What better to do the ceiling in the bathroom - advice on choice of finishes

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13 April 2016

And what better to do the ceiling in the bathroom?This question naturally comes to mind when carrying out repairs on this visit.It would be desirable and beautifully done, and durable, and modern.In this article we'll show you how to implement it and how to choose a ceiling for the premises in view of its requirements.

What better to do the ceiling in the bathroom


  1. Features bathroom and requirements for the ceilings of the rooms
  2. how a particular type of ceiling suitable for use in the bathroom
  3. Determine the order a ceiling to makebathroom

Features bathroom and requirements for the ceilings of the rooms

# 1. This room is very raw, and so it should be decorated with waterproof materials.Basking in the shower, you can inadvertently send a stream of water on the ceiling - it should be easy to sustain, and it is.In addition, the ceiling will make a good and suddenly the water flooding in from above.But this happens in the bathroom - for

example, a neighbor forgets to tighten the tap flow or washing machine.

# 2. Yet we need a ceiling beyond which would not be very difficult to maintain.Ideally - from time to time to wipe with a cloth, that's all.Still - because in this small room is usually the mass of all equipment and objects that impede cleaning.In the washing machine or to climb the bath uncomfortable and unreasonable, and put the ladder at all times and there is no place.

# 3. Well, and aesthetic requirements are not to be missed.The ceiling in the bathroom should be well integrated into the whole situation and the whole bathroom apartment, its style and interior.And to look at it was nice, taking, for example, a fragrant bubble bath.

how a particular type of ceiling suitable for use in the bathroom

Since the basic requirements to the ceiling of the premises known to us now consider how a particular type of ceiling coatings comply with this requirement.

Caulking and painting the ceiling

It is not only simply, but also relatively cheap.Paint and coating are inexpensive, and you can do all the work yourself.But this option is advantageous when the base for painting smooth enough - then putty and leveling base is not particularly required.When it is necessary not to forget that all of the materials, namely, paint, primer and coating should be water resistant.If, however, between the ceiling board are big differences, the process of leveling the ceiling filler will be very labor-intensive, so it is better to give preference to other options.

following are the disadvantages of this method (though they are often easy to turn into advantages):

  • Originality painted ceiling does not shine, but you can include fantasy and combine 2 or 3 colors in a variety of bold combinations.
  • serves a ceiling of 10 years (but only on the condition that there will be a flood of neighbors).
  • easy to care for him, but the darkening (on time) to wash it is impossible, as the paint absorbs dirt.But to refresh the ceiling is very easy - just go over it with a brush or roller and the surface shines again purity.
  • Embed coverage you will not be able to if they wanted to - nowhere.But you can buy a beautiful pendant lights that decorate the bathroom.Alas - communication under this ceiling also can not hide.
  • I think to you it is no secret that on such ceilings often settles mold and fungus.
  • details, see: Plastered ceiling with his hands - practical tips and advice.

As you can see from the practical point of view, such ceilings are not very good, but since there are many more options on this later.

Plastic PVC panels - easy and cheap

deciding what to do from the ceiling in the bathroom, many choose exactly PVC panel.This is a relatively strong and completely water-resistant coating.Mount they can own, they look quite nice and do not require additional finishing.Their surface does not require special care, it would be grateful Periodic wiping with a damp cloth.The construction of the ceiling mount allows the spotlights.

following are the disadvantages of such structures:

  • separate panels on the joints are joints in which over time gets dirty.It's not very nice, but can be corrected for the periodic cleanups.Worse, if the poor ventilation in the bathroom - then settles in the gaps is not dirt and fungus, which is much more difficult to bring.
  • Furthermore, the metal frame may rust over time.Sometimes that does not help even a galvanized coating having on it.But it can happen most likely when the room is poor ventilation and high humidity.
  • If you want to upgrade a ceiling, then be prepared for the fact that it is quick and easy to do.It is necessary to completely remove the old plastic, and then mount the new coating.

The ceiling is made of PVC panels mounted in the bathroom

Other photos of PVC ceiling panels:

pvh-potolok2-m pvh-potolok3-m

rack ceiling - beautiful, durable, stylish

ceiling rack type is also going on the frame.Reiki - a long, narrow panels.They may be plastic, steel or aluminum.Of course metal, aluminum is better - they are totally water resistant and corrosion they do not "eat".Color solution rack ceiling can be varied, as the panels are produced and gold, and chrome, and one color, and pattern.Installing them on the shoulder, even the layman - because they are going to the constructor.And the care of such a ceiling quite simple.Therefore, when deciding which best ceiling in the bathroom, many choose exactly ceiling rack type.

Another very handy when installing that the slats are flexible enough.Therefore, we can not make such a direct ceiling and curved.And the polished surface of the rods has reflective properties, and the ceiling of which looks almost like a mirror.This property, however, there is also some ceiling tile.

Disadvantages rack streams:

  • Of the minuses can be noted clogging dirt interpanel seams.In principle, net joints we do not even notice, but when they are dirty, unkempt dark stripes are formed.However, this is easily reparable trouble - just to make from time to time clean the ceiling.
  • Not every bathroom harmoniously will look like the ceiling of the rails - it is not suitable for all styles of interior.

Rack and pinion ceiling in the bathroom

More photos suspended ceilings:

reechnui-potolok2-m reechnui-potolok3-m reechnui-potolok4-m reechnui-potolok5-m


done this design on the frame - wood or metal.However, in the bathrooms, wooden frames do not normally use.After installation of the frame is made of his "Rooms '' sheets of plasterboard, water-resistant necessarily containing protective additives and fungus from too much moisture.When buying, so as not to make a mistake, you need to look at labeling - should be written "gypsum plasterboard".That is - the moisture-resistant gypsum board.Look at the color, and the leaves - they are usually green.This "right" drywall not rot, does not dampen or crumble.

