Instructions for installing the substrate under the laminate flooring

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12 April 2016

This material on how to lay a laminate substrate.This step precedes the laying of the laminate board and is mandatory because of it depends largely on how long you will serve the new floor covering.Laying laminate substrate under the hands - though the work and responsible, but not complicated.From our step by step instructions you will learn how to do it right.

Laying laminate flooring substrate under


  1. Appointment substrate, the necessary materials and tools
  2. -step instructions for installing the substrate
  • Before moving on to the substrate read material: Leveling the floor under the laminate, depending on the base and the nature of the irregularities.

Appointment substrate, the necessary materials and tools

main functions of the substrate - smoothing uneven subfloors, creating a barrier to the penetration of water vapor, preventing heat loss, reducing sound transmission.The substrate is supplied in roll form or in sheet form.Within certain limits, it

can be varied and its thickness.

Manufacturers recommend that before laying the laminate substrate to lay at the base of waterproof film.But it should be done only when your base is a lot of moisture.Most tie flooded many months ago, and well dried does not contain moisture and can not harm your laminate.

You can check this in a simple manner.On the concrete base is necessary to put a piece of film of at least one meter on.All the edges of the film should be glued to the base.If a day on the film will not be seen traces of sweating, it means that the base is dry and quite flooring additional insulation may be omitted.

to put under the laminate substrate, you need the following:


  • substrate under a laminate;
  • scotch.


  • roulette;
  • cutter / knife;
  • square; vacuum cleaner.


  • Do not skimp on the quality of the substrate.In the long term costs will pay off your
  • sheet substrate is required to connect together using adhesive tape.

-step instructions for installing the substrate

first step in this process is to prepare the subfloor.Dispose of all uneven subfloors and make sure the surface is completely dry and reading.

  • material details, see: Preparing the subfloor for laying laminate.

Preparation of the floor under the laminate flooring
Surface preparation for laying the floor substrate.

laminate substrate itself must be got under the door jamb.With this approach, you are guaranteed no creaking floor and nice looking appearance.Given this, you have to remove the remnants of pre-foam from the shoal.If the free space between the door frame and the floor surface is missing, should not cut the laminate form the jamb.We encourage you to file the base of the jamb with a hacksaw to laminate perfectly placed under it.

Cleaning the space beneath the jamb
cleaning the space under the door jamb.

Now turn came up to the substrate under the laminate.Measure the length and width of the room to determine the exact area of ​​the material that you need to buy.Complex mathematical calculations of you do not need, simply multiply the length by the width.To avoid unnecessary visits to your local store, add to the resulting figure of 10% of the waste when cutting.

substrate is sold in rolls and sheets.We are in the project used a substrate in the form of expanded polystyrene sheets of 50 cm x 100 cm and a thickness of 3 mm, if desired, you can use the web material - it is not worse.

Start substrate under a laminate flooring with a corner of the room and continue until it covers the entire surface.

distance measurement using the carpenter's gon.

highly likely you will have to cut the material to achieve full compliance with the geometry of the room.Note that before you take up the knife, we made measurements and caused corresponding mark on the substrate.

cuts to get Flawless, you need the square (ideal for drawing a 90 ° angle) and a cutter.After you cut the substrate in accordance with the desired shape and size, place it in its place.

Cut the substrate
cutting the substrate under the laminate.

Now you need to glue the sheets of substrate together with adhesive tape.Likewise, you can connect the separate sections into one coverage.We recommend a roll of Scotch 50 cm (not more!), And then gently pressing his hands to stick it to the joint of two sheets of the substrate.We can not allow the substrate to connect the sheets overlap each other.Thus it is necessary to closely monitor that tape was always well tensioned.You can use special adhesive tape dispenser, which will greatly facilitate the process of working with adhesive tape.

Bonding joints with duct tape
combination of two sheets of the substrate with adhesive tape.

Glue tape all joints of the substrate sheet.This step is very important to create a waterproof barrier and thus protect the laminate.

The quality of the job depends on the duration of the life of the flooring.Laying the substrate under a laminate is important, not least leveling the subfloor, so be careful and work with particular zeal.Upon completion of the flooring substrate do not forget to thoroughly clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner.

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