How to choose a kitchen faucet

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11 April 2016

Water taps, it's pretty sophisticated devices having significant differences in the design, appearance and purpose models.How to choose a kitchen faucet, what to look for a reliable, durable, comfortable and attractive device?This is all we will describe in this article.

How to choose the kitchen faucets and not to be mistaken


  1. What type of kitchen faucet is best to choose
  2. Spouts - what are the most suitable for kitchen faucets
  3. nozzle spout - a better and more practical
  4. Kinds and typesdesign kitchen faucets mount
  5. Mixers material from which the most durable
  6. Manufacturers mixers
  7. Video: How to choose a faucet

What type of kitchen faucet is best to choose

First you need to determine the type of structure.At first glance it may seem that everything is very difficult, but now we put all on the shelves.

crane pedestal kitchen faucets

Outwardly, this mixer is a traditional device with two valves for the mixing of hot and cold water.

Crane pedestal kitchen faucet
crane pedestal kitchen sink faucet.

But the design of the locking mechanism are two types of head parts - worm and ceramic.When they are mounted in the mixer to distinguish between them is not possible, but the difference in their structure still significant.

Worm head parts

  • 1. Stem;
  • 2. O-rings;
  • 3. slip ring;
  • 4. Piston;
  • 5. Stop gasket (rubber, silicone);
  • 6. housing;
  • 7. Fatty camera;
  • 8. The protective shell;
  • 9. Screw for locking the pad.

Worm head parts

principle of operation of such devices is quite simple.Turn the rod 3-4 turns, the user presses the locking gasket to the valve seat, inside the mixer housing, blocking the flow of water.The main advantage of this type of head parts is its extremely high maintainability.The vast majority of damage repair is limited to replacement of stop pads that can be cut from a piece of rubber on their own or buy ready-made at the store.

Ceramic head parts

  • 1. Bracket;
  • 2. Stem;
  • 3. Silencer;
  • 4. The top ceramic plate;
  • 5. Housing axle box;
  • 6. Lower the ceramic plate;
  • 7. The rubber ring;
  • 8. Ceramic head parts assembly.

Ceramic head parts

Two ceramic disc inside the crane have slots.One of them (adjusting) rotates relative to the other (input) fixedly mounted in the housing.Flow rate of water depends on the coincidence of the holes.Operation of the crane is more convenient, since the rotation of the valve must be carried out only at 180º (poluoborotny) or 90º (quarter-turn).However, these mechanisms, though reliable but is much less durable.At failure of the need to change the entire Kara-Books.

+ Pros tap-axle mixers

  • simple design and high maintainability.Replace the parts on their own is not difficult;
  • relatively low cost.

- Cons crane axle mixers

  • To replace the head parts completely often need to work around a lot of shops having with them the failed sample, as models of these mechanisms is extremelya lot, but there is no standard.
  • Great expenditure of water.While adjusting the temperature of the water flows, but not used.
  • Not too convenient control.

single-lever mixers

They are called monokomandnymi or joystick.Once on the market not so long ago, single-lever mixers quickly gained popularity.Available in a huge number of models of single-lever kitchen faucets, how to choose a reliable mechanism for a product?

Single-lever mixer Single-lever kitchen mixer.

are two types of single-lever mechanisms of blending - Ball and cartridge mechanism.

ball mechanism

  • 1. regulating rod;
  • 2. Alignment ring;
  • 3. Ball cuff;
  • 4. regulating the cuff;
  • 5. ingress of water (a-cold, b-hot);
  • 6. water outlet;
  • 7. rubber seat;
  • 8. ball sleeve.
  • 9. hollow ball;

Ball mechanism mix mixer

Ball has several openings.turning it can adjust the amount of the incoming cold and hot water, temperature and pressure of the effluent stream.

The main drawback is the excessive complexity of the design.The main failure is the rapid attrition of cuff and gaskets and the weakening of the spring support regulatory cuff, which is why the crane begins to leak.

Cartridge mechanism

has the same principle and basic construction as the ceramic head parts.

consists of two ceramic plates with holes.Lower fixed (A) through which a hot and cold water and has a drain hole and the upper movable (B).

temperature of the water and its head depend on the area of ​​overlapping holes on two plates.

Cartridge mixing mechanism

By type of hull structure such mixers can be divided into fixed and rotary.

1. Fixed (cast) body .

Single-lever mixer cast

mixing mechanism is molded in molded case.The control lever is located on the side at an angle of 45 - 90º from the body.To adjust the direction of the jet used movable spout.The advantages of such a body is considered to be its high reliability and maintainability.Disadvantages - less convenient operation and a large force of the jet, which can be sprayed.The main types of damage - loosening of the spout, the need for periodic replacement gasket on it and pulling the fastening rings.

2. Rotating body .

Single-lever mixer with swivel housing

main advantages - a convenient operation and significant water savings, as the joystick is initially set to a uniform revenue streams for mixing.Spout moves smoothly is reliable fastening and a small height.
main drawback - the need for periodic replacement of the seals of the swivel body.

+ Advantages of single-lever kitchen faucets

  • Simplicity and ease of use;
  • Economy;
  • Functional design.

- Disadvantages of single-lever mixers

  • High cost;
  • Rapid wear seals (some not very successful type of construction);
  • rather high design complexity and, therefore, repair.

IMPORTANT!Regardless of the type of single-lever mixers mixing mechanisms are very sensitive to particulate matter in the water.In order to significantly extend their period of operation on pipes water supply is highly recommended strainer.


