Technical characteristics of various types of insulation URSA (URSA)

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19 April 2016

insulation materials called URSA is quite popular.They not only carry out the traditional insulation of roofs and walls, but also insulate ventilation pipes and other communications.And they can be used to significantly reduce the noise level.So, get acquainted, URSA (URSA) - insulation, technical specifications which are kept at a high level, and the life - very long.Due to the excellent heat retention and excellent noise absorption it will be good for any building construction.

Specifications insulation URSA


  1. What are insulation URSA and their varieties
  2. characteristics of various types of insulation URSA
  3. fiberglass insulation URSA GEO
  4. Innovative insulation URSA PureOne
  5. polystyrene foam insulation URSA XPS

What are insulation URSA and their varieties

At the heart of the thermal insulator is processed staple fiber.So this material - the closest relative of the glass.When it is taken in the manufacture of certain proport

ions of sand, ash, dolomite and other additives.The mixture is heated to the melting point and passed through a special apparatus.The result is a fibrous substance, thin strands that are glued special composition.

There are several products manufactured by URSA.The most common are a series of insulation URSA GEO, made of fiberglass.In addition, the company produces polystyrene foam insulator URSA XPS, manufactured by extrusion.Novelty products, manufactured using the latest technology, a heater PureOne.Let us consider all of these materials.

1. Fiberglass insulation mineral URSA GEO characterized in that in its manufacture uses only eco-friendly components.This is strictly controlled at all stages of production.So we can be sure that any raw material or finished material do not contain harmful additives.All of this group of materials are glass fibers, but each one is endowed with certain unique properties and intended for use in certain conditions and warming of various objects.

Exterior insulation URSA GEO no different from the glass.

2. heat insulator type URSA XPS also has its advantages and extruded polystyrene is produced by special technology.Its thermal conductivity is very small, especially compared with other heat insulators.Plates of this material are used for many years, they are very solid and durable.Therefore they should be used, insulated roof flat shape, the floors on the first floor, plaster facades, cellars and plinths.It will stand URSA XPS and multi-ton load - they insulate the mound railways, airport runways and highways grounds.


3. As for the newest material PureOne , then this mineral insulator of excellent quality is ideal for insulating structures and to protect them from extraneous noise.For all the technical indicators it gives excellent results.In addition to work comfortably with him, because he did not prickly, does not attract dust and similar natural materials - cotton or wool.This material is a new type of glass fiber products, which does not cause irritant effects.

It looks PureOne fiberglass insulator of a new kind.

4. There is another relatively new product from URSA.This mineral heater TERRA, positioned by the manufacturer as a material of increased hardness and moisture resistance and is designed for thermal insulation of private homes.But on this score it is close to a professional thermal insulator.Such insulation is very resilient, is waterproof and does not burn.


characteristics of various types of insulation URSA

fiberglass insulation URSA GEO

ability to save heat insulator have given very good.After his long and elastic fibers, so between them produces a lot of layers of air.This material is insulated house, you can expect that its walls are not promerznut winter.Thermal conductivity coefficient λ determines how well the insulation.The smaller this value is, the better the material conserves heat.At URSA GEO it ranges from 0.035 to 0.044 watts per meter per Kelvin, depending on the type of insulation.

By muting the noise level this insulation is also at altitude.It can be either absorption class "A" or "B".And laboratory tests and practical results proved it.In principle, all fiberglass materials are well able to delay the sound waves.Therefore, if there is a need to make a sound insulation barrier in the apartment, then as an option, you might consider one of these materials.

With regard to environmental .Even at the stage of preparation of raw materials is a thorough check of all components.Ready insulation URSA GEO also checked for safety of man and nature.Here, as an example the emission of volatile compounds - in this material.She once every 10 or 15 is less than the Russian and European performance standards.So with this heater in your home to clean air and favorable microclimate.It should be remembered that all fiberglass materials and so little pylyat wall with the interior of the premises should be covered with a waterproof membrane.

Fire does not take a mineral insulator URSA GEO - in fact it is made on the basis of quartz sand.This natural material can not catch fire.And if he will meet with an open fire, do not miss it further into the room.

Old age given a heater is not threatened. Even after a long time it remains the same as was in the beginning.Neither its strength or other properties do not change.And the manufacturers guarantee the life of not less than 50 years.

biological resistance. Since this inorganic substance, the rats, mice and insects, it does not taste.Not start it, and harmful microorganisms, such as eg mold fungus.After eating all these beings simply nothing.That's not dwell they URSA GEO, bypassing his side.

draw your attention to the fact that all of the materials of this group are fiberglass with all the consequences from here strengths and weaknesses, which you can read in our special article: Specifications of mineral wool, its brand, and the selection criteria, be sure to him read.

