Where to begin construction of a private home, if you only have the desire and you do not know what to do next

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11 April 2016

are going to build a house, we should all think carefully about.After all, with a clear action plan all stages of work, ranging from design to finish, will more effectively, efficiently and quickly.That's just not all is well imagine, to start building a house.What made the very first time?Many people ask themselves this question.Let's try to answer.

Where to begin construction of his house


  1. Finance - business priority
  2. Time does not wait - as it may be necessary?
  3. What size should be apartments
  4. One floor, two or more?
  5. Of what do the walls of the house
  6. to construct the roof - what?
  7. heating and sanitation
  8. Who is going to build?
  9. We are looking for a project for the house
  10. Video: How to start building a private house

Finance - business priority

still at the stage of selecting the project, we start from the amount, which is located.So, if you build a house of concrete blocks and ceramic brick

s, the average 1 m of such housing will cost $ 650.This includes the cost of materials, as well as the work of builders (their services make up 40% of the total cost).So, the house of 100 m² will cost $ 65,000.By the way, a big house per square meter will cost less than small.The cost of construction of the house frame type will be cheaper.And again, keep in mind that there are all sorts of extra expenses, and 15% of the total cost estimate should be allocated to them.

Now look at what can influence the value of the house in one direction or another.

increases the cost of construction:

  • complex shape of the house and the presence of decoration on the facade.
  • balcony and cellar.
  • abundance of small rooms.
  • Construction of irregular shape, the second light in the rooms, high ceilings.
  • roof, which has a bizarre shape or too acute angle.

reduces the cost of construction:

  • Replacing the second floor loft.
  • simple square shape of the house, a sleek facade without protrusions and recesses.
  • large number of windows.
  • minimum internal partitions.

To make it easier to do the calculations list, from which stage is the construction of the house, and how much of the total budget should be allocated to each of them.

  • Zero cycle will require 15% of finance.It includes casting the foundation (if necessary).The walls are erected not earlier than one month after that.At preservation of building the foundation for the winter cover.
  • 35% of the budget is taken for general purpose work.These include the installation of the roof and masonry, both internal and external.This is done so that the load on the base was uniform.This step is necessary to have time to finish before the winter cold.
  • next 15% of funds will take away the installation of windows and doors, as well as the insulation of the house.
  • Another 15% allotted to the communication.Pipes, plumbing equipment, boiler check after installation.
  • remaining 20% ​​belong to estimate interior decoration.Since it is not necessary to hurry - inside the house warming you can work indefinitely.

Time does not wait - as it may be necessary?

Build a house - no laughing matter.Determine where to begin construction of a private home, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that the process is not very fast.Depending on the technology used construction home can take different times.Masonry in any case takes longer than the assembly of the frame or wooden house.Those who want to build a house very quickly, typically purchase ready-made set of materials and fasteners for frame or wooden house.Such a prefabricated building is mounted, as a designer for a fast enough time.

But any technology would be desirable to meet the minimum time.By the way, the longer a building lasts, the more money you have to invest in it.Experts advise well calculate the start of construction and an investment in its funds.For optimal move into the house until they came the winter cold.Let the interior finishing work at this time and will not be finished - nothing important is that you can live by.

Frame house
speed construction of a frame house high, but all the details will have to acquire at the same time.

House of blocks
rate of house construction bricks or blocks is significantly lower, but the funds can invest gradually.

What size should be apartments

future home area is primarily dependent on the size of the purse.It is also important, how many people will live in a house built.Established that 30 m² per family member is more than enough.If the house will live five, the area of ​​it, respectively, should be about 150 meters.

And now list the basic rules by which the living area is determined.

  • The house should be two zones: the day (kitchen, living room, dining room, hall, toilet) and night (bathroom and bedroom).The first one is closer to the entry, and the second - in the interior of the house.
  • day area is large enough to make a living.Family of 3 to 5 people enough from 40 to 60 m².
  • night for a family area of ​​3 to 5 people need from 50 to 70 m².Everyone should have his own room to sleep.
  • more than three people in the family need two toilets.Bathrooms are equipped with one to two bedrooms.
  • 10 to 15 square meters give the terrace, and from 10 to 20 square meters - corridors, staircases and storage.

Number of floors
Complete the second floor has a large area, as compared to the loft.

