What types of suspended ceilings

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12 April 2016

ceiling tension type is very practical, water resistance and very decorative.Moreover, it can remarkably fit into any room design.After all kinds of suspended ceilings shine with such a variety, and which "never dreamed" of other types of ceilings.The man who first faced with the choice of a stretch ceiling can be easy to get lost in all this variety.To help you find out what kinds of offers to know the type of fabric, design, shape, and design of suspended ceilings are and what are their characteristics.

All kinds of suspended ceilings


  1. Material of fabric
  2. Structural variations of suspended ceilings
  3. Diversity of tension ceiling
  4. Types of suspended ceilings of design elements

Material productionweb

How many would not have been variants of suspended ceilings, they can be made of polyvinyl chloride film and fabric.

Ceiling PVC film

Thin PVC film is welded from separate bands - do it on special equipment.To install the web space is heated heat gun to 60 - 70 degr

ees.The film is stretched slightly sag, after which it was mounted on a pre-tensioned framework.Cooling down, the ceiling of PVC becomes taut and smooth.Film type determines the texture of the ceiling surface but also its color and pattern.

Stretch ceilings made of PVC film
PVC fabric used for the installation of suspended ceilings.

pvh-plenka2m pvh-plenka3m pvh-plenka4m pvh-plenka5m

ceiling fabric

This elastic fabric in appearance and texture somewhat similar to the material for women's stockings.The desired color is achieved by coating cloth fabric suitable polymer, and water resistance - lacquered.This ceiling is safe, very easy and very attractive appearance.And he "breathes".The width of the ceiling of the fabric may be any, and it is regularly for many years.

Woven fabric to create a stretch ceiling
Textile fabric used to create suspended ceilings.

tkanevoe-polotno2m tkanevoe-polotno3m tkanevoe-polotno4m tkanevoe-polotno5m tkanevoe-polotno6m tkanevoe-polotno7m tkanevoe-polotno8m tkanevoe-polotno9m

Structural variations of suspended ceilings

In general, all these structures are attached to the walls of the same - with the help of a baguette.This is such a special profile, mounted on the perimeter of the room.It is inserted into the canvas ceiling mounted harpoon (PVC ceilings) or bezgarpunnym (cloth and PVC Ceilings) method.

simple single-level ceiling

This ceiling is easiest to do, and the cost will not be very large.And such a design for a long time and regularly serves, is not afraid to temperature changes, easy to clean (just wipe the dust is sometimes required).There is an infinite variety of colors and patterns, a variety of textures, it is possible to make photo printing.Therefore, you can always get something original.And if you want more creative options, you can combine different types of materials.This will divide the room into zones using just one level.If this is not enough you then read on.

One-level stretch ceiling
simple single-level suspended ceiling with integrated lighting.

ploskii-natazhnoi-potolok2m ploskii-natazhnoi-potolok3m ploskii-natazhnoi-potolok4m

complex multilevel ceiling

Different levels of the ceiling may be formed in two ways.With the use of drywall constructions or using special profiles allows you to do multi-level ceilings exclusively by means of tensioning webs.The second method is cleaner and quickly implemented, than the use of drywall constructions.

Typically, such structures consist of various fabrics (like in texture, and for coloring), the combination of which gives very interesting results.Suspended elements whose shape can be smooth, straight or curved, a variety of lamps, fabric, PVC film - the course is everything.In addition, any defect (even substantial) multi-level ceiling safely hide.The most popular design of this type - bunk.

Multilevel ceilings
multilevel ceiling made exclusively by means of PVC fabric.

mnogourovnevui-potolok2m mnogourovnevui-potolok3m mnogourovnevui-potolok4m mnogourovnevui-potolok5m mnogourovnevui-potolok6m mnogourovnevui-potolok7m mnogourovnevui-potolok8m mnogourovnevui-potolok9m

ceiling with soundproof

in our high-rise buildings almost all audible sounds from neighbors.In addition to sound insulation of walls and floor ceiling also require insulation.If you install the tensioner designs can mount a special acoustic ceiling.It is made of polyester - a tiny canvas with numerous holes (about 200 per square meter).Otherwise, it's kind of a membrane through which sound waves are absorbed by mineral plates (installed under the ceiling).

Soundproofing stretch ceiling
sound-insulating layer on top of which is a tight web.

ceiling like "Starry Sky"

This is a normal flat (usually glossy) ceiling, which is equipped with special lighting equipment.Fiber optic cable allows you to show in all its glory the stars, planets and galaxies.The effect of a starry flicker gives you the opportunity to feel among other worlds.The main part of the ceiling - light generator.It was hidden under the surface stretched.

There are two technologies of production of the ceiling - paintings with a puncture and without a puncture.In each technology has its own advantages.The method of manufacture without puncturing fabric ensures its integrity and is best suited for ceilings with glossy and satin texture.With regard to technology thrust blade, it is applied to tissue ceilings which transmit light worse.

