Specifications Technonikol heaters and their scope

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17 April 2016

At that time, when the window howling blizzard and frost cracking, want to see the house was comfortable and cozy.And if the apartment is warm and no one gap is not blowing, you can be happy watching through the window of a falling snow.The optimum temperature in the room, no dryness, peace and quiet - what could be better than a cold winter.But all this can provide Technonikol - insulation, technical specifications which can solve all the problems of insulation.This domestic material manufactured by the same company, came to taste many consumers.

Heaters Technonikol and specifications


  1. Meet the products of
    the company Technonikol
  2. Types of materials Technonikol and specifications
  3. Basalt wool Technonikol
  4. Table Performance basalt wool Technonikol
  5. Extruded polystyrene Technonikol
  6. Table of technical characteristics of the various types of polystyrene Technonikol
  7. Video: Application of expanded polystyrene insulation Technonikol

Meet the products of the company Technonikol

This company, today standing on a par with major European manufacturers (more precisely, one of the five largest of them), produces not only heat insulation.She made the following products.

materials for roofing:

  • Tile;
  • roofing;
  • membranes made of polymeric materials;
  • primers;
  • mastic.


  • polystyrene manufactured by extrusion;
  • mineral (basalt) cotton, made in the form of plates.

Basalt wool: the composition and characteristics of

Finer stone fiber material that consists of processed rocks of gabbro-basalt.Between these fibers contain a large number of air spaces.As a result, the level of insulation of the material - is excellent.It is no secret that the air while without moving, has a high resistance to heat transfer.

But that's not all advantages of a heater - it is good not only in the cold, but at the critical temperature rises.Very impressive characteristics of mineral wool Technonikol such as fire.This material does not burn, even quietly soaking temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius.However, he did not even melted!Even if, unfortunately, there was a fire basalt wool will protect your home, without giving walls and floors to collapse.It will block the path of the fire, a fire without singling out any drops of harmful substances.

  • More from basalt wool insulation characteristics you can find in the article: Specifications basalt insulation, advantages, disadvantages and scope of application.

Extruded polystyrene Technonikol

This type of material is increasingly used for thermal insulation of buildings in our country, and abroad.After all, it retains heat very well.For example, to achieve the equivalent effect is necessary to take a layer of wood is 10 times thicker than polystyrene (twenty centimeters to two).So Epps cheaper.And it is much easier than other heaters, which reduces transport costs and simplifies installation.The strength and stiffness allow you to use it where softer thermal insulation failed.Here are just afraid of fire, this material - it not only burns, but also toxic substances releases.So it is necessary to comply with fire regulations, providing adequate protection.

Technonikol Types of materials and specifications

Basalt wool Technonikol

1. Roklayt - a slab of basalt fibers.As the binder, a resin with a low content of phenol.This increases the environmental friendliness of the material, which certainly pleases the consumer.Insulation that is non-flammable, water resistance, heat stores wonderful.It is used for thermal insulation of private homes.They can be isolated both horizontal and vertical or angled design.For example, the walls attics, frame houses, trimmed siding, floors and ceilings.The loads are assumed to be not very high.


2. Teploroll - is long mats of rock wool wound into rolls, with good sound-insulating properties.They also do not burn, and does not get wet have a low content of phenol.They have good heat insulation roof slopes, walls attics, ceilings and floors between floors.In addition to protection from the cold, they are protected from the noise bad.


3. Tehnoakustik - as it becomes clear from the title, is designed specifically for sound insulation purposes.It is non-flammable and water-resistant wool from basalt fibers arranged in a special way.Thanks to their location the material is able to hold up to 60 decibels of noise.It is used for soundproofing walls obshivnogo frame-type ceilings and floors, which are not supposed to heavy loads.And this will be good insulation in the apartment, and the house, and office space.A soundproofing club or restaurant, he is just the perfect option.

Absorption class with a total thickness of the insulation layer:

  • 50 mm - 212 NCW
  • 100 mm - 211 NCW
  • 150 mm - 211 NCW
  • 200 mm - 111 NCW


4. Tehnoblok - a low phenolic plate, which, like the previous material are not afraid of fire and water, as well as the rescue from outside noise.They are used for heat preservation and sound absorption in layered masonry frame and decorated the walls with siding.