One floor, two or more?

tidy house square shape and inexpensive cost, and in the content economy, and to equip it in easier.Therefore, if you do not need an area of ​​100 m², you can stop at this one-story house.Especially useful it is to live the elderly.Two-storey house built when the want of space, but not at the expense of area.Three floors are appropriate when the site is small, and the area of ​​the house should be large.On the upper floors make the room where there are infrequent.Guest rooms and bedrooms for the elderly occupy part of the first floor.

build a house, not only in height, but also in depth.This is a basement.Equipping it, consult with a specialist - and suddenly you are in the area close to the ground water.If the terrain allows the soil, it can be a spacious basement, arranging it in a billiard room, sauna or a workshop.A house built on a slope of a hill, and asked him to make the ground floor.It is possible to place and garage, and a kitchen and pantry.

Of what do the walls of the house

How to begin construction of a private home, without thinking of what to build it?That's right - nothing.And is primarily determined by the choice of material for the walls.Prefab houses mostly light composed of light construction and insulation, so being built quickly and cost less.The buildings of concrete and ceramic blocks walls thicker build them longer observing the necessary breaks for mortar setting.

To facilitate the selection list the differences between heavy and light modular frame houses.

  • house built of blocks required to do on a deep foundation of the belt type.Frame house can be built on a simple pier foundation.
  • easily at home require wood or metal floors.The modular building they can be made of reinforced concrete or in wood beams.
  • Although frame houses build cheaper and faster, but also the life of his less than the house of the "heavy" materials.The latter can last for a hundred years.And the house of heavy piece goods slowly warmed and cooled in the summer in the winter.
  • But building block or brick house on the site would have to breed a lot of mud - you ought to do, and the solution, and the materials to fold.Lightweight materials do not require the "wet" construction stages and the whole process of construction is more compact.

to construct the roof - what?

The more complex contours of the house, and the intricate shape of its roof.It is done and more complicated, and more expensive, and it can occur in places of bends.So it does not always make sense to excel with the form.Sometimes, simple lines combined with the original roofing material look much more interesting.Roofing materials are in the form of sheets and MMA.

  • Sheet materials (slate, metal and seam roofing) weigh little and inexpensive.They are well suited for a simple rectangular roof slopes.Moreover, almost no waste.Under them equip a rare crate.
  • piece goods - a different kind of roof tiles.For placing it needs an experienced master.Suitable for any form of tile roof.It may be made of bitumen, ceramic or cement-sand mixture.Cheapest - bitumen roofing.But the crate underneath it is just solid.Ceramic tile is more expensive things, but is a very long time.Under her she needs powerful rafters.

help with the choice of roofs and roofing materials could be:

  • Types roofs of private houses on the structure and geometric shapes.
  • better cover the roof of a house - how to choose a roofing material.

heating and sanitation

# 1. The cheapest way of heating - gas boiler.If the site is supplied with gas, it would be better this method.Keep in mind that obtaining the relevant permits will cost a certain amount.

When the gas is not summed up, it is worth considering an electric heating.Put inexpensive electric boiler.

Boilers for solid fuel is very economical, easier to set than gas.But they need coal or wood.

combi boiler is expensive, so it is only practical to use in large-area homes.

# 2. Sewer - a significant moment in the construction of the house.If in the village, where you are building, it is centralized, you need only connect.If not, it is necessary to install a septic tank, or VOCs - local treatment facilities.They are the pros and cons below.

  • LOS require more seats than a septic tank, as well as more expensive.
  • Septic, unlike VOCs, not afraid of any chemicals.
  • for large families cleaning system more practical, since the volume of the septic tank is limited.

Who is going to build?

order not to regret hiring mountain-workers, and the beginning of construction of residential houses, finishing work to professionals.It is possible to go several ways.

  • For each milestone hire a separate team that specializes in foundation laying of the roof or walls.The main thing - to know with whom to ask in the case of marriage.
  • possible and a large construction company to entrust the whole thing, signing an agreement on the responsibility of the parties.This will give the guarantee.
  • House of wood or on the frame, which is engineered design and construction organization, it makes sense to build it.
  • As for finishing and engineering work, let them spend the specialists with good reviews.

Choosing builders
By choosing builders approach carefully, because not only is the cost of the works is about 40% of the entire house, depends on both the quality and comfort of home.

We are looking for a project for the house

When choosing a project, you can go two ways: take a sample or develop an individual.Finished project is 5 or even 10 times cheaper.It will immediately see the future home "in all its glory."Individual project developed up to two months.But with the construction of a large house or a complex plot is better to stay on it.In other cases, the best solution is to search for the project on various Internet sites.

Video: How to start building a private house

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