Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands - choose the material is ready and we put it

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14 April 2016

repair, overhaul and the more design - it is very time consuming, and finances of the nervous system.In most cases for quality repairs require special knowledge and skills, so no wage labor can not do nothing.

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands the work is not difficult and the power of any man or even a woman.Therefore, if you decide to only a little "refresh" the existing interior (cosmetic Painting "woodwork", minor repairs and so on.), It is realistic to save on wages and salaries.Actually to whitewash the ceiling and begins all about it and will be discussed.

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands with chalk lime or latex paint


  1. purification and preparation of the ceiling
  2. Video: How to remove whitewash from the ceiling
  3. Choosing material for whitewashing
  4. Preparation solution
  5. Methods of applying the solution to the ceiling
  6. Deposition solution
  7. Video: How to paint ceiling roller

purification and preparation of the ceiling

Before whitewashing the ceiling surface must be properly prepared, that is to remove the old layer of whitewash.This task is technically simple, but very time-consuming and "dirty."Therefore, first of all, the room must endure all that is possible and what is not - close to "pack" in polythene and make sure that there were no gaps.Doorway is also required to hang a damp cloth or polyethylene.

Now we need the following:

  • soap solution;
  • sponge;
  • brush with a natural bristle brush or large;
  • spatula;
  • a small pan.

Prepare a solution of warm water and soap.When the solution is ready to start wetting the surface with a brush.No need to wet the entire ceiling immediately.While you clean a small area remaining surface is dry, wet, and will come again.The most convenient way to treat the surface of the "square".

whitewash wet cleans hard trowel.It is very desirable in this case with the other hand to hold the tray, which will crumble pieces of whitewash.So you will reduce to a minimum the "dirty" component of the procedure.

thus treated the entire surface of the ceiling, proceed to "clean" wash.For this damp sponge in the soapy water and step wash off the remnants of the old whitewash.

Video: How to remove whitewash from the ceiling

Choosing material for whitewashing

By and large, there are three material usual whitewash ceiling is chalk, lime and painted.Consider their advantages and disadvantages.


+ Benefits: cheap, easy to apply, "breathes".

- Disadvantages: by micro-shedding becomes an additional source of dust, "greasy", afraid of water.


+ Benefits: cheap, easy to apply, almost "greasy", "breathe", it has antibacterial properties.

- Disadvantages: can greatly reduce the humidity in the room, irritate, rarely perfectly white.

latex paint

+ Benefits: sold in ready-to-use form, giving almost perfectly uniform shade the surface, resistant to abrasion, easy to use.

- Disadvantages: ┬źnot breathing," significantly more expensive chalk and lime.

In general, we can confidently say that "vodoemulsionku" from a practical point of view - an ideal option, but to solve anyway you.

Preparation solution

Whitewashing the ceiling latex paint involves buying a ready solution, which do not need any additional manipulation.A chalk or lime for whitewashing solutions should be prepared.We describe the process in detail.

Preparation Cretaceous solution

To get the solution right consistency is necessary to dilute the chalk in the water in the correct proportions.Let's start from the conditional 10 square meters.m surface.

In this area you need to take 5 liters of warm water and 3 kg of chalk.Mel before that necessarily sift.Chalk pours into the water, add 15-20 grams of methylene blue and 30 grams of wood glue.Mix thoroughly.

Check that all has turned out as it should, it is very easy.To this solution should be lowered in smooth metallic object such as a knife.If the solution flows from the metal surface, almost without leaving a trace, then a little chalk.In this case, add a little chalk and stir periodically check the density.

Preparation of mortar

3 kg of hydrated lime to dissolve in a liter of water.The resulting solution was added in advance soaked salt (500-100 g) and 150-200 g Alum.Under continuous stirring continuously refilled, and so the warm water solution to bring the volume to 10 liters.

Methods for applying the solution to the ceiling

ceiling whitewash can be applied in various ways and means: by brush, roller or spray (spray gun).Each of the options is good in its own way, but there are nuances.

Apply the spray gun is useful when you need to paint a really big room.Otherwise, apart from the ceiling is painted with a lot of "extra" surface.In most cases, the brush or roller.

Whitewashing the ceiling with his hands using a roller has a major advantage over brush:

  • of the roller climbs bristles;
  • roller makes no such divorce as a brush;
  • saves paint;
  • can do without ladders, attaching to the long roller slips;
  • to roll up overall performance, especially in large areas.

However, the brush will be needed, as only it can be used qualitatively to paint the corners and small details (if any).

Deposition solution

Before lime whitewash the ceiling, the surface should be pre-wet the brush.This is to ensure that while the painted surface keeps moisture.During this time, whitewashing carbonized (pick up from the air of carbon dioxide), and after drying it becomes more solid.

Deposition of all three types of solutions generally very similar.First, using a brush to paint over the joints and corners where the ceiling is connected to the walls.Then we proceed to paint the entire surface.

start to apply the first layer of the window, and make strokes perpendicular to the rays of light from the window.After dokrasili to the opposite side of the ceiling, giving the surface to dry.After this second layer was applied, but now perpendicular to the first layer processing.Apply strokes overlap about 5 cm, NOT, to exclude the strip.

As a result, you should have a uniform surface without streaks and stains.If you add in the dye solution, do not forget that after drying becomes much lighter shade.

Video: Detailed instructions on how to paint the ceiling qualitatively

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