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13 April 2016

whitewashed ceilings were gone, along with the past century, and wallpaper pasting them too, no one is attracted.A more modern and stylish look and suspended ceilings Tension type they are most in demand.Therefore, in this article we will find out what the ceiling is better - a tension or a suspension, and for this we compare their main characteristics.

What is the best stretch and suspended ceilings


  1. specifications and features of the device suspended ceilings
  2. Compare stretch and suspended ceilings on the basic parameters
  3. table comparing the characteristics of tension and ceilings
  4. Inany case better to use one or the other ceiling

specifications and features of the device suspended ceilings

paperhanging, painting, pasting tiles and other methods of finishing requires careful stripping and leveling the surface of our ceiling.All operations on leveling and cleaning the ceiling rather labor-intensive and require large investments.Otherwise pai

nt exfoliates and wallpaper or tiles peeling off quickly.But tension or suspension structure did not require - the surface for them any good.So you will save much time and effort.

Features False ceilings

for mounting the suspension system, first constructing a metal frame, which is fixed and the elements themselves and modules ceiling.It can be rack, tapes, plates, but at home the most used plasterboard.The framework consists of long guiding elements, moldings (in the corners) and the suspensions, which regulate the height.The latter serve as brackets or rods of metal wire of sufficient thickness.If the ceiling plasterboard is filed, at the last stage of his plaster and painting.

The design of the ceiling

system Tension mounted harpoon, wedge or cam on the way prints mounted on all sides of the room.For the installation of PVC fabric room heated to 60 - 65 0C.PVC film after cooling pulled tight, and it turns smooth, shiny and beautiful ceiling, not afraid of water and does not absorb odors.

Installation of a stretch ceiling

When tension or suspension design - a tribute to the need

  • data structure and beg on the ceiling panel and brick houses of the Soviet construction, where the slabs are often not very smooth seams.Align drop which can range from 3 to 7 cm. - It is labor-intensive and often it is only by experienced master.But tension or ceiling perfectly disguise irregularities, and above them do not have "magic."
  • Another problem - cleaning of the ceiling of the layer of old paint with water-based type.Oh, it is very difficult to tear off and you can not leave - wallpaper, tiles or other type of paint will stay bad.
  • If you have to think about what would be nice to do in the ceiling spotlights, then stretch and suspended ceilings, in this case podhldyat perfect.After all, in such a structure can be perfectly hide all cables, and fixtures themselves well accommodated.

Compare stretch and suspended ceilings on the basic parameters

to identify with the tension or use a false ceiling in the room you need to make a comparison of the main parameters.To. The greatest demand among the suspended ceilings are ceilings on the basis of PVC fabric, and among the suspended ceilings, plasterboard ceilings, then compare them on the basic parameters.

Easy installation and the need to attract professionals

Perform installation of suspended ceilings on its own will not work it will have to involve experts.And they are not only stretched canvas, but also produce it.For the installation of ceilings requires special equipment and experience in the installation of such structures.But the work does not need to work to liberate the room, a lot of garbage while also not be.

process of installation of suspended ceilings are not minuemo fraught with a lot of construction dust and debris.Most likely you will have to endure from the premises all things and spend a lot of effort to clean the room.However, this ceiling is quite possible to build with his own hands, saving on the payment wizard.True it is possible only in case if you're handy with construction tool and the repair work yourself.If we talk about other types of suspended ceilings, for their installation and will take longer than with tension, and the installation process is also more "dirty" than the installation of suspended ceilings.

Tension + - / Suspension + -

rate of installation of suspended ceilings

Standard tension-type ceiling mounted about 3 - 4 hours (except variants ceilings that simulate a starry sky).

In the manufacture of the ceiling plasterboard will take from 2 to 4 days is the minimum.All depends on the size, complexity, space and the ceiling.If the design is quite complicated (multi-level, for example), it will take even more time.

Tension + / Suspension -

loss of height of the room

Stretch ceiling when mounting a baguette to the slab "steal" of 3 - 5 centimeters in height.

Well, the construction of plasterboard reduce the height of the room is 10 - 12 centimeters, no less.Some other types of false ceilings take away even more than the height of the room.It is especially important to take into account the premises where the ceiling height and so is quite low.

Tension + / Suspension -

How are things going with built-in lighting

Hide wiring and fixtures from the ceiling of a tension-type very easily.For spotlighting have special elements - "glass", rings and plates having insulating properties, which are mounted in a sheet.If you need to replace lamps or replacement of the lighting system, then this would be easy.

Driving lamp installation in suspended ceiling

However, in the frame hanging wiring and lighting design is also good fit.Therefore, deciding which is better - or plasterboard ceilings, please note that in this respect they are almost equal.However, the ceiling pick up for repair to individual elements will be more difficult.However, this problem is solved by the hidden hatches.

Tension + / Suspension +

Easy care

PVC fabric of care is very undemanding - it would be grateful periodically wiping the surface with a damp cloth.

But hanging drywall constructions needs periodic "refreshing."In some cases, you may need to touch up.

Tension + / Suspension -

What ceiling easier to damage the mechanical action

Pierce polyvinylchloride film with something sharp or hard - simple.Holes can appear on almost anything - even a shot from a bow or a child with a toy gun made of plastic pellets.You can, of course, to seal these holes, but it's not very nice, and the protection of water lost.

