Types of ceilings of their advantages and disadvantages

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15 April 2016

Before choosing ceiling Decide what types of ceilings are and what they have advantages and disadvantages.The ceilings vary in color, texture, material, design and geometric shapes.Only the ceiling properly selected parameters can visually enlarge the tiny room, will add tremendous comfort room, visually lift the low ceilings.The correct and good design will make your housing warmth and comfort.

Types of ceiling


  1. Simple types of ceiling-mounted and applied directly to the base
  2. Types of suspended ceilings of their advantages and disadvantages
  3. Video: Suspended ceiling Armstrong - Photos of various kinds

ordinary consumers is difficult to understand yourself in the variety of modern materials and technologies finishing ceilings.Competent approach to avoid mistakes in the choice of the ceiling, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of the ceiling coverings.

Simple ceiling-mounted types and applied directly to the base

course, all familiar with the traditional ways of finish: painting ceilings, whitewashed and wallpapering.Consider the technology of decorating.

ceiling Whitewashing

most long-standing, gradually losing its popularity, is considered to be a simple way to whitewash the ceiling.Method of execution: with a nebulizer, atomizer or brush the ceiling applied to the solution of lime or chalk.To give a beautiful color, are added to a solution of various dyes.

undoubted advantage - it is the simplicity of the technology.

Disadvantages: difficult to clean up the old lime, soiled increased the performance of finishing works, high labor intensity.Can not do without preparation: the surface of the ceiling must be perfectly flat and clean.

Whitewashing the ceiling

Paint the ceiling

When cosmetic repairs often choose the familiar low-cost color.The coating can be applied as a water-based or latex paint in different shades.

Advantages: simplicity of the technology works, the possibility of using expensive or cheap paint.

Disadvantages: works are characterized by high labor intensity, in 2-3 years the painting has to be repeated.Can not do without preparation: for leveling the surface applied Shpatlevanie.Only then you can begin to color.

Painting the ceiling

Pasting the ceiling wallpaper

undoubted advantages when pasting ceiling wallpaper:

  • Cleanliness while performing work.
  • When pasting ceiling wallpaper can hide cracks and defects in seams in the ceiling.If you apply paint the ceiling, these defects remain visible.
  • Long good aesthetic appearance: more than five years.

denser wall ceiling wallpaper wallpapers.They usually consist of two layers glued thick paper.Top coated foam vinyl or embossed beautiful.Due to the thickness of the relief and wallpaper perfectly hide all the irregularities and defects in the ceiling.The big advantage is that the application of the ceiling wallpaper does not require perfectly prepared surface.You can not wash away the old paint and patch irregularities.Everything is simple and fast.Cost ceiling wallpaper depends on the manufacturer, quality and popularity of the collection.But there is a drawback - cheap wallpaper can not be washed.

The ceiling wallpapered Crimson wallpaper on the ceiling Pasting the ceiling wallpaper

Pasting the ceiling tiles

Beautiful glue ceiling can be created using tiles of different sizes.The most popular size - 500x500 mm.Make tiles made of extruded polystyrene.By using rectangular or square tiles, you can perform a variety of original patterns.

There is a large selection of adhesive surface of the tiles - smooth, rough, simulating wood carvings, beautiful stucco.If necessary, tiles easily painted in any desired color, applying water-based paints.If there is a defect between the plates in the form of a substantial drop, you must pre-alignment of the ceiling surface.

Very easy maintenance: wiping with a damp cloth or a perfect cleaning with warm soapy water.Since the cost of the tiles is low, tiled ceiling trim refers to an inexpensive way to create a decorative ceiling.

Pasting the ceiling wallpaper Seamless Tile Pasting seamless tile

Types of suspended ceilings of their advantages and disadvantages

suspended ceiling - it's a great option to hide the defects of the primary ceiling and created various communications.The false ceiling can be any color, texture and architectural form.By changing the lighting design, texture, shape and configuration of the suspension elements, you can create a unique design of the ceiling.But first, consult with experts and think through questions of acoustics, lighting, ventilation, calculate the approximate total cost of the ceiling, taking into account the selected lighting and installation costs.

Ceilings plasterboard

All suspended plasterboard ceiling mounted on a galvanized steel frame.To perform complex suspended ceiling rails metal frame may have any shape, even curved.After installation is complete, finishing finishing gypsum board.Ceilings of plasterboard - guarantee excellent heat and sound insulation of your apartment.

