How to choose a shower bathroom

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11 April 2016

Showers for almost 20 years up healthy competition habitual baths.Of course, in the shower is not possible to take water treatments in a supine position.However, the compact, space-saving, the ability to whip up to take a shower, and a range of additional functions - all of these positive qualities speak for showers.How to choose a shower, what the basic elements of its design should pay special attention to how to determine the shape, size and manufacturer - all of these questions, we will try to give detailed answers in this article.

How to choose the right shower


  1. Determine the type of shower
  2. How to choose a shower bathroom on the basis of its size, shape of the pallet and material manufacturing
  3. The choice of opening the doors andmaterial for their manufacture
  4. Controls shower and extras
  5. largest producers and importers of showers
  6. How to choose a shower - tips professional
  7. Video: How to choose a shower

Determine the type of shower

By design showers are di

vided into three types:

  • Open;
  • Closed;
  • combined.

outdoor showers

open model - a shower, which is integrated into the layout of the bathroom.First of all, the data model is a modular, i.e., to the base of one of the walls or in the corner area of ​​the bathroom floor pan set, connected to a sewer riser, and on the perimeter of the pallet on one or both sides of the wall mounted shower enclosure made of glass or Plexiglas.The remaining one or two walls in the construction of the soul are faced with ceramic tiles.

Another feature open models - is the absence of the top base of the roof.Consequently, in the model of an open-type assembly cascade or rain shower is simply impossible.While bathing must be content with a shower head, connected to a flexible hose mixer in a metal sheath.That is, the open type models are intended for a person to quickly wash your body.

Outdoor shower
open shower with a low pallet.

I must say that the installation of public showers, often even refuse to lower the tray.Instead of purchased pallet, the lower base of the shower can be monolithic, concrete-drenched high grade ceramic tiles and lined with non-slip surface.Themselves wall of glass or Plexiglas mounted on metal profiles made of aluminum, brass or steel with corrosion-resistant coating.

Shower without a tray
open shower without tray.

+ advantages of open models

  • very low cost, around about 8-20 thousand rubles;
  • opportunity to make shower with any desired area;
  • simple and unpretentious general construction.

- Shortcomings outdoor models

  • Major assembly of structural elements;
  • Difficult repair water and sewer units;
  • There is no possibility to build ozonation or steam;
  • total lack of upper soul, such as tropical or cascade;
  • Improve overall humidity in the room during operation.

Closed showers

Closed models are fully autonomous structure consisting of a pallet, the base of the walls and ceiling lockers.That is, a portable box in which is embedded a lot of different additional functions and that, if necessary, easy to disassemble in case of relocation or repair.The most common models used in closed trays, acrylic or steel, at least - made of cast iron pans and sanitary earthenware.Structural units and cabin ceiling made of metal coated with a corrosion durable or polymeric compounds, and the side wall of closed patterns, as well as in open models are made of transparent or translucent glass or Plexiglas.On average, private shower is 30-40 thousand rubles and more.

Closed shower
closed shower with a low pallet.

+ Benefits gated

  • Quick installation and connection of necessary communications;
  • A wide variety of additional functions;
  • A wide range of different models;
  • Good sound insulation;
  • isolation from the general indoor climate.

- Disadvantages enclosed showers

  • Overall, booths closed type have distinct common deficiencies, except higher cost.If we consider the specific model from specific manufacturers, where it is possible to detect any flaws, again, typical of a particular model.

Combined showers

Combined showers - this is boxing, which uses a very deep pan or, more commonly, acrylic bathtub, cast iron or steel.Along the perimeter of the bath has a walk-wall and the upper part can be open or closed depending on the model.This combined design allows you to combine all the advantages of modern bathtubs, such as a Jacuzzi or hydro mass and all the advantages of showers, such as shower, cascading or rain shower.

Combined showers differ significantly by their large dimensions of conventional showers.For this reason, models of this type of plumbing can be recommended only in the case of the bathroom with a large area.That is, more than 7 square meters.m. On average, combined showers price ranges from 70,000 rubles.

Combined cabin
shower stall.

+ advantages of the combined type

  • Combining all the advantages of bath and shower in one design;
  • A wide variety of models;
  • Ability to choose open or closed type.

- Disadvantages combined type

  • high cost.

How to choose a shower bathroom on the basis of its size, shape and material of the pallet manufacturing

Depending on the type of construction and the specific model, showers may have a variety of dimensions - dimensions.Choosing an optimal model of a shower, in addition to its functionality, necessary to consider the area of ​​the bathroom and the location of some of the features of communication in the bathroom.

If we consider a model with a classic square tray, statistics such:

  • Open and closed models often made with dimensions of 80x80 cm, 90x90 cm, 100x 100 cm.
  • Combined models - shower boxes with the correct rectangular geometrypan-bath, most often have dimensions of 80x120 cm, 90x120 cm, 90x160 cm, 125x125 cm and 150x150 cm.

most common form of wall trays:







half circle


Common form Angular pallet:


Corner Square



quarter circle


quarter ellipse


The above dimensions for models plumbing pallet with the correct geometry.If the bathroom area is small, out of the situation can be bought shower with irregular geometry of the pallet - a semi-circle, or even corner model, which takes the form of a tray quarters of a circle.