Damaged ceiling
damaged PVC ceiling.

drywall and other materials used in overhead structures more durable, but the severe blows and they are afraid - do not throw in a ceiling of heavy objects.

Tension - / Suspension +

level of fire resistance

Perhaps at this point our competitors are both worthy.And one, and two types of ceilings do not support combustion.Therefore burn fire they can not, although they will be damaged.

Tension + / Suspension +

What would happen if you flood the neighbors above

What do you think, in this case, what the ceiling is better - a tension or drywall?There is nothing to think about - of course, the first.For polyvinyl chloride film is not afraid of moisture and can keep on its surface a certain amount of water.In the case of a flood can cause a wizard that will drain the collected water, then in most cases, the web will continue to operate.

Well, if the flow through the suspended ceiling, the walls and flood, and the floor is likely.A damaged sheets of drywall need to be replaced - this material is afraid of water.

Tension + / Suspension -

What ceiling last longer

Ceilings are guaranteed for up to 10 years, but the finishing work on their "freshening" may be needed before.Touch up their likely have before the expiration of 10 years.

As for the ceiling of PVC films, the warranty on it - 10 to 15 years.At the same time before any decoration is not required.

Tension + / Suspension -

resistance to high or low temperatures

film PVC terribly afraid of the cold - even at zero, it loses its elasticity, becomes brittle.And if you did not come for a minus 20, the web is a crack.So it is impossible to arrange ceilings where heating is not available (on the balcony, for example).

Suspended ceilings that do not suffer - they can easily withstand temperature swings.

Tension - / Suspension +

decorative quality, a variety of colors and textures

ceilings Tension type of coloring can be virtually any.It can be bright or pastel solid color, a funny picture or any reproduction of the famous painting.Fortunately, the printing method allows to realize all this.Selecting a glossy or matte surface - another way to diversify the design of the room.

Photo suspended ceilings PVC

visnat1 visnat2 visnat3 visnat4

Well, and ceilings can be designed in different ways, using different textured wallpaper, paint or ceiling tiles.A ceiling of several levels in general looks very original.The color scheme is a vast and infinite.But to create, for example, a glossy finish can not be here.

Photos ceilings plasterboard

gips1 gips2 gips3 gips4

Tension + / Suspension +

And what the ceiling is cheaper - a tension or drywall?

false ceiling type plasterboard cost (per square meter) from 20 to 35 dollars.It should be noted that some levels will cost considerably more expensive.

Prices ceilings Tension type is very scattered - from 10 to 100 dollars per square meter.Taking into account the number of corners in the room, and the curved sections, bends, type of material and drawing it.If you want to draw arches or convex shape, then the original price will increase one and a half times.A ceiling with original figure is six times more expensive than single-colored smooth surface.

Tension + / Suspension +

Total: Tension 10 + and 3 - / Suspension 7 + and 6 -

table comparing the characteristics of tension and ceilings

Options PVC Stretch Ceilings Suspended ceilings
Easy installation requires the involvement of professionals. possible to make installation yourself.
speed installation 3 - 4 hours. 2 - 4 days.
Loss of height 3 - 5 cm. 10 - 15 cm.
Embedding backlight Spotlights installed without problems. Spotlights installed without problems.
Easy care in care is not demanding. care difficult.
resistance to damage easily subject to mechanical damage. sufficient resistance to mechanical damage.
Flammability not support combustion. not support combustion.
Moisture not afraid of moisture. Under the influence of moisture is the process of swelling, and even destruction.
Durability warranty is 10 years, while, in addition to rubbing, no further action is required. Serves 10 to 15 years or more, but during the operation requires repainting.
Operating temperature not tolerate freezing temperatures. can be operated both at zero and sub-zero temperatures.
Appearance By invoice can be matte or glossy, color range is quite extensive. Under the invoice can only be opaque
cost 10 to $ 100 - depending on the material, and additional elements. 20 to $ 35 - depending on the complexity of the components and the method of finishing.

In which case it is better to use one or the other ceiling

opt for stretch ceilings is better in the following cases:

If the ceiling in your house have a small height and you absolutely do not want to lose those extra centimeters, choosetensioned ceiling made of PVC film.

Good to ceiling type and the tension in the apartments under the roof of the house.After all, there is a leak may occur with a high probability.Sometimes, however, not on the upper floors in the room can be very humid.And then such an option is perfect.

Select ceilings should be in the following cases:

Mounting a ceiling in a country house, on the balcony or on the balcony, on the other hand, do not use tight structures PVC - it does not stand the cold.It is better to make the frame by attaching to it a slab of drywall.

If you occasionally need to access to the space under the ceiling, then choose the type of suspended ceiling - with the tension variant of such access will fail.

In the case of a limited budget do yourself a ceiling yourself.However, if you are concerned about saving for a long time, it makes sense to still think about the gravity version.Back then, 10 years - 20 you do not have to know the concerns.

For those who can not decide which is better - or stretch ceilings, can offer an interesting option.Make the construction of plasterboard, and in her mid insert spanned web of vinyl.Ceiling get the original, beautiful, besides, in a sense, has advantages of both types.Photo examples of such ceiling, see below.

Photo multilevel ceilings

mnog1 mnog2 mnog3 mnog4

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