Types of baths and their comparison

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13 April 2016

main criterion for choosing a bath, of course, is the material from which it is made, but not the only one.Comparing different types of baths must pay attention also to their shape, size, wall thickness and quality of the coating, presence or possibility of adding additional features, such as hydromassage.Different types of baths and their features will be discussed in this article.

Types of baths in production material and forms


  1. What are baths in production material
  2. forms baths and their sizes
  3. massage system used in baths

What are the bath of the material

manufacturing cast iron bath - a choice the Conservatives

This kind of baths for a long time had only one competitor, and often won the battle, but even today, despite the emergence of worthy opponents do not lose their positions.And this despite the fact that the diversity of this type is different, the market offers only oval and rectangular.However, they are reliable, durable, have low thermal conductivity, the tempera

ture of water therein is reduced by 5-10 ° C per hour, making bathing them in a fairly comfortable process.But according to this indicator, they are second only to lead ceramic baths.Among the positive characteristics of a cast-iron bath consumers allocate their "no noise", ie the recruitment process water is pretty quiet, in contrast to the steel and the inner strength

But the weight at this bath is quite large, depending on the size ranges from 100 to150 kg, which considerably complicates its transportation and installation.It is to choose the right cleaning compositions to eliminate the use of abrasives, but most importantly - when buying pay attention to the quality of the enamel coating.It should be excluded the presence of any stains, roughness, and even more so - chipping.If the chips or scratches have appeared during operation, restore the integrity of the coating, although difficult, but possible.

should be noted that in today's cast-iron enamel baths instead of using a flexible polymer coating, their shape became more ergonomic shape, and the price is one of the most affordable among the other products of the same group of products.

Cast iron bathtub

Steel baths - a reasonable compromise

As long alternative to cast iron bathtubs, steel, out of habit, compared with them, though, in performance, they are closer to the acrylic.They have a small weight in the range of 30-40 kg, decent service life is 25-30 years and low price.They have a high thermal conductivity and a "noise level".True, these deficiencies can be corrected properly installed: you should use the principle of a closed space under the bath, which is further filled with foam, mineral wool or blown with foam.Furthermore, due to the small weight, care should be taken that the bath is securely fixed.

Modern steel bathtubs are not only the traditional rectangular shape for the bathroom, you can choose a product with a round, angular, oval.In addition, they can be equipped with additional features that enhance the comfort of their use: handrail, arms, and even hydro-massage.As modern coating bath of enamel steel may be used (less often) or polymeric coating.

Steel bath

Acrylic bath - choice energetic person

After the appearance on the market, acrylic bathtubs rapidly began to gain popularity due to the best price, high performance variety of shapes, sizes and color variety.All kinds of acrylic baths are lightweight, only 15-20 kg, their installation is not particularly difficult, but the product has served to guarantee 7-15 years, it should be to choose the right and then to comply with certain rules of operation.

Acrylic bathtubs are made of two technologies:

  • first option - to a fiberglass frame that acts as a reinforcing frame is filled with "shell" of an acrylic polymer;
  • second option involves the use of a dual-layer extruded sheet material.

positive characteristics of these baths is significantly prevail over the negative, which helps them to keep the first position in sales.They have a low thermal conductivity, low noise, characterized by a nice aesthetic appearance, to maintain that does not require a lot of time.When scratches or other damage, amenable to restoration work that can be performed by hand.For example, you can make the original luster with a special polish for acrylic baths.

But should carefully choose cleaning products, as the surface is sensitive to many kinds of chemical compounds.It is not allowed to put into the bath basins, including plastic, however, for the modern man, the owner of a washing machine, and there is no special need.Very sensitive surface of acrylic baths to high temperatures, you should always keep in mind that all acrylic melts at 160 ° C, so it is very hot temperature of the water under a ban, as it will lead to deformation of the product.Note also a high mechanical fragility of the material.

Acrylic baths

Baths of Kwara - informed choice

Quaryl kuarilovye or bath - are made of modern innovative material, a mixture of practical and durable acrylic quartz.This offers high performance and aesthetic characteristics.They are shock-resistant, silent, well kept water temperatures, hygienic, can have a variety of forms.Due to the presence in the material of quartz sand, they are heavier than acrylic, but is much easier to iron.However, the acrylic component does not allow water to pour into it the heat, since even a relatively massive structure can be deformed.

Quaryl baths are made by casting, form which can be very diverse both in appearance and size, including depth.And given that the average wall thickness in this case is about 1 cm, with the installation frame can be omitted.The main colors - the colors of pastel shades, but there are exceptions, such as a bath in black, burgundy, green, and other performance.

main distinguishing feature of Quaryl baths but their appearance and performance - this functionality.In many models, in addition to the built-in hydro-massage, air massage, the presence of armrests and headrests, can be built-in radio, or other high-tech options.

care such baths is quite simple and is reduced to regular and periodic treatment of rinsing disinfectants, but not abrasive in their composition.Owners of acrylic baths must be very careful with dyes that color the surface and are resistant to removal.