As for the depth of the pan, depending on the model of the wall of the pallet can be either flush with the floor, and towering to a height of 40 cm. Choosing pallet depth must take into account the location of the sewer pipe.If you want to buy a plumber with a low pallet, it is sometimes possible to solve the problem of connecting the sewer, having made for the installation of a low pedestal tray, or there is raising the level of the floor in the bathroom.

Another way - to connect sololifta, compact pump designed for pumping dirty water.In turn, the trays depth of 30-40 cm, do not have similar difficulties during installation, however, when you visit a shower with high sides constantly have to overcome these same side.The solution to this problem may be the production of one or two steps at the base of the high side.

What material is best to choose a shower tray

By Material pallets are:

  • Cast Iron;
  • Steel;
  • Acrylic;
  • Faience;
  • artificial marble;
  • of natural stone.

Cast iron pans - characterized by high strength and durability.Even after 10 years, the enamel cast-iron base with virtually no abrasions.Among the shortcomings should be noted that they are too heavy.

Steel pallets - weight is much easier to iron, with proper high strength.However, the steel pan is not able to continuously keep the heat and cools rapidly.Another disadvantage is the strong roar that creates falling water.

Acrylic trays - considered the most popular, because they are low price and the great variety of shapes and sizes.Pallets made of pure acrylic for the rare showers, mainly dominated dvuhkompozitnye pallets.Exceptions are trays of Kwara.They heat up quickly

pallets sanitary earthenware - characterized by their massiveness, the overall structural stability and long life.Lack of faience pallets - fragility, that is, we must use carefully.

Pallets made of artificial marble or natural stone - warms up quickly and continuously maintain the temperature, are highly durable, easy to repair grinding process and do not lose the appearance over time.Lack of pallets of casting marble and natural stone - it is their high cost.

The choice of opening doors and materials for their manufacture

door opening systems

Swing doors

Swing doors Swing doors

shower allow maximum aperture wide open, allowing unrestricted access to the shower.Each door is equipped with several fixed by the door panel hinges, by which the door opens outward.


hinged door

Another option shower doors - outward opening hinged door - also ideal for maximum free access to the cockpit.Two rotary joint located on upper and lower ends of the door.This type of door retention is more reliable and secure than discussed above.

Sliding doors

sliding doors

If you plan to install enough headroom shower, in order to save space, you should give preference to a sliding door.Such doors consist of two or more panels vzaimoperekryvayuschihsya that gently "bump" on one another and, when the door is fully open, the "compressed" to the size of one panel.

Swivel doors

rotary (swing) doors

When the bathroom space is limited, a practical choice for your shower may be rotating (swinging) door.It opens smoothly thanks to moving along the track concealed hinge, and you can get into the shower, applying a minimum of effort for that.

Folding doors

Folding doors Folding doors

(door- "book") - an ideal option if you do not want the door open outwards or bathroom space does not allow this.This door is great for elongated or rectangular showers.The door opens inward, it halves while compactly folded.Folding doors can be used either alone or in combination with sliding panels (large shower).

Material of door

Every design type of doors has its advantages and disadvantages, but with the material used for the manufacture of shower walls and doors are not so simple.

doors and shower walls are made of the following materials:

  • Polystyrene;
  • Glass;
  • Plexiglas;
  • Triplex.

Polystyrene - transparent or matte plastic, resistant to damp environments and having low weight.The disadvantage of plastic windows is a short period of operation.So, showers, which is used in the construction of polystyrene are more suitable for installation at the cottage or guest houses.Another problem of plastic doors - the complexity of care.On their surfaces often left noticeable streaks or soapy dirty water, while choosing a detergent for plastics is difficult.

Glass - used in the design of the shower door is not used simply and directly tempered with a thickness of not less than 4 mm.Glass doors are the most hygienic in the sense that they require a minimum of care and the surface itself is not subject to mold or fungal formations.

Plexiglas - the material, often, many people mistakenly confused with polystyrene.However, the present Plexiglas - PMMA is, well, not like not polystyrene.Plexiglass same transparency as ordinary glass, thus has less weight and greater strength than polystyrene.Lack of plexiglass is that it is simple enough to scratch, and the grinding of transparent Plexiglas impossible.The surface may be sanded frosted plexiglass.

Triplex - a type of tempered glass, which is structurally very similar to the glass used in the production of cars.Typically, the laminated structure consists of two tempered glasses disposed between the transparent reinforcing film.The main advantages of the material - a high durability and safety.Disadvantage - a very high price.

Controls shower and extras

The simplest model of open type, as a rule, do not have some kind of complicated functional management.For example, all may be limited by the presence in the booth mixer, lights, and primitive fm-receiver.

Most models of closed or combined type equipped with an electronically controlled, as the interface that uses the console and a small digital display.By pressing the console produced almost complete control of all functions provided for in the design of the shower.

Additional features:

  • Cascade shower;
  • Tropical shower;
  • Sharko shower;
  • Whirlpool;
  • Chromotherapy;
  • Ozone;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • steam generator;
  • Integrated Receiver;
  • Built-in DVD player;
  • radiotelephone.

Additional features showers

Here everyone decides for himself what additional features the shower he needed.It was not clear moments?