They are recommended for use only in the high areas.Suspended plasterboard ceilings reduce the height of any room at 15-20 cm. Of course, you can come up with their own design, and the ceiling suspension at a shorter distance.But it is better to follow the advice of competent experts.

If wet drywall, it is easy to bend.After drying may take any desired shape.Therefore, it is widely used by designers to create original and complex geometric shapes: arch, dome, multi-level ceilings.Beautiful design of various configurations can be supplemented with integrated lighting.Suspended plasterboard ceilings less tension, so are popular.

They are often combined with tension.Multilevel ceilings plasterboard most expensive, the most time-consuming to install, but allow to embody interesting modern design solutions.

Plasterboard Embossed plasterboard Installation of the ceiling plasterboard

coffered ceiling

Initially created frame construction.Then she fastened square tape: thin aluminum or galvanized plates.On the front side of the wafer can be coated with a layer of powder paint of various colors.Optionally, you can choose to design the ceiling smooth or rough plate.Their surface may be indent, strips or "worms."

undoubted advantages:

  • easy installation;
  • removed to quickly wash off dirt;
  • can hide the equipment installed ventilation and air conditioning;
  • the ability to install a variety of lighting fixtures;
  • fireproof.

The disadvantages include low noise and soundproofing.

Cassette ceiling Cassette ceiling black and white Cassette ceiling white

mirrored ceilings

One type are beautiful coffered ceiling mirrored ceilings.Only instead of metal panels using a mirror.Due to the mirror to see, you can visually increase the height of the volume of the room, its area.If you install additional lamps, their light will be reflected in the original mirrors.In this simple way you can create a truly unique and unusual lighting.

Advantages mirrored ceiling - are durable, do not accumulate static electricity, do not corrode, are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly.Simple installation, a variety of types of decorative trim made them very popular.

Mirrored ceilings Glowing mirrored ceiling Mirrored ceiling and chandelier

suspended ceiling

First manufactured frame: metal or wood.It fastens drywall, decorative panels and other sheet materials.Details Flexible suspended ceiling, so you can create any complex curved surfaces.

advantages of suspended ceiling:

  • the use of lighting in a wide variety of design options;
  • can use different types of lighting;
  • good sound and heat insulation.


  • can only be used for ceilings with small irregularities (1-2 cm).
  • are used for ceilings, which are not planned routing communications.Built-in lights do not apply.
  • necessarily required decorative finish.

Suspended ceiling

Suspended ceilings

for non-residential premises and cold indoor humidity (eg kitchen, bathroom), it is desirable to apply the suspended ceilings.They do not deteriorate when exposed to moisture, cold, temperature changes, therefore characterized by high durability.They can even be used in rooms without heating.In addition, they are inexpensive and have a fire safety.

Suspended ceilings are made from special thin steel or aluminum plates rather narrow 0.5 mm thick.The method of baking all the items carefully varnished.The width of the plates 10 - 15 centimeters, and the length can be up to four meters.Suspended ceilings can be the most diverse in color.But the most popular is considered to be an imitation of gold, silver or chrome-plated surfaces.Upon request, suspended ceilings can be glossy or matte.For decoration between the basic elements are often inserted small decorative slats.

Rack and pinion ceiling in the kitchen Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom


excellent choice for residential buildings are different ceilings.They are very easy to work with, because they are made from whole cloth.The materials are heavy-duty vinyl polymers.They are produced in the enterprises on the basis of precise measurements for each individual room.Their thickness is 0.17-0.22 mm.

Initially, around the room set rack frame.Then, it is stretched polymer sheet.Optionally, such a ceiling can be applied to any image or pattern.Stretch ceilings can withstand heavy loads, have antistatic properties.

undoubted advantages of this type of ceiling:

  • Durable and fire-resistant.
  • Excellent aesthetic (10-15 years).
  • Stretch ceilings do not need special permanent care.
  • can be used in wet and dry conditions.
  • abundance of textures and colors will allow to realize the most daring design ideas and fantasies.

Stretch ceiling black and white Stretch ceiling relief The stretch ceiling blue

Video: Suspended ceiling Armstrong - Photos of various kinds

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