Decorating the bathroom PVC panels - preparation and step by step installation

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15 April 2016

no secret that the repairs in such an important room which is en suite, has always been not in last place and never easy no different.This is likely due to the fact that the very bathroom - a room fairly close, and there is a lot of communication, making it difficult to finish.Do not forget about the moist air, which is literally "hanging" in a room.And it may mean that the moisture will promote the development of mildew due to incorrect choice of materials for repair.

Decorating the bathroom PVC panels with their hands and accurately Videos


  1. Advantages of PVC panels and determine their quality
  2. Video: How to choose plastic panels
  3. Required tools and materials
  4. Preparations
  5. Stages of installation PVC panels
  6. Video: Finish bath panels PVC
  7. Materials: interior decoration

In fact, all these factors should be considered when selecting materials to repair bath.This is especially important for those who plan to carry out repairs with his own, without the help of pr

ofessionals.And one of the important conditions that should have material for finishing bathroom walls is its moisture at more or less reasonable prices.

Therefore, bathroom decoration PVC panels is becoming more popular.Such panels can be called almost perfect material to coat the walls, even where there is high humidity.Such panels are made of PVC with sufficient stiffness coefficient, which is naturally also affects the strength of the panel.

Advantages of PVC panels and determine their quality

course, PVC panels have a number of advantages with respect to other materials, which are used for decoration.That is why the finishing bath panels PVC carried out without problems and is the most practical.So, to the merits of PVC panels include:

+ There is a large range of colors and

+ Moisture.On such panels the water has no adverse effect, so the PVC does not form mold panels.

+ availability and speed of installation.All work on facing walls can easily be performed independently.Moreover, even without having the relevant experience in this business.

+ Under PVC panels perfectly hide communication bathroom

+ If necessary, you can further insulate the bathroom, or to impose on its walls soundproofing.

+ Easy operation

+ relatively small cost

+ Replacing the damaged panel is made in a matter of minutes.

With regard to the range of plastic panels, but now they have a really great choice.But, what is the principle of choosing PVC panels, so they were really mean to me?When choosing panels should definitely pay attention to the following:

1. the number of ribs in the panel.Ieattaching more such edges, the material will be stronger.

2. Ribs should not be deformed and damaged.If this occurs, this means that the panels are properly stored.

3. front of the panel should be evenly colored.Drawings must be clear and not have blurry edges.

4. Dimensions panel along the entire length and width should be the same

When buying panel strongly recommended to get those panels that belong to the same party.

Video: How to choose plastic panels

Required tools and materials

If the panel is already acquired, the next step is to select a suitable tool that will be needed for the installation of the panels.From instrument for this purpose you will need:

  • - drill or a hammer;
  • - I hacksaw or jigsaw;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - staple gun;
  • - measuring tape and level.

In principle, the wall decoration in the bathroom PVC panels produced one of the 2-known methods: in the crate or wall panels with gluing liquid nails.Therefore, if the choice is made in favor of liquid nails, you need to take care of their acquisition.

Now we need to calculate the right amount of materials.In principle, such a calculation is done quickly and easily.You need to know the area of ​​the bathroom.Knowing the size of the panel, its length and width, you can easily find out the number of panels needed for the repair.Ieif the width of the panel is 0.25 m, height - 2.7 m, the area of ​​the panel will be 0.75 square meters.m. To find out the number of panels of the bathroom should be divided by the area of ​​panels.See the article: How to calculate the area of ​​a room, floor, ceiling and walls, it will help you calculate the floor area of ​​any geometrical shapes.


Decorating the bathroom PVC panels with their hands begins with preparatory work.In the first phase of which is necessary to vacate the room as much as possible of unnecessary things.Next, remove the tile, if there is one in the bathroom and bring it to the trash.

If the installation of panels will be on liquid nails, it should be possible to align the wall with the help of grout and putty.Although there will be a lot better if the wall sheathing moisture-resistant drywall.In principle, if the roughness of the walls is small, it is not necessary to align them.After all, plastic panels are flexible and can smooth out irregularities of the walls.However, before installing the wall panels, it is desirable to cover the special antifungal composition.

If the panels will be installed on the crate, it must be pre-installed on the wall.If you have a crate, then the alignment of the walls is not required because the panel in this case did not adhere to the wall and to the sheathing.

Stages of installation PVC panels

After the preparatory work, if the installation of the panels will be carried out on the crate, the next step will consist of the selection and installation of the battens.Because the bath has a high humidity, it is best to use a crate than wood, and plastic, or made of a special metal profile.Although, as an option, and suitable wooden crate, which is desirable to pre-paint.

Mounting battens should be carried out according to the following rules:

1. Nearby rail must be separated by a distance of 50 cm.

2. batten must be perpendicular to the layout of PVC panels.

3. If the walls are uneven, the crate should be installed at a constant level control.If there are irregularities occur, these can be compensated for by using wooden or plastic lining.

4. All elements batten should be at the beginning and at the end of the surface to be finish.

Example crates
EXAMPLE packed full of crates BATHROOM WINDOW rare, but the principle BYPASS openings shown in the image concept.

After installation batten can begin the installation of PVC panels.It should be noted that the installation of plastic panels in a bathroom is done with the following algorithm:

1. From that angle from which you will be installing the panels, should be strengthened with screws or staples profile, referred to as a start.

Different types of profiles used in the installation of panels
In the image you can see the different types of profiles, which are used when installing PVC panels in certain cases.

2. in the bottom corner of the profile should start fixing the shelf panel.We must remember that a broad shelf must be directed towards the direction of movement during installation.After installing the panel, attach it to the sheathing, you must either screws or staples.

Cross-section of PVC panels

3. assembling all subsequent panels produced in a similar manner.

4. In the process of connecting the panels must make sure that the connection was tight and would not have cracks and surface joints would be subtle.

5. In places where there are doorways, windows, etc., the panels must be installed using special starting over.How they look, see the image above.

6. The final stage involves the installation of baseboards, which are necessary in order to hide the expansion joints of panels.

7. If individual panels form the joints, iecoverage is not seamless, the joints need to cover up a sealant, such as silicone.But if the panel quality and crate perform smoothly, then this should not happen.

From all the above it can be concluded that self-assemble PVC panel is not very difficult.With their help furnish the bathroom PVC panels is fast.And while the cost of large forces and means is not required.

To learn more about the rules of the installation of plastic panels, see our special article - How to strengthen the plastic panel ceiling or wall properly and without error in all processes which are considered the most detail.In addition, see below video presentation, which is very detailed process of installation of plastic panels is in the bathroom.

Video: Finish bath panels PVC

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