The above characteristics are common to all type heater URSA GEO, and details about them can be found in the table below:

type insulation URSA GEO heat conductor-ness at 10 0 C, W / mK Coefficient.paropronitsa-bility mg / mchPa Features and application
M-11 0,040 0,64 most popular material, universal type
Mini 0,041 versatile material in small rolls
Private house 0,041 recommended for use in the construction of private houses
Universal plates 0,036 0,51 material in plates, designed for thermal insulation of walls
Light 0,044 0,64 for use in horizontal structures are not loaded
pitched roofs 0,035 plates on a roll, for pitched roofs
Sound- 0,040 material for soundproofing, ideal for gypsum constructions, absorption class B.
frame 0,035 For use in framework structures
M-11F 0,040 0 Blanket foil on one side
M-15 0,037 0,51 For floors, pitched roofs with a random step designs
M-25 0,034 for pipe insulation at temperatures up to 270 0C
M-25F 0 The material of the foil layer for pipe insulation.
Facade 0,032 0,51 material pasted with glass, designed for thermal insulation of external facades and ventilation gap.
P-15 0,037 0,62 material in plates for frame walls and partitions
P-20 0,034 0,61 plates for thermal insulation from the outside or in the middle layerWall
P-30 0,032 0,59 for use in the construction of sandwich wall ventilated facades
P-35, P-40 0,58 Plates of increased vibration resistance for insulationw / wagons
P-60 0,030 0,52 Semi-rigid plates for use in the construction of a floating floor

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Innovative insulation URSAPureOne

1. new technology, which is the first to use Russia and Europe, successfully sweeping the world.It is made with the help of this material.The essence of technology is that as one of the binders used acrylic - chemically neutral and safe for human polymer.Therefore glass turns out not so prickly as in the standard production technology and less dusty.Acrylic sufficient inert material, it does not dissolve the water and the air does not oxidize.Therefore, this type of insulation and can be used in kindergartens and hospitals.

2. With regard to the characteristics of noise insulation URSA PureOne, they are confirmed by tests scientists NIISF (Building Physics) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.According to the research material in the form of plates has absorption class "A" material in the form of mats - a class "B".Part of the flexible acrylic perfectly capable of absorbing sound waves.Therefore partition made of this material is better protected from noise than rock wool or glass fibers.The difference may be 2 dB.

3. And the insulation more resilient than conventional fiberglass.There is even talk about a "spring effect" arising within it.Therefore, it is firmly fixed in the wall cavities, rigidly set into thrust, and its shape does not change with time.

instructions above properties that distinguish it from heaters type GEO, more characteristic marks PureOne See the article:

type insulation URSA PureOne Thermal conductivity at 10 0 C, W / mK Coefficient.paropronitsa-bility mg / mchPa Features and application
34 RN 0,034 0,51 It can be used in the Warm children, school and pre-school institutions, is available in the form of plates.
37 RN 0,037 Roll material for thermal insulation of floors, walls from the inside, can be applied in children and pre-school institutions.
37 RN 0,035

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expanded polystyrene insulation URSA XPS

1. strength. This material has excellent durability and high resistance to deformation.And it is with honor not only withstand the stretching and compression, but also withstands bending.URSA XPS and 50 tons of load applied to one square meter, can withstand.

2. Sustainability. In the manufacture of the heat insulator is used carbon dioxide CO2, which is not a toxic substance.All breathing organisms (we are with you, as well) was isolated.Therefore, neither the production process of this type of insulation or the finished product are not harmful to humans and nature.But we should not forget that this is expanded polystyrene, which when exposed to high temperatures releases toxic substances.This issue is discussed in detail in our article: Styrofoam - specifications and selection criteria, be sure to read it.

3. water permeability. URSA XPS insulation material does not absorb water.Therefore, its ability to store heat is not reduced when exposed to groundwater or wet ground.Freezing and thawing again (over 500 times), it remains the same.Therefore, where often changes the ambient temperature, the warmer it is advisable to apply.He thus sets itself apart from the above-mentioned glass fiber thermal insulators.

4. Lifetime. not less than 50 years are able to serve plates made of insulation of the brand.However, neither the shape nor the size of the plates, or the characteristics of URSA XPS has not changed.This material is not dangerous direct contact with plants or soil - a definite plus.

5. combustibility. flame retardants - substances that enhance fire resistance - are part of URSA XPS N-III-L.They close the way oxygen, and thus combustion occurs.But as has been said above, this material is polystyrene foam, which, if not support combustion, it is very easy to melt under the action of temperatures producing toxic substances.

Detailed specifications of the insulation refer to the table:

type insulation URSA XPS heat conductor, of at 10 0 C, W / mK Coefficient.paropronitsa-bility mg / mchPa water absorption, of 24 hours,% Features and application
0,032 0,004 0,3 Rigid polystyrene with L shaped kromnkoy.
N-III-I Rigid polystyrene foam with a straight edge.

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