Which substrate to choose a laminate - manufacturers' recommendations

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10 April 2016

are going to change or repair the floor, and you need to think about the substrate.Anyway, that's in one voice say manufacturers laminate flooring.And to make it easier to decide how to choose a laminate substrate, we have gathered in this material all the information and recommendations of manufacturers of wood flooring and laminate.Who, if not him, it is better to know what material is more appropriate for distinguished service of their products, and also (very importantly) to preserve the warranty.

How and what to choose a substrate laminate flooring or parquet boards


  1. The benefits of the substrate and its need for laminate and wood flooring
  2. What requirements must be considered when selecting and installing the substrate for laminate and wood flooring
  3. features differentsubstrates that need to be considered when choosing

The benefits of the substrate and its need for laminate and wood flooring

Any manufacturer or laminate flooring to the question of the substrate

immediately answer that without a floor covering is better not to pack.After all, it is a damper, so necessary to the operation of the floor.At the same time she is given several tasks: to insulate the floor, protect it from moisture, leveling small defects of its foundation.Yet it is the damper function is dominant.Let us examine in more detail what it is.

word "Damper" comes from the German language.The verb «dämpfen» translated as "mute", respectively, «Dämpfer» - this is the muffler (shock) designed to extinguish the vibrations that occur during the operation of any systems or mechanisms.In the case of laminated coating, such mechanisms are interlocks.Substrate muffles vibrations caused by human steps on the floor, thereby prolonging the life of locks.

addition, blanked and sound vibrations (noises), divided into two types: the noise of passing and reflected noise.

  • Transiting noise are those sounds that are in the apartment downstairs neighbor.
  • reflected noise - it sounds when walking on the floor, there was in his own apartment.

Pie laminate flooring
1. Laminate;2. The substrate;3. Vapor;4. Buckle;5. Waterproofing;6. Concrete slab.

What requirements must be considered when selecting and installing the substrate for laminate and wood flooring

Companies producing floorboard and laminate, reserve the right to reject any claims of customers who used the "wrong" substrate.That is such tests in the company which were not carried out.And only acquiring firm backing, we can expect that the manufacturer will respond to claims against the quality of the laminate.The exceptions are the Portuguese cork backing and extruded polystyrene - these are manufacturers of laminate flooring with sympathy.

And now a few words about how to choose the thickness of the substrate under a laminate.That buyer laminate flooring or parquet boards, who used a substrate thickness of 3 mm, can then bitterly regret it.After all, if you later flooring quickly fails, no claim.You can not combine different types of substrate.The reason - the same (not complied with the rules of operation).

ability to align the surface

As already stated, the substrate serves as a damper.This means that it can base a little uneven and align.In some cases, manufacturers aim to combat irregularities is releasing for this special substrate.And if you do not want to lose the guarantee on the laminate or parquet, to make the alignment of the floor is possible only with the help of original substrate.

As already mentioned, the guarantee will be lost and if you want to use more of the leveling effect of a thicker than expected, the substrate (3 mm).Do not put it in two or three layers, as well as combined.For all this, the manufacturer is punishable by deprivation warranty on your product.

ability to protect from moisture

often in advertising manufacturers of substrates can be seen or heard, that their proposed products has excellent waterproofing properties.However, manufacturers of laminate, apparently, this is not very trust.They require mandatory to concrete base was covered with plastic wrap (not thinner than 200 microns).The sanction for non-compliance with this condition is the same - void the warranty.So you should think not only about what to choose laminate substrate, but also how to put it right.

Skilled craftsmen builders in some cases advised to refrain from laying the film.They argue that under it quickly infest mold and fungus.This really is possible, but only when the concrete after the construction of the house is not enough dry, and the floor is already laid.And check whether the dry concrete base, is quite simple.We need to take otrez meter on the film, and then put it on the concrete, leaving for the night.Around the perimeter sizing it with tape to prevent moisture left.If in the morning the film from the inside will remain dry, then the concrete dried out.You can safely put, and the film and the substrate - mold fungus will be.

Many firms producing flooring, use their own methods for moisture protection of their substrates.However, this does not change the rules of the laying of plastic film.Only the manufacturer can be used to resolve the firm support without additional waterproofing.

ability to retain heat

Most of the substrates has a structure conducive to low thermal conductivity.Therefore, they hold heat well, but nothing more.As floor heaters, naturally, they can not serve.Typically, high-rise buildings in the apartment with neighbors from the bottom is heated, so it is not necessary to defend insulation.And thinking, how to choose the substrate under the floorboard or laminate coating, its thermal insulating ability is to think not in the first place.

Features various substrates that must be considered when choosing

substrate made of polyethylene foam

This is the budget option.Rather, such a material can be called a wrapper, since the density of his - 25 kilograms per cubic meter (for comparison: the density of cork - 220 kilograms per cubic meter).PE substrate base for a cheap laminate Class 21 - and he and the other materials are long.Within 2 - 3 year product polyethylene wear, and no sense of it.However, the 21 class laminate is not released, so this substrate is used when the object is to build quickly and inexpensively, and quality requirements are minimized.

If you ask the manufacturers of flooring, they say that with limited funds it is better to take a substrate for an ordinary cardboard.He will be more durable than polyethylene.However, the damping qualities in a few years will disappear and cardboard, and plastic substrates.And as a result of the locks will deteriorate quite rapidly.As for warranty flooring, it will certainly be lost - at least, most brands.