Натяжной потолок типа "Звездное небо"

zvezdnoe-nebo2m zvezdnoe-nebo3m zvezdnoe-nebo4m zvezdnoe-nebo5m zvezdnoe-nebo6m zvezdnoe-nebo7m zvezdnoe-nebo8m zvezdnoe-nebo9m

Diversity of tension ceiling

Now consider what types of suspended ceilings are in form.

flat surfaces

most often in the regeneration of suspended ceilings people choose this option.It's a classic, allowing adequately and artfully disguise all sorts of irregularities, as well as hide the elevation.Under the fabric roof will hide all the cracks and uneven coloring.The plane can be positioned parallel to the floor or base of the ceiling, and it is possible under any angle thereto.Photo See above.

Multilevel ceilings

How exactly do levels, depends only on the ideas of the customer and the designer.In principle, unlimited number as the number of colors and shades.If you still dream and textures, you can get something very fabulous and unusual.This type of ceiling allows for zoning premises.Photo See above.


When strict line rectangular rooms seem a little boring, it is possible to organize a smooth transition of the original surface tension to the walls.Or you can make a vaulted ceiling, the dome-shaped (one or more).Walls - an indispensable attribute of this design.The rise in this case may be arbitrarily high, and the radius of curvature may be set to any value.The advantage of this option is that you can hide parts of the arches of communication.

The arched shape of the stretch ceiling

wave shape

very interesting look at the ceiling of the wave crests.They can be small like a swell storm at sea or gently rippling water surface.These waves can be the same or different height and amplitude, they may go around the ceiling or along its perimeter.Particularly impressive undulating surface on a dark glossy stretch ceiling.

Undulating ceiling

conical shape

This option may be needed if there are columns in the room.Conical ceiling (of any color, diameter and texture) gradually spill over to them, completing the picture.When this cone may or "grow" from the common plane or be a separate element.Its foundation is teardrop, rectangular, diamond-shaped, oval or round.The ceiling may be several cones.

Cone suspended ceiling

Tapered suspended ceiling

road in the dunes

Bell three-dimensional shape, which is made in the form of the ceiling, really looks like a dune of sand.Varying the diameter and its depth can be obtained very interesting effects.And if we successfully arranged the lighting, the ceiling becomes a mysterious and unusual.Particularly well look glossy plane, lit from different angles - they are very interesting to reflect light.Dunes can be alternated with different ceiling elements, the transition from them to the main plane makes both smooth and sharp.

Stretched canvas in the form of dunes

Types of suspended ceilings of design elements

invoices Types of suspended ceilings - gloss, matt or satin

# 1. cheapest (by the way, and the most popular) option - matte stretch ceiling.It is very reminiscent of virtuoso plastered surface.One of the most popular types of ceilings, very well with direct planes and classic interiors.Those whose views can be called conservative, especially will like the matte stretch ceiling with a rough surface.With him and his eyes do not get tired, and you can feel comfort in full.

Matt ceiling
Photo: www.potolok-center.ru

# 2. Glossy (aka, lacquer) ceiling is able to visually make the room more.It is good for the small room, bathroom, pool.An interesting effect can give a glossy surface with the use of zoning room.Especially successfully finish this texture looks dark corners.It should be remembered that the furniture in the room with varnished ceiling should be a bit - otherwise the room will look clumsy.

The glossy surface of the ceiling

# 3. Satin ceiling like a surface covered with paint with a slight sheen.In contrast to the matt surface, at present satin reflections.But he did not mirror like a glossy and very soft.In the room with the silken ceiling is cozy and home-sweet, so it is often installed in the bedrooms.By the way, satin surface is also easy to care for - with a dry cloth to wipe, and only.

Satin surface tension ceiling
Photo: studiya57.rf

satinovui-potolok2m satinovui-potolok3m satinovui-potolok4m

variety of colors canvas

Colours of stretch fabrics are almost limitless.There are two basic palette - it's warm (sun shades) and cold (blue, purple and green tones).The last will make the room higher and wider (visually).Warm colors are good for rooms where the windows facing north.Bright colors will intensify human acting a certain stimulus.Therefore, they are best used, for example, in the hallway.But in the bedroom or nursery have to choose something quiet.It can be ceiling pure white, pale green or blue.


  • enlarge the room: black, white, purple, blue ceiling.
  • make the room warm and cozy: red, yellow, orange ceiling.
  • accentuate sophisticated and expensive environment: light gray ceiling.

Colours suspended ceilings
Colours suspended ceilings.

decorating canvas photo printing

and fabric, and pvc ceiling photo printing can be performed.Make it makes wide-format printer.This way you can decorate the room nice.For example, appetizing still life, ideal for the kitchen interior, the frame from the movie - in the nursery, and a reproduction of a favorite picture - the living room.However, you can own and family photos to decorate the ceiling - why not.

One caveat: ordering this service, contact the place where the paint used is really high quality.So you give your ceiling a long life.

Here, perhaps, and all kinds of suspended ceilings based on which you can pick up that ceiling that will appeal to you and your entire family.

Photo printing on stretched canvas

fotopechat2m fotopechat3m fotopechat4m fotopechat5m

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