort colors.Therefore, only a trip to the store will help to find the right shade.

choose the best flooring in the daytime to cool light from fluorescent lamps is not distorted picture.After all, at home, we tend to use a lamp with a warm light that resembles natural sunlight.

Another advice on how to choose a floorboard in the store.It is necessary to lay on the floor, so that light from the window of the incident as well as it will be flat.

board large format in any of the manufacturer is not selected for sawing.Therefore parquet made from one type of timber to be natural texture.So do not try to look very beautiful pattern oak flooring, turning the products of different companies.

With regard to varieties of wood flooring, then different manufacturers may differ.Mainly used grade of nature, which has a number of defects.This wood with large knots are used for flooring in dark colors to be toned.Bright parquet is made from raw materials of higher quality because it swirls are too evident.

choosing flooring, keep in mind that in one party shades of the wood may differ slightly.Even boards made from the same tree trunk, still have slight differences in color.Especially noticeable difference in shades from red wood.It smooths color differences such operation as toning.But even after the shades will be slightly different.By the way, two different parties toning parquet can also give different results.

Not stained board
Wood not subjected toning will be well with furniture, baseboards and door frames.Furthermore, it is easier to recover than toned tree.

What should I look for when purchasing wood flooring On

showcase usually either put some planks or panels are assembled.Planck is good because it allows us to consider the material from all sides, considering its specifications.But the shield can see the butt, and how are combined with each other shades of the individual strips.Only it is necessary to remember that boards are usually chosen - strips of poor quality, or unsightly appearance simply cut or not taking to create a shield.

Therefore, deciding how to choose a manufacturer of wood flooring look different models.This is how you objectively evaluate the quality of the products of this company.For the production line for all models of the same - the shortcomings, if any, will show up sooner or later.

It is important that the wood from which the parquet is made, properly dried.This process can not be called rapid.So cheap flooring often nedosushennoy - too much in a hurry to make a profit for its producers.The specialist will be able by sound (characteristic crunch) to determine whether the board is dry.Well, if no such experience, is it possible to determine that the flooring is made of wood in the rough?There are several techniques - list them.

  • have Longstrip slats should not act - the surface must be flat and smooth.It was not clear moments?