The substrate of polyethylene foam

substrate made of extruded polystyrene

mainly manufacturing companies laminate products made of this material are welcome.If you need a not very expensive, but it is a quality substrate that Epps - exactly what you need.Will significantly muted and going, and reflected noise, and at the same time align the subfloor.The only condition - the irregularities should not be more than 1.5 - 2 mm.And again, this substrate should not be thicker than 3 mm - excessive thickness makes it too soft.

If you put too thick substrate, the floor will become hump, a detrimental effect on the locks.Because of their design, they are well maintained, only horizontal load.But when the surface will bounce, deflection under steps interlocks quickly cranky.There will ugly slit and laminated with walking on it will creak and sometimes even crash.

Buying a substrate made of polystyrene foam for the small floor leveling, you can get a good result.But if it is not a brand, it has not been tested by the manufacturer applied a floor covering.He quite reasonably may refuse if he filed a claim on the damaged locks.After substrate Epps makes many enterprises: European, Russian, Chinese.And not always match the reality of the declared parameters.So the claim is to present to the person who issued such a low-quality substrate.

The substrate of polystyrene estrudirovannogo

Therefore, when buying products of extruded polystyrene foam should prefer reliable brand - for example, Izopolin or VTM.They are used for a long time and successfully absorbing noise, heat retaining and aligning the floor better than cork.Unfortunately, the support of Epps gradually crushed, and its damping characteristics significantly deteriorate, and then completely disappear.When two passes - three years, all of the above characteristics can no longer be compared with the characteristics of the cork.And after six - ten years of operation parameters of the substrate becomes completely uncompetitive.

Another big minus Epps worth noting.This material is combustible, and when burned emit dangerous toxins.I'm sure many will recall, in 2009 a fire at the club "Lame Horse" has claimed many lives.Without interior decoration polystyrene, the consequences would not be so sad.Rapidly spreading fire and toxic gases - terrible force.

substrate cork

Any manufacturer of laminate would say that the best is podlozhkof tube - because she was not deformed.Recall how quickly returns form cork, pulling out a bottle of vintage wine.And she was pinched neck for decades.And cork underlay - if it is a little, and is compressed during use, no more than one or two percent.And it has excellent density, so that interlocks are not loose and do not wear out.For small irregularities base, and they are eliminated by means of a flexible tube.

heat insulator of this material is also good - we give another example from everyday life.If a pen cap stick pans bottle caps, you can not be afraid of burns.Many housewives use this trick.However, it is worth mentioning the lack of a cork backing - a weak ability to equalize.Therefore, where the unevenness in the floor exceeding 2 mm by 2 m, it is not recommended without prior surface treatment.And as the leveling material, and it does no good.Recall that to maintain the manufacturer's warranty cork thickness of the substrate should be no more than 3 mm.There are exceptions, but it needs to have an official permission from the manufacturer.

Cork substrate

Notice that everything mentioned above, applies only to the Portuguese cork backing - it is the most respected manufacturers of wood flooring and laminate.However, there is a Chinese substrate made of cork, which can often hear negative comments.And laid it uncomfortable, and the operation it does not behave in the best way.It is said that she even flooring can spoil.One plus - this stuff is very cheap.But manufacturers of wood flooring and laminate are usually unflattering opinion about Chinese support.

course - in fact, the Portuguese made a substrate made of natural cork, which grows in the country.And the Chinese have to look for other options cheaper.After transporting litter quality cork expensive, and indeed it would cost "a lot of money."

substrate Tuplex

This notion Finns - trehmillimetrovaya substrate consists of three layers.The two outer layers - a polyethylene, and internal - polystyrene granules.Through this structure, the substrate is able to remove excess moisture from the concrete base.So mold or mildew appears a chance.In addition, and specifications for this product is very good.

But it all depends on the constant demand of manufacturers of flooring - zastilanie concrete base film thickness of 200 microns.Do not use this tape can be in only one case - when the firm bought the substrate with a water-resistant coating.It turns out that the Tuplex can not adequately express themselves.And this stuff is expensive, so many people prefer not to use it, and extruded polystyrene.After all, in other characteristics he is no worse than Tupleksa.

Substrate Tuplex

substrate Parkolag

uses a similar principle as the previous substrate, but is slightly different performance and composition - are used not polyethylene and bitumen-impregnated paper.Top with a layer of pieces of cork crumbs.This material is Russian, is sold in rolls, rolled inside out.When rolling out the support necessary to turn, which is not very convenient, besides cork crumbles, and the paper is sometimes torn.PE film thickness of 200 microns have laid down too - otherwise deprive the manufacturer warranty.

Substrate parkolag

substrate isoplaate

To produce this substrate is used conifers.It getting enough quality material.However, the manufacturer slightly embellishes the capabilities of its substrate.Yet it can not compete with the cork on the ability to restore elasticity and shape.For example, a substrate made of cork centimeter thick curls easily in a roll, but with isoplaate (even 2 times thinner) this can not be done.However, this does not prevent the substrate from the pressed conifer be quite worthy of attention of the consumer.

But isoplaate produce a minimum thickness of 5 mm, so that the manufacturer's warranty or laminate wood flooring can not speak (because we remember the maximum thickness - 3 mm).

Now you know how to choose a laminate substrate.After reviewing the most popular products, you will be able to decide for themselves what is best suited.The main two points - is the evenness of the base and the amount you are willing to spend on repairs.

Substrate Isoplat

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