Quaryl bath

Ceramic, stone bath - a choice aesthetes

material of which are made of ceramic bath ensures a good ability to retain heat, silent, such products naturally do not rust, are not subject to mechanical damage, are durable, but different, high cost, largeweight, fragility, especially should be done gently transportation and installation.So - it is most often exclusive products that can be manufactured on request, for a specific interior.

to manufacture bath can be used as natural stone, such as marble and artificial.Products from the latter is a kind of ceramic baths and have similar performance characteristics.

artificial stone used for the manufacture of bathtubs, has a composition of different types of clay and stone chips of quartz and / or granite, as well as coloring agents, which help make virtually any color of the product.The texture material is very similar to the natural, but it is much easier by weight.

Artificial stone products are also classified as exclusive, and their cost is very high.Therefore, they are placed in the interior of country cottages bathrooms for interior designers that are specifically designed author's projects.

Ceramic bath

shapes and sizes of baths

Modern baths are made of different materials, many of which allow to give the product a variety of forms.Therefore, to determine what types of baths are best for a particular room is not difficult.This factor can not only make it more aesthetically pleasing bathroom, and efficient use of space is often very limited.

Baths rectangular or traditional form

Baths of the form are available from all possible materials.Besides baths standard dimensions 80 × 180 cm on the market models with dimensions ranging from 120 × 70/75/80 cm, the so called "seating", to full-size 120/150/160/170/180 × 70-75 / 80.

Bath rectangular

Corner bath - helpers in space optimization

Despite the seeming awkwardness and non-standard form, namely corner baths help to make better use of the space and organize the bathroom, especially the modest size.

But when you buy be sure to pay attention to the fact that they are:

  • «right" and "left";
  • symmetrical and asymmetrical.

Corner bath symmetric
symmetrical angular bathtub.

Corner asymmetric bathtub
asymmetric angular bathtub.

They are mostly made from acrylic or steel but can be made to order and they made of artificial stone.Among them are models of artificial stone.Often, they are equipped with hydro massage and other options.For bathrooms with sufficient space, it is very convenient to combine them with a shower.

Sizes corner bath is quite wide and mainly depends on the symmetry of shapes, ranging from:

  • 120 × 120 × 180 cm to 180 cm - for symmetric models;
  • 120 × 60 × 190 cm to 170 cm for the asymmetrical models.

Oval bath - laconic style forms

produce almost all of the basic materials for the baths, different concise and soft forms, which allows you to create maximum interior promotes relaxation and relaxation.Specially for this purpose most of the models are provided with a form or hydro aero massage.But they are usually no armrests and headrests, as well as special items for the seat.Size range is varied, but if we talk about standards, they are within the 140 - 210 cm.

Oval bathtub

Round bath - the pursuit of the ideal

This is an exclusive form of baths.Depending on size, can be double or even a multi.The round shape of the bath - the most convenient for the installation and operation of the jets, therefore, its main purpose - it's not hygienic procedures, and the device for relaxation.

But, regardless of size, which can range from 140 to 210 cm in diameter, and for its installation requires a room with enough space, suggests the possibility of an approach from all sides.Mainly made of acrylic, less steel, but to create exclusive models used Kwara, artificial or natural stone, etc.

Round bath

Actually, considering the different types of baths of their differences, advantages and disadvantages, the choice should be made based on the needs of family members and their preferences, not forgetting that the installation of a bath - it is responsible, since it will have to use at least, some years.Require special attention the elderly and children.For the first option would be comfortable sitting bath with a depth of 60 to 80 cm, and the second on the contrary, be more comfortable deep, but quite spacious model.

order for the adoption of water and / or hygiene in the bath was as comfortable as it should be sufficient for the size of this, the main ones are the length and the depth (minimum standard width of 70-80 cm-optimal for people with standard complexion).In order to make the bath more deep, but no more cumbersome, manufacturers are, for example, the process device more flat sides.

massage system used in baths

The modern baths are established systems for the three types of water massage: hydro-, air- and Turbomassage.These systems are installed, usually in a bath made of acrylic, Kwara and steel.



hydromassage system - a system of nozzles and hoses, which comes with high pressure water movement, driven by a pump.As a general rule provides for a system of adjustment of the jet pressure and the number of nozzles is determined by the size of the tub.



aeromassage system is similar to a spa, but it has one major difference - Tools for massage acts not spray water and air bubbles whose intensity is adjustable.



Turbomassage system - combined form of air- and whirlpool.Basically, this system installed in these types of bath jacuzzi.To nozzles are fed just two hose, which lends itself to both water and air.This feature allows you to use the system as a package, or separately, each type of massage on request.

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