Such ceilings allow the original issue bathroom.After all, they can do different levels, as well as the location of the beat lamps built into the frame.By hiding all the flaws and irregularities of the ceiling, ventilation and communication wiring, we get a beautiful and durable ceiling.His term of service - from 5 to 10 years.

disadvantages of using plasterboard ceiling in the bathroom:

  • Unfortunately, cheap assembling such a structure can not be called.Frame need to do to fix the sheets, and then another walk putty, primer and paint.
  • If you perform the installation yourself, in terms of wasted time and effort this design is also very expensive.
  • In addition, periodically need to refresh the paint-coating, as it will lose the form.As in the case of colored ceiling dirt absorption with time is inevitable.But the construction itself with the replacement or repair is not required.

Plasterboard ceiling in the bathroom

Other photos of the ceiling of plasterboard:

is-gipsokartona2-m is-gipsokartona3-m is-gipsokartona4-m

Tiled ceiling

In such framework, as in the plasterboard ceiling can be built of prefabricated cladding sheets, also called suspended ceiling tiles.The result will be a ceiling cassette or cellular type.Unlike drywall, it does not require any primer or stain, which is an advantage.After all, these plates have been treated surface.They can be made of different materials.In particular, in order to use these modules moisture Plexiglas, plastic, metal or mineral boards.Beautifully and slightly magical look are design with illumination.

What minuses use tile ceilings in the bathroom:

  • However, it should be noted that the ceiling is not always cellular or cassette-type fits well with the cozy atmosphere and the whole bathroom apartment.Sometimes he looks a little cold and officious, and involuntarily want to move it somewhere in a public bathroom.However, it all depends on the style of bathroom interior.If it is, for example, minimalism or hi-tech, such a ceiling would fit very organically into the design.

False ceiling in the bathroom

Photo examples hinged tile ceilings:

plitochnui-podvesnoi-potolok2-m plitochnui-podvesnoi-potolok3-m plitochnui-podvesnoi-potolok4-m

mirrored ceiling

If these mirrors are used, the ceiling looks just gorgeous.But such a structure would cost oh how expensive.The framework will need a metal reinforced (about the same as for fastening drywall).To attach to the frame of the mirrors in each of the drilled holes.Collect all this only by experienced master, but serve a debt ceiling.But it will have to take care of with all diligence, rubbing and polishing to a shine.

There are low cost options of the ceiling in the bathroom mirror type - their cost is several times less.For example, you can take a light shining plastic panels, mount them on the system "Armstrong".Installation is quick and easy - and inexperienced in these works the master deal with it.However, the framework of this system is weak is not very resistant to corrosion - it eats it for a short time.

What are the disadvantages of using mirrored ceilings Bathrooms:

  • This ceiling creates a large amount of shine that not every person can enjoy, especially if the ceiling is not that high, and, as you are in the room for a long time.
  • Since the surface of the mirror, in terms of care here are all of the same difficulties as with a conventional mirror.But if you have an ordinary mirror is positioned vertically and care easier for the mirrored ceiling care will be much harder.

Mirrored ceilings

See more photos mirrored ceilings:

zerkalnui2-m zerkalnui3-m zerkalnui4-m zerkalnui5-m

Tension PVC ceiling - do not miss a single drop of water

great option for a bathroom - he does not dampen, and the flood will protect walls,floor and furniture with appliances.If such a ceiling would result whole "lake" of water (up to 100 kilograms per square meter), then nothing will happen.Specialists water merge, and the ceiling is stretched again.And he does not change its properties.Caring for tension ceilings type is wiping them with a damp cloth wrung out.

Note also that ceilings fit into any design, modern look, noble and elegant.They have so many choices of colors and design, which is not considered.Matte and shiny, with pictures and plain, with photo printing and convex patterns.You can choose to suit every taste.

further - about the shortcomings of their use in the bathroom:

  • Unfortunately, most installation of a similar design does not overpower - will have to call professionals.Only they have the necessary equipment and materials.
  • Another minus stretch ceiling - it is fairly easy to make a hole.Well, and then the ability to retain water will evaporate, unfortunately.So you need to be careful, not touching film PVC sharp and hard objects.
  • In the case of a white stretch ceiling can be observed him yellowing in places where lights are fixed.These spots are not scour and not painted.Therefore, if this happens, we have to completely change the stretched canvas.
  • See: reviews the use of suspended ceilings in the bathroom.

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

See more images of suspended PVC ceilings:

natyazhnoi2-m natyazhnoi3-m natyazhnoi4-m

Determine the order a ceiling to make the bathroom

Choose ceiling design standpoint

As already mentioned, first think about howthe design of your ceiling (and the entire bathroom) will be combined with the interior of the apartment.Well, for example, the "classics" - a snow-white variant.And it can be tensile structures, drywall, boarded or suspension, with built-in lights or without.Flat and smooth white surface (perhaps even just painted) wonderfully fits into any interior.Especially looks gorgeous combination of white and black floor-ceiling windows (and sometimes the walls).

Using textured ceilings, you can "play" with the size of the bathroom, making it visually wider or narrower, higher or lower.To those include the modular design, tiled, rack, cellular type.All of these ceilings strongly expressed visible texture planks or tiles.If

bathroom considerable size, it is possible to use multi-level ceilings.The easiest and cheapest way to meet them from the drywall.Good will look, for example, a round convex design with lamps located over the bath round shape.

In what form will stop in practical terms

If we consider a ceiling in the bathroom is not the best design point of view, but from the practical ceiling coverings, here clearly come first stretch and PVC ceiling panels.Stretch ceiling for the bathroom just perfect.Not for nothing that more and more people are choosing this option.A thin, but such a water-resistant film of PVC and practical, and beautiful.

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