Is it better or parquet flooring - comparative characteristics

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14 April 2016

Today, people increasingly want to decorate your home beautiful and safe natural materials.So do not go out of fashion or traditional parquet or floorboard.Between them a lot in common - it's close "relatives."And yet: what is better - or parquet flooring?I ask this question for many-to-date, we will try to answer it.

Parquet or wood block flooring - it is better that the practical and durable


  1. Features parquet and floorboard
  2. Comparative characteristics of floor coverings
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Features parquet and floorboard

Parquet - a strap made of solid wood, not longer than 50 cm and not wider than 7 cm. Can be made from a variety of fine wood and have different shapes.


floorboard difference is that it is multi-layered.The bottom layer is made of plywood or veneer, in the middle - softwood, and for the "front" of the upper layer using expensive wood.Parquet board is longer and wider than the plank flooring.She may have a wid

th of 13 cm, length - up to 2.4 m.

The layers of wood flooring

When parquet wiped off and lose their original appearance, it can be restored, ottsiklevav and lacquered.It is enough to just clean up a bit of the working layer.Buying floorboard, many believe that it is when worn beyond repair.This is a common mistake - working layer here and there.The top coat has an average thickness of 0.4 cm, and it is quite possible to clean up.And again, plus the floorboard is that in the production of it is coated with lacquer or oil.Parquet is coated with lacquer or oil immediately after installation.

Comparative characteristics of floor coverings

So right away and not be solved, parquet or floorboard use in their apartment or house.It depends on the goals that we want to achieve.To make it easier to make a choice, it is necessary to compare both the floor covering on the various items.

Price question

Naturally, monolithic wooden parquet will be more expensive than parquet.After all, the multi-layer board a layer of fine wood does not exceed 4 or 5 mm.And inside is a cheaper fir or pine wood.The base made of cheaper wood is designed to enhance stabinosti and prevention of atmospheric fluctuations.

As for flooring, its board is made entirely of solid wood durable.For this purpose rather expensive hardwoods.However, multi-layer parquet board may serve for a quarter century.If, however, for her to look carefully, the life span will increase by 2 times.

Easy installation

where leading flooring.After all, she, like laminate, are available for convenient connection locks.

Laying wood flooring
Even a novice can easily put this cover.It can therefore be a good idea to save - do not have to pay the master handler.

Stacking of a parquet
Parquet flooring is much more complex, it requires additional skills and specialist staff.Features

treatment and care

When laying parquet it certainly need ottsiklevat and then sanded and covered with several layers of lacquer.Caring followed carefully, using special tools.Parquet same board - coating is ready to use.Additionally, cover it after the installation does not need, and care for such a floor does not cause too much trouble.

Which is easier to dismantle

Shoot floorboard, putting it on a new, as many times as possible.The quality of the material at the same time did not suffer.But with parquet it even once can not be done.Do not try to take with a beautiful parquet floor to a new apartment.Only time will be spent in vain, and the floor of the result will be spoiled.


Then again leading flooring - it boasts an enviable variety.In parquet there is much less of drawings, colors and types.

Having examined the differences and parquet wood flooring, it can be concluded that the latter is a perfect mix of excellent quality and very reasonable price.A parquet floor - a classic, elegance and nobility.If you carefully and gently to treat it, it will please your grandchildren and graceful patterns.But first, consider carefully whether you are ready to solid cost.After all, the material itself and its installation cost is expensive.

Video: What to choose laminate flooring, parquet or cork flooring

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