Table Performance basalt wool Technonikol

Options Roklayt Teploroll Tehnoakustik Tehnoblok
Thermal conductivity at 10 0 C, (W / m · C) 0,039 0,036 0,035 0,035
Water vapor permeability, not less, mg / (m · h · Pa) 0,3 0,3 0,3 0,3
Water absorption by volume, not more, (%) 2,0 2,0 1,5 1,5
Density (%) 30-40 25-35 38-45 40-50
Flammability (degree) NG NG NG NG
compressibility of not more than (%) 30 55 10 8

Extruded polystyrene Technonikol

1. XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO - a series of heaters for use in the construction of cottages and houses with few floors.


2. XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO DRAIN - styrofoam plates with special drainage grooves.It is used to organize the drainage base, as well as the flat shape of the roof.In the latter case, the drainage grooves help to improve the ventilation.And when the insulation of the foundation for them is the outflow of rainwater and drainage water.


3. XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO FAS - using everything for the plastered facades and plinths of houses.Outside its plate processed by milling, so the material has excellent adhesion to any surface.


4. TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO SP - a unique material for insulation of foundations, made by a special technology called "Swedish stove warmed."In such a foundation includes other communications.It even included a system for floor heating.Insulation ECO SP has a high rigidity, the same dimensions and low thermal conductivity.The second such material in Russia does not produce any enterprise.


addition of extruded polystyrene foam, designed for amateurs, the company manufactures and Technonikol professional insulation.These include the following materials:

1. SARBON PROF - insulator having a high strength.At the same time such a characteristic of this type of insulation TekhnoNIKOL as density decreased.They usually work specialists, insulated roofs of shopping centers, transport and logistics and storage complexes, residential and office buildings.They insulate the roof, are experiencing stress, as well as various foundations and floors on the ground.


2. SARBON PROF SLOPE - different from previous material that is a set of five plates with which you can make an inclined surface.They have letter designations, meaning slope.Thus, the plates A and B have the slope of 1.7 percent, and J K plate - twice the slope (3.4 percent).And at the plate M gradient of 8.3 percent.Their thickness of 4, 8 and 7 centimeters.


3. rigid material CARBON SOLID - very durable thanks to the huge number of closed cells, evenly spaced.They can be isolated highways, railways, floors, carrying a heavy load.XPS TECHNONICOL SOLID CARBON not deformed, not swollen by water (because it does not absorb it) do not decompose and react to chemicals.Thermal insulation of a very long is not subjected to destruction.


4. plates XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON SAND - produced specifically for insertion into the middle of heat-insulating sandwich panels.


5. Extruded polystyrene foam, in the form of plates TECHNONICOL C-XPS CARBON , is used for the repair and restoration of buildings, as well as for thermal insulation of the floor, made with dry screed.


table of specifications of different varieties of polystyrene Technonikol

Stamps Teploprov.at (25 ± 5) 0C, W / (m * K) Flammability Paroproni-permeability, mg / (m.ch.Pa) Bending strength MPa Density kg / m3, not less Tempera-round exploitation, of, °
CARBON ECO 0,029 G4 0,011 0,25 26-32 from - 70 to + 75
CARBON ECO SP 0,029 G4 0,011 0,30 26 - 32 from - 70 to + 75
CARBON ECO DRAIN 0,029 G4 0,011 0,25 26 - 32 from - 70 to + 75
CARBON ECO FAS 0,029 G4 0,011 0,25 26 - 32 from - 70 to + 75
CARBONPROF 0,028 T4 - T3 0,010 0,35 - 0,40 28 - 36 (depending on species) from - 70 to + 75
CARBON PROF SLOPE 0,028 G3 - - 28 from - 70 to + 75
CARBON SOLID 0,031 - 0,035 G4 0,005 0,7 36 - 60 (depending on the species) from - 70 to + 75
CARBON SAND 0,030 G3 / G4 0,010 0,30 - 0,70 28 from - 70 to +75
C-XPS CARBON 0,0332 / 0,0337 / 0,0344 / 0,0345 G1 0,01 1 - from - 70 to + 75

Video: Application of expanded polystyrene insulation Technonikol

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