Repair and prevent damage to the laminate

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12 April 2016

Laminate is resistant to wear, but it will sooner or later may appear different defects - scratches, chips, cracks, bulges.The likelihood of such problems increases as the abuse of technology laying of flooring or the fundamental rights of its operation.In this article, we'll show you how to repair their own hands laminate.Following our instructions, you can restore your floor covering lost an attractive appearance and protect it from further damage.

How to repair laminate


  1. How to remove scratches on laminate
  2. How to replace the laminate board
  3. How to eliminate gaps between the joints of the laminate
  4. Eliminating swelling laminate
  5. Delamination laminate

How to remove scratches on laminate

you to move furniture without the use of special substrates, or dropped on the floor a heavy object, and instantly on your laminate gets scratched.Sooner or later, it may happen even in the most seemingly gentle treatment to the floor covering.There is nothing f

atal about this - you can easily restore the appearance of the laminate, if you carefully look at our step by step instructions on how to remove scratches on the laminate.However, if the scratches are too deep, the only correct solution may be replacing the damaged boards.

If you want to avoid scratches on the laminate, you have to lay a special "mats" under the legs of furniture when moving it.Also, before you go home in a shoe, make sure it is perfectly clean, as stuck to the sole of a grain of sand and dirt particles can give rise to many small but unsightly scratches.Regularly clean the laminate, using for this purpose only products recommended by the manufacturer.

Before you buy a kit to repair the laminate you should ensure that you are able to fix the scratches by using these products.Carefully evaluate the damaged area to be sure that the repair is possible, otherwise you should consider replacing the damaged board to the new.The easiest way to eliminate scratches on the laminate is to use wax crayons (for minor scratches) or a special putty (for deeper scratches).Last you will need and the repair laminate chips.

to disguise scratches on laminate flooring, you need the following:

Materials: Tools:
repair kit laminate. spatula.


  • Make sure the repair kit matches the color of your flooring.
  • If scratches are too deep, you have to replace the damaged laminate planks.


  • 15 minutes on termination few scratches.

Scratch on the laminate
Photo 1. Scratched laminate.

Closing scratches using wax crayons

Step 1. Buy wax crayon whose color is close to the color of your laminate.In the market (at a local hardware store, or in a specialized online store), there are many types of wax crayons, so you'll have no trouble finding suits your needs and tastes.If you do not know what crayons, contact your dealer store to the question "What is repaired scratches on laminate?" - It is easy to solve your problem and help you choose the right color.

Step 2. Clean scratching with a vacuum cleaner and paint their wax crayons.Then, using a dry cloth, remove the excess wax and polish scratches around the repair area.If you are not satisfied with the result (scratch deep enough), you can try to fill it with putty.

Closing scratches with a special putty

Step 1. Take your piece of the laminate as a sample and go to the local hardware store to buy a repair kit that best suits you in color.Do not skimp on quality, especially if deep scratches.

Step 2. Use a spatula to fill paste scratches on the laminate.We encourage you to practice on unnecessary pruning laminated board before trying to do it on the floor covering to make sure that the paste well with the color of your laminate.Remove excess paste with a clean cloth and allow the restored area to dry for a couple of hours.

How to replace the laminate board

In some cases, it is impossible to solve the problems of the laminate in the form of chips, scratches or damage to the water with the help of repair kit, is one way out - the replacement laminate board.Make it easy, if you use the right tools and techniques.Our step by step guide we will explain how to replace a board laminate.

Replace damaged laminate in several ways.A simpler, but more a long way is to dismantle the laminate.Start with the closest to the damaged wall board.Remove the baseboard and disassemble the floor until you reach the problem area.After replacing a damaged board, you must restore the disassembled cover and secure its place on the plinth.
If you for some reason you can not remove the skirting boards or damaged laminate is in the middle of the room, you can try to replace without a thorough dismantling of the flooring.This procedure is more complicated, but if you carry out repair work with their hands to you usual thing, you easily cope with this task.

To replace the laminate board, you need the following:

Materials: Tools:
new laminate board. circular saw.
carpenter's glue. Drill.
rubber mallet.
Safety glasses.


  • before laying new laminate boards do not forget to clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner.
  • new laminated board must be the same brand, which is already available.Do not stack the board of another brand.
  • Wear safety glasses when cutting laminate.


  • 2:00 on the same level.

Replacement laminate flooring by parsing

Carefully remove the plinth at the closest to the damaged wall board.Work with great care not to damage it, otherwise you will not be able to re-use the plinth after the completion of the project.

Remove the baseboard
Removing the plinth.

Once you have removed the baseboards, laminate flooring must be removed, the board of the board, until you reach the damaged area.To disunite the board, lift each of them by 45 °, while their ends are not liberated from the slot.

Repair laminate
Dismantling laminate.

When you get to the problem area, you have to replace the damaged boards with new ones.Work with great care, putting the new board, try to avoid a gap between them.Continue laying the remainder of the laminate and plinth set in his native place.

Replacement laminate using a circular saw

Step 1. Drill holes in each corner of the damaged board on rasstoyanii1-1.5 cm from the edges to avoid damage to adjacent boards.Then make holes along the long sides of the laminate board every 25 cm, as shown in the figure.

Preparing for the dismantling of the damaged laminate planks.

Step 2. With a pencil draw a line connecting the hole.Adjust the cutting depth of the circular saw to match the thickness of the laminate, otherwise you will damage the subfloor.

Step 3. Make propyl by drawn by a line starting from the middle.Use a knife to cut off the short sides of the laminate board.Remove the inside of the old board.

Cutting laminate.