Electronic faucets

This is the latest innovation in the market of sanitary products.Such devices have significant functional differences from simple mechanical devices.There are volatile models that require a network connection via the 220 V adapter and 12V stand-alone, working for several months on the batteries in these devices is rather limited functionality.Their main drawback is the cost of these mixers is too high.

Electronic mixer

basic functions of electronic mixers - first of all, adjust the water temperature.Regardless of changes in temperature flows coming from the mixer will receive water target temperature.

Non-contact switch, provides an infrared sensor.It is necessary to bring the hands to the faucet and the water will turn itself set temperature.

Contactless switch

advantages of such devices are obvious - this is a significant water savings and ease of use.However, their choice is expedient to give preference to the device with the duplicate water supply manual.

Attachment to the mixer

budget option for upgrading existing mixer can serve as a special nozzle is attached to the spout of the spout instead Grid aerator.

Manufacturers claim that its use can save up to 20% water.Works such device from ordinary batteries that must be replaced every six months.

Which kitchen faucet is best to choose, you decide, based on the above features, advantages and disadvantages.Usually housewives prefer to have a single-lever mixer in the kitchen, but ate need a budget option, the crane pedestal mixers to help you.

Spouts - what are the most suitable for kitchen faucets

Depending on the location of the sink are distinguished:

Low Spouts


high spout


size spout depends on the depth of washing thangreater depth, the higher the allowed bend spout.If you fall from a high altitude jet water will be sprayed, respectively, for non-deep sinks, which are theoretically and taps a great height, they do not fit.When using devices with low spout there is a problem when filled with water, a significant amount of dishes.

this problem tried to solve by developing several options spout with variable geometry.The most popular are telescopic.

Telescopic mixers

They consist of several tubes bonded permeable compounds.Their main disadvantage of the unreliability of the design, a large number of hinges and gaskets.The more connections - the more likely that somewhere is formed to flow.

next type - sliding.They remind handle shower in the bathroom.Flexible hose to a depth of 1-1.5 m hiding inside a decorative short tap.

Retractable mixer

This type of mixer is almost universal.Some models have additional control, which is equipped with a retractable element that gives additional water savings.When choosing these devices is necessary to pay attention to the material of the decorative faucet, especially attaching sliding tip in the socket of the decorative spout.Many of the cheaper models are made of plastic, which quickly breaks down.

low cost, but high-quality option may be to tap the movable flexible spout on the elastic headband.

Kitchen mixer with swivel spout

They are highly functional and reliable, but their design is not suitable for every kitchen interior.

nozzle spout - a better and more practical

Despite its small size, this is a very important part of the mixer.The most popular sliding watering can and small aerators.These devices operate on the principle of cavitation by mixing water with air.This provides considerable savings, since the flow rate is reduced to 8 L / min.

Any device with a static arrangement of grids, but there are adjustable, which can change the density of the air-water mixture.Many models of mixers are equipped with a replaceable nozzle flow direction of water.This idea was so successful that the nozzles have been developed with wide range of adjustment of saturation and shape of the jet, which are suitable for most models of kitchen faucets.


However, progress in the development and modernization of the kitchen plumbing is not in place.Many of the ideas are just beautifully decorated, some may bring undoubted benefit.

Simple or LED lights on the crane.It will not only decorate the kitchen, but also better quality wash the dishes.

Light attachment on the crane

electronic thermometer and a water temperature meter.It will not burn yourself and save a lot of water.A feature of this device «FaucetBuddy» is one hundred and it is absolutely independent.All the necessary energy from the jet nozzle gets water.

Electronic thermometer

Kinds and types of kitchen faucets mount design

Most kitchen faucets are installed either on the sink or on the countertop.Mounting can be made using mounting nuts, or one, two studs with curly polushaybami.

crane pedestal mixers are for fixing the collet - split bushing with thread.On it and screwed the nut, which attaches to the surface of the mixer.

have lever mixer in the base case are threaded holes (one or two).They are screwed into the studs, and then imposed a floor washer attracted nut.

usually vertical connection is through flexible hoses.But if you need to connect the mixer directly to the pipes coming out of the wall, for the correct positioning of the cams are used, but in order to hide the fasteners used cone laths to be complete mixer.

Mixers material from which the most durable

mixer has a lot of details and their production used a variety of materials.As the material of the housing using different alloys.The most common brass and steel.Mixers of them are some of the highest quality.Do not yield to them faucets made of copper and bronze, but their cost is very high.

Budget models are made of zinc-aluminum-copper (AMC) and silumin alloys resulting products are no different strength and durability.

Many modern manufacturers are experimenting with high strength and heat-resistant plastic and metal.Performance of these products are very high, but compared with the metal component mixers toughness have much lower.

The same problems occur when selecting the coating metal mixer.Chrome is more durable, but the dirt on them more visible, and the color range is limited.Enameled have a wide palette of colors, but the coverage is less reliable, it may flake off or discolour from exposure to cleaning agents.

Manufacturers mixers

How to choose a faucet in the kitchen, among the many models, cost-effective and, most importantly, quality.The answer will provide product weight.Reliable product is not easy.It should also be pay attention to the brand.This is an option when company name is not a fad, but a guarantee of high-quality mixer.

  • Manufacturers Germany: Grohe, SIEMENS ag, ​​Viega, Kaldewei, Dornbracht.
  • Production Italy: Jacuzzi, Roca, Bonomini, Duka, Rifra.
  • Manufacturing France - Jacob Delafon,
  • Sweden - Alfa Laval.

Video: How to choose a faucet

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