How to insulate a balcony with his own hands - the sequence and tips on warming

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14 April 2016

In modern apartments balconies are a full part of the house, as well as heated room.If you want to see your landscaped balcony and modern, you will need to insulate a balcony.How to insulate a balcony with their hands should be aware of any owner who used to doing everything on their own.

insulated balcony requires certain skills, because this is a laborious process.In any case, we advise you to first study the theory to know for sure how to insulate their own balcony.For those who want to do all the work himself from the beginning to the end, the following describes the sequence of work on warming and tips on choosing materials.

How to insulate a balcony with his own hands - the ceiling, walls and floor


  1. Required tools and materials and the cost of insulation balconies
  2. Preparations
  3. balcony glazing
  4. Alignment and floor insulation
  5. Wall insulation balcony
  6. Video:How to insulate a balcony and parapet
  7. Warming ceiling balcony
  8. Fine finishing Balcony
  9. Video: Warming of the balcony polystyrene

Required tools and materials and the cost of insulation balconies

For warming the balcony, you will need these materials:

  • wooden slats;
  • Self;
  • Plugs with caps;
  • foam;
  • Polyurethane foam;
  • Sheets roofing or waterproofing.

Consumption should be calculated on the area that needs to be warmed.Prices of materials for insulation are different, but we advise you not to buy cheap products, because the quality is poor.

insulated balconies with their hands, consider the fact that some materials mistreatment of moisture, which is why wet insulation can cause mold and mildew.Therefore, when you install a heater you need to take care of the protective layer of waterproofing.It should also consider the design is in the details, select the finishing materials, to estimate the balcony finishing, based on the family budget.


Before warming of the balcony, it is necessary to remove all the old things, to dismantle the old balcony frames, to prepare the floor and walls.If your house has a tiled finish, it will be better to knock it within their balconies.Concrete walls and railings leave, they will serve as an additional layer of insulation.It can be plastic sheathing or other finishing materials.

balcony glazing

Once all prepared to carry out works to insulate a balcony plastic windows.Some owners leave the old wooden frame, which is blown out of the slots, and the presence of the glass in the frame does not insulate your balcony right.Even if the frame is still in good condition, it will not give that as the plastic window insulation.Aluminium systems, as well as wooden frames, are "cold" sea glass balconies.Therefore it is not suitable if you have decided to join the balcony to the living room heated.

after balcony glazing is necessary to close all the gaps in the walls, floor and parapet, which may let in cold air.For these purposes, it is best suited, such as the sealants and mastics Germabutil, Germafleks, Emfimastika, Rabberfleks.

Alignment and floor insulation

Almost a quarter of the heat is lost through the balcony floor.So if you decide to act independently, it is necessary to know how to insulate the floor on the balcony with her hands.Warming of the balcony from the floor is better to start because its level rises after warming.It is much easier and more profitable to make the side wall insulation.

Before floor insulation on the balcony, you must remove the old coating.You should also carefully examine the rattle and the base plate.In the presence therein of holes, slits, obvious voids, they must be repaired solution.To avoid moisture and mold floors should be primed.

choice of material may depend on the insulation material to be used for finishing.If you plan to laying ceramic tiles, the heater should be used as a foam, if the floor is wooden, it can be used as foam and mineral wool.

1. for insulation foam floor balcony slabs will need foam thickness of 5 cm. Mark PPT-25 (25 - density foam).Stamps foam with lower density does not fit, details about brands, see the article: "The foam characteristics, strengths and weaknesses."For their installation on the balcony slab is necessary to lay a waterproofing layer, which in this case can serve as a simple oilcloth.Further, foam boards cut to size and fit tightly to the surface of oilcloth.

After all flooring is poured cement-sand mixture of a thickness of 4 - 5 cm., And a variety of ready to use self-leveling compounds, but they are much more expensive cost price.After drying screed, work on warming the balcony you can continue.

2. In the case of screed followed by laying the tiles does not provide, for the insulation of the floor, you can use mineral wool.With its low cost of her long life, and most importantly - excellent insulating properties.Before you start laying it is necessary to make waterproofing floor balcony.The surest and easiest way - is to use a waterproofing or roofing material.Panels roofing, cut under the desired area, put "lap" around the floor.Roofing material is placed over the wooden crate, about 5 cm in height, to invest in its insulation.From above it must look like a few crossed sticks.

on a concrete base should be securely fastened wooden crate and align it on the level.For fixture best suited long "roof" with bolt-head screws.Then pour the sealant into the gap around the perimeter of the balcony, where the crate is adjacent to the walls.

Next Lay insulation between the transverse beams.Between the design and the insulation should not be gaps.If, however, this happens - do not pull it, and gently pour the sealant into all the joints.Using a special gun, the jet of foam make the minimum possible.

staple gun and a 10 mm straps secure the top of cotton wool at the crate, the usual plastic wrap to prevent getting wet wool.Then crate stuffed plywood or boards, which can lay anything.Fine finish floor you can linoleum, laminate, carpet, and even evrodoskoy.

This method of warming the floor is acceptable only to the area where it is not very severe winter.The disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that in this case the surface of the plate lie batten bars, which are of wood and have a much higher thermal conductivity than insulation.The result is so-called "islands" of heat loss.

Thermal insulation of mineral wool floor balcony
example mineral wool insulation floor balcony.

Wall insulation balcony

insulated balcony parapet walls and

technology insulating walls will also vary depending on the materials to be used for finishing.It is best suited for the foam insulation of walls, so consider how to insulate a balcony foam.

1. Very often used for finishing PVC panels.Slabstock foam using a special cement glue are fastened to the walls.For this the adhesive is applied to a thin layer of foam, also at the ends of the sheet adhesive is applied and the sheet is pressed against the wall.For a more reliable fastening of each sheet attached multiple dowel-nails with wide hats (fungi).To this end, using a drill with pobeditovym tip drill a hole, and then to insert the dowel and hammer nails.This hat dowels should be slightly recessed into the foam.

After strengthening insulation, liquid nails fastened on him an additional thermal insulator - penofol.For better insulation to glue it better single piece.Then the seams are sealed foiled insulator tape.

Penofol and fixed crate
Penofol and fixed at the top of his crate.

Thereafter, the fastening wooden slats and then mount finishing material.It is better if the thickness of the strips will be 3 to 5 cm - to preserve the useful area.Fastening strips made using metal parts, which are mounted dowel-nails and screws.One end of the bracket is attached to the bar by means of screws, and the other to the wall using dowels, nails.Reiki attached 35-40 cm from each other for more reliable fixation structure.For more information about securing crates and installation of PVC panels, see the article "How to strengthen the plastic ceiling or wall panel correctly and without error."

Note! In some materials posted on the Internet is offered at the beginning of the bars make a crate, and only then, to lay insulation between the bars.This method of insulation is not acceptable for the balcony walls, ie. K. In this case, a plurality of islands of heat loss due to the fact that the wood has a much higher heat transfer than heat insulation.

2. Some of finishing prefer to just paint the walls in any color.In this case, a crate is not required.After foam stickers cap dowels zashpaklevyvayutsya adhesive composition, which glued the foam.Once they have dried, the same adhesive composition, glued on top of the foam armirovachnaya mesh.For this necessary piece of cut netting with a spatula to apply and spread with a thin layer of adhesive on its surface, from top to bottom.Once the surface is dry it is another layer of adhesive is applied with a spatula.And only after drying can produce a special putty puttying and then priming and painting.

Warming parapet has its own characteristics.If you have a balcony on the parapet of the gap between the lining of concrete slabs, then blow out them using foam.Strengthen parapet often produced lumber frame or masonry of foam blocks.

Since the parapet is situated between the street and the balcony and exposed to various thermal stresses, therefore, for its thermal insulation is necessary to use heaters to maximum protection against heat loss.

If the parapet is not a concrete wall and metal structure, it is best to apply its insulation masonry foam blocks from a small thickness, and have it stick foam plates.

In the case of fixing the foam sheets to metal railings, it is laid in two layers.In the beginning do crate.Cut slab foam so that the foam sheet between the bar and the space remained between 0.5 and 1 cm. Next, a sheet of foam present and circularly fill it with foam.Then make a second crate.And so that the first batten bars are not connected to the second bars.Then causing zigzag movements assembly foam on the already taped a sheet of foam sticking at the second sheet, and the gap in a circle sheet also fill with foam.

Here's a video which shows the interesting option of warming parapet masonry using foam blocks.

Video: How to insulate a balcony and parapet

Warming of the main wall on the balcony

often the main wall insulation is not required, because the qualitative insulated balcony walls and installation of plastic windows, the need for additional insulation is already eliminated.It can also pick up useful terrace area of ​​50 mm.If all you want to insulate the main wall, then do everything in analogy with balcony walls.

Warming of the balcony ceiling

Insulation of the ceiling just as necessary as the warming of the floor and walls.For warming the balcony ceiling is best suited slabs of Styrofoam.One of the many advantages of this method is that the installation of these plates takes a little time and effort.The methods are similar to thermal insulation of the ceiling thermal insulation of balcony walls.

Fine finishing Balcony

Fine finishing other than visual appeal carries a protective function, protecting private balcony from rain, wind and snow, but without weighing design.

For outdoor decoration parapet often used sheets of corrugated board or plastic siding.For mounting the frame on the parapet use wooden slats 2 cm thick. Attach frame is necessary so that between the ebb and rail slot was busy entering a finishing material.Seams and joints balcony processed white sealant.

interior walls, ceiling and parapet are often made by means of PVC panels, as they mount, see the article "How to strengthen the plastic ceiling or wall panel correctly and without error."Some prefer to simply paint the walls of the balcony of their pre-plastered.This method of finishing in a sense not so practical but also has its advantages.

carefully executed insulation balconies will provide sufficient comfort to get a mini-room.

Video: Warming of the balcony polystyrene

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