Step 4. Remove the remains of the damaged laminate board and carefully vacuum the site.Ensure that the adjacent planks in good condition, otherwise you'll have to remove them too.

Step 5. Using a sharp knife, cut away the lower part of the castle had a new laminate boards on both long and short side.

Step 6. Apply carpenter's glue along the perimeter of the laminate board and place it in place.Use a clean cloth to wipe away any excess glue and place on top of the load, to lock the board into position.

replacement laminate board.

How to eliminate gaps between the joints of the laminate

or sometimes due to poor installation, or due to changes in temperature and humidity laminate planks are moved relative to its starting position or change their volume.As a result, the gap formed between them.Besides the fact that such gaps greatly impairs the appearance of the floor covering, eventually they may lead to delamination or cracking of the laminate.To avoid such problems, we recommend that you follow our guidelines when preparing the floor surface and laying laminate flooring.Our tips will help you avoid mistakes during installation and, therefore, on your laminate will not appear so unattractive slots.

First, is of great importance acclimatization before installing laminate.Failure to do so is one of the main causes of the gaps between the boards.We recommend that you bring packaging laminate into the room at least 48 hours before installation.Many of the "craftsmen" who undertake this work, ignore the preparatory steps, and ultimately get similar problems.

Secondly, the subfloor must be completely flat.Manufacturers laminate ensure proper quality flooring only if compliance with this requirement.We recommend that you use a spirit level to check the flatness and, if necessary, pour self-leveling screed.You also need to advance the elimination of all unevenness floor.

If the gaps between the boards of the laminate is still there, you have two options to solve the problem:

  • fill the gap with a special compound with wood filler or dismantle flooring;
  • whole or in part, to prepare the surface properly and re-laid laminate.

repair without dismantling the laminate is allowed only if the gaps formed therein are very small.To disassemble the laminate flooring, you should start with the dismantling of the baseboard.After that, remove the laminated boards, one by one, until you reach the problem area.

Disassemble the plinth
Removing the plinth.Remove the problem

board and check their condition.Pay special attention to the grooves and ridges.If the boards are in good condition, you can use them again.If they are damaged, replace them with new ones, otherwise in the long run you will run into the same problems.

PERMUT laminate
Perestilanie laminate.

to protect the premises from heat loss, smoothing uneven subfloors and reduce sound transmission is necessary when laying laminate use a special substrate for laminate flooring.The support comes in rolls and sheets of different thickness, you can easily find the material that meets your needs.

It is important to correctly connect the mounting board laminate, otherwise very soon there will be gaps between their joints.Clean the ridges and grooves of the laminated boards, and possible to remove dust particulates.Make sure you laminate stacked on the ideal line.Stay if you notice the slightest displacement, as it will only increase as the work progresses.Do not use the board with defects - cracks, bending, etc.

Podbivanie laminate boards to eliminate the gap.

If the clearance is more than 2.5 mm, it is possible that there are problems with humidity.Laminate is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, so you have to acclimatize it to install and maintain a constant humidity in the room after.

To eliminate gaps can seal laminate planks together, causing the adhesive into the grooves.Thus it is necessary to be sure that you are not stuck to the bottom of the laminate floor.It should, however, keep in mind that using this method, you can not make out the laminate if necessary, without damaging it.

gap between the laminate planks.

One of the simplest solutions to this problem is a mechanical "closing" the gap.Try to hide it struck several times on the board in the direction of the slit shoes with rubber soles.If the gap is reduced, you have no choice but to fill in the gap color pasta (with a syringe) or the laminate perestelit after leveling the ground.

Tip: Do not put too much effort, otherwise you will damage the laminate.Also, wash your shoes before you use it to try to fix the problem of floor covering.

Closing the gap force action.

In our case, this method was successful, as the problem was not caused by poor laying the laminate, and the change in humidity.As there are many situations in which we can not control the humidity and temperature of the air, each holder of laminate flooring need to take note of this method is an easy solution.

Liquidated gap between the laminate planks.

Eliminating swelling laminate

Bloating is one of the most common problems of the laminate caused by improper packing.This problem occurs when the laminate planks "push" each other, whereby the joint becomes a V-shape.

Bloating laminate coating.

the photograph you can see, if not aesthetically pleasing looks swollen floor.In addition, it creaks every time you step on it.

There are many reasons that can lead to swelling of the laminate.Basically consists in the fact that during laying of the laminate without leaving a gap between the floor covering and the wall, whereby the board does not have sufficient space for expansion.Repair of the laminate in this case is simple: you have to disassemble the adjacent wall board and sawn in its longitudinal direction (1-5 cm depending on the height of swelling).If the swelling does not disappear, place heavy objects on the surface and leave them for a day.

Bloating laminate.

laminate can not expand and if the attachment to the floor skirting effected.Keep in mind that the laminate is a floating floor, so it should not be fixed to the ground or floor.

To avoid such problems when laying laminate flooring, you have to put the wedges along the walls.These spacers allow to keep the gap between the walls and laminate flooring in the process of installation.The laminate can be expanded in time and left in all directions clearance is necessary to avoid blisters.

Tip: If you do not have professional spacers, you can take a few pieces of laminate and place them along the walls.

spacers along the walls.

Delamination laminate

To avoid separation of the laminate is not recommended to wash the floor with water or soapy water.Purchase a specially created for this purpose means - laminate cleaner.The composition should be applied on the floor and wipe the surface with a dry non-abrasive cloth.

accidentally spilled water on the laminate should be as soon as possible with a dry cloth.Every minute of delay increases the risk stratification laminate flooring.In the worst case you have to replace the damaged boards.It